DIY Storage Cork Jar

What do you think of cork in interiors? Have you already got any items made of this natural material? If you follow recent design trends, I’m sure you have noticed many products having cork elements (for example kitchenware or office containers), or being entirely made of it like stools, benches or tables. If fact everything what’s eco-friendly is trending these days, so I am not surprised that it has became so popular. Extracted from the Mediterranean oak trees, it does look great, plus its warm hue and texture make it interesting and fun to experiment with.

DIY Storage Cork Jar
DIY Storage Cork Jar in pink

Today I would like to show you, how you can make your own cork storage jar, similar to those you see in the shops. You can use it in your kitchen to hold utensils or workspace for organizing small elements or pens.

Materials Storage Cork Jar

Have a look what you will need:

  • an old jar / glass bottle / pot
  • spray paint in your favorite color (The popular design jars usually come in pastel shades, hence I used soft pink color in my project)
  • thick cork (at least 4-5cm thick). You can find cork in your local hardware store
  • very sharp craft knife

Here are instructions to follow:

1. We will start off by cutting the cork lid for the jar. To get the right size, place the jar upside down on the cork area and draw a circle shape around it, with a pencil.

Cutting the cork lid for the jar

2. Cutting the lid is a bit tricky, as ideally your lid should be wider on one of the sides. This will make sure it will not fall into the jar, when you close it.While cutting make sure to keep the knife at the 75 degrees angle to ensure it’s smaller on the other side.

Cutting the cork process

3. When your cork lid is ready you can spray paint the vase. Clean it well and make sure to protect the area where you will be painting, so nothing else gets pink!

Prepare the lid for spray

4. When the paint dries, place the cork inside the jar. That’s it!

DIY Storage Cork Jar - Pray paint
DIY Storage Cork Jar Project

How do you like the look of this cork jar? Are you going to make it for your home? I am thinking of making more – this time using glass as a base, I think it’s also going to look great too!

Have a great day!