Furniture On Wheels – Always Where You Need It In No Time

Flexibility is important in a lot of cases. When it comes to furniture, you want to have the freedom to move things around, to not be restricted to a single layout. The easiest way to get this type of flexibility is with movable furniture which sits on wheels. This design strategy is popular in the case of modern and contemporary furniture pieces. These usually manage to balance looks and functionality and pay more attention to versatility, flexibility and modularity than other styles.

Mobile module kitchen from studio rygalik
siemens foodlab by studio rygalik

Kitchen furniture is often built in and fixed to the walls. Those that want more flexibility in the kitchen have to think outside the box. For them, the Foodlab collection by Studio Rygalik would have a positive impact. This kitchen collection offers an open system of modules which can be rolled out or put away depending on the needs of the user at that moment.

Double kitchen island with butcher block top on wheels

It’s possible for you to build mobile kitchen furniture yourself. The kitchen island featured on Ana-white is a DIY project on intermediate difficulty. It has a simple, farmhouse design with open storage at the bottom and two drawers underneath the butcher block top. The island has wheels and this allows the user to roll it around wherever needed when preparing food or out of the way when cooking or entertaining guests.

Mobile furniture and boxy beds

Of course, the kitchen is not the only space where movable furniture would be very welcomed. Some prefer that kind of flexibility for all the rooms in their home. When designing this artists’ apartment in Bolzano, Italy, Harry Thaler Studio decided to give it a versatile and modular structure so those using it as a temporary accommodation can feel comfortable to make it feel more like home. The apartment features a series of box structures on wheels which make the reconfiguration of the space a very simple and effortless process.

Mobile OSB wheel furniture

The Ochre Barn is the rural getaway Carl Turner created for himself and his friends. Much of the furniture inside the barn was made from OSB and a particularly interesting piece is the daybed. This is a piece which can be placed in various locations so the users can enjoy the views, catch the sunlight or be close to the others. This is done thanks to the wheels which have been installed and which turn this into a mobile piece of furniture.

Simply play furniture design

The Play Play collection is a collaboration between De Steyl and RR Studio. It includes storage cabinets and dressers, some of which sit on wheels. They all offer diverse storage solutions and attractive, multicolored designs. Their design were inspired by the painting techniques used in the South African traditions. Given the uniqueness of the collection, these pieces can suit a variety of decors and styles.

Guest daybed on wheels

A bed is a large piece of furniture which occupies a lot of space. Being so big, moving it to a different location can often prove too difficult to even try and this limits our interior design possibilities. If the bed where on wheels, on the other hand, things would be a lot simpler. But finding such a piece in a store is not easy so how about building it instead? You can find an inspiring tutorial for this project on Chatfieldcourt.

Rolling ottoman

A rolling ottoman is a great accessory to have around, especially if it also doubles as a storage box such as the one featured on rockler. What’s really interesting about this piece is the fact that it was actually a DIY project and a very simple one. You can build your own mobile ottoman in a few easy steps and you can even customize it in a lot of fun ways, depending on your choice of hardware, color and pattern.

Mudroom boots tray

Another useful accessory which is a lot more practical if it has wheels is a boot tray. This is the type of thing usually found in mudrooms, garages and entryways. It’s basically just a simple tray on which to place your boots and shoes in general. You can make it yourself out of some scrap wood and metal pipes and fittings for the handles. Find more details about this on Magnoliamarket.

DIY rolling storage

When it comes to storage, everyone enjoys flexibility. It’s why the rolling storage crate featured on tealandlime seems like such a great accessory. Its design is simple and versatile so you could use for a lot of things such as for storing toys, blankets, towels, clothes, utensils, etc. an even better idea is to have several of these crates stored under the bed or anywhere you have some free space.

Blue bar cart on wheels

When you’re entertaining guests, whether it’s for dinner or a casual drink, you always have to carry things from the kitchen to the dining room or living room. It’s an annoying activity which you could make easier or skip altogether if you had a mobile bar or cabinet. The one on BHG seems to be just right.

Ikea hack bar cart on wheels

The bar cart on Sugarandcloth looks very chic. However, it’s quite small so think about that in case you want yours to include more storage. To make this particular one you’ll need to start with an Ikea Kallax bookshelf. You’ll also need two brass pulls, four casters, screws, washers and a drill. Turn the top into a tray. If you want, you can paint the cart.

Rolling craft cart on wheels

If you’re an avid DIYer then you know how annoying it can be to always have to move around to get the things you need. It wouldn’t be such a drag if all those things could come to you all packed in a rolling craft cart/ cabinet. So consider this: buy a simple Ikea Rast dresser and give it a makeover. You can even add extra storage in the form of hooks attached to the sides. {found on athomewiththebarkers}.

Industrial pallet coffee table on wheels

You never realize how practical a coffee table on wheels can be until you have one. But before you make an expensive purchase, maybe you’d like to try a DIY version first. You can make the table out of a wooden pallet or two stacked ones. You’d even be able to obtain some useful storage this way.

Dining room bookshelf decor on wheels

There are no rules when it comes to movable/ mobile furniture. You can put wheels on just about anything. For example, check out the bookshelf featured on Cherishedbliss. This isn’t necessarily a piece that needs the added flexibility, although it doesn’t hurt to be able to easily roll it around for a change of décor.

Industrial workbench on wheels

If you like industrial furniture and think a piece made from a butcher block and metal pipes would look good in your home, have a look at the workbench featured on Homedepot. It’s something you can build yourself. It would look good is a space such as an art studio, in the garage or in a craft room. The wheels are a nice touch in this case.

Cozy modula cubes on wheels

Open-plan offices are very popular at this moment, just like spacious, open-plan living spaces. But this type of layout doesn’t offer much privacy which is sometimes needed at the workplace. Dymitr Malcew found the perfect compromise: a tree house inspired design for individual work sections. They’re compact and cozy and are set on wheels to allow collaboration and teamwork when needed.

Modular and flexibile sistem on wheels

Connect is a very interesting piece. Its design doesn’t give a lot of clues as to its intended purpose. At a closer look, you can see that it has various shelves arranged on each side at different height and that it also has wheels. We can thus conclude that Connect is a very ingenious, simple and flexible room divider.

industrial-looking coat clothes rack

This industrial-looking piece has a design inspired by old trolleys often found in the 1940s factories. It was meant as a clothes rack but it also offers storage at the bottom. It also sits on wheels and this allows it to be rolled around with ease. It’s a piece that would fit well at the entryway where the bottom space could be used to store shoes and the upper portion for coats and accessories.Available on site.

Cubies on wheels

Designer Naomi Dean inspires us with a very interesting approach. The idea here was to give old office furniture a new life and to recycle it into chic and versatile furniture one can add to living rooms, bedrooms and so on. Reclaimed office furniture was transformed to create these movable storage boxes which could easily double as nightstands or side tables.

Multifunctional furniture - on wheels with a lot of drawers

Multi-functional furniture is often the key to a successful interior design when dealing with small spaces. A feature such as this sofa/ daybed with storage underneath would be just what a reading corner needs. It would also be a very useful piece in the case of a tiny student’s apartment or in a variety of other spaces.

Kids bedroom furniture on wheels

The idea of versatility and space-efficiency is also reflected in the designs offered by Bedhuisje. The collection focuses on house-shaped furniture pieces which can be used in various ways. One could use it as a headboard, as an addition to a desk or in combination with a dresser or clothes rack. The simplicity of the design is refreshing and inspiring. {found on petitandsmall}.

Industrial office desk on wheels

Integrating mobile furniture in a home’s décor can be looked at as a challenge although it doesn’t have to be like that. A desk on wheels can look at home in a space with a vintage, mid-century modern or industrial interior design.

Office interior design wither leather chairs and metalic desk on wheels

The desk’s design fits nicely in this rustic home office setting. Its simplicity and industrial charm complements the leather chairs while all the wood surrounding them sets a warm, elegant and pleasant mood.{found on goodallllc}.

Table on wheels for craft room

A table on wheels would make a great addition to a studio or home office designed for a creative person that moves a lot and needs flexibility. A fixed layout would not exactly help the creative process in cases like this one.{found on wright-ryanhomes}.

Kitchen island that you can move around

Consider a mobile kitchen island if you want more freedom of movement and flexibility. If the island also doubles as a bar then you can change its location when entertaining guests. You can also move it out of the way when you don’t need it to make room for something else.

Kitchen-Craft Room with table on wheels

Kitchen islands on wheels are very practical in open floor plans where the kitchen, the dining area and the living room are basically the same room. But they can also prove to be wonderful in enclosed kitchens as well. Then there’s also the fact that sometimes they can also be used in laundry rooms.{found on haefeledesign}.

Bookcases on wheels

Bookcases and wall units in general are the most difficult to move when reorganizing a room and changing it’s design. They also make cleaning difficult, being so heavy and all. If they were put on wheels everything would be a lot easier.

Chic little desk on wheels

This chic little desk has a very simple design and, with a little bit of help, you could even build it yourself. The fact that it has wheels means it can be rolled away when the space is needed for something else. This is useful when you don’t have a separate home office.{found on colleenfoxinteriors}.

Metalic industrial bed on wheels

Some find the idea of a bed on wheels unsettling. The lack of stability can be disturbing in some cases. However, you also have to consider the advantages such as the fact you’ll be able to easily roll it away to clean under it or when you need to retrieve something from there.

Bed table on wheels

Even more interesting than a bed on wheels would be an occasional table such as this one. It’s a lovely accent piece which you can use when serving breakfast in bed or when you want to take the laptop with you in bed to get some things done before you fall asleep.

Ocasional bed table on wheels

The simplicity and versatility of such a table allows it to become a part of any bedroom’s décor. After all, who wouldn’t want more comfort in here? In addition, we imagine it would also be pretty easy to build such a table yourself using some wood and casters. You can even customize it and paint it to match your bedroom’s décor.