20 Gorgeous Examples Of Wood Laminate Flooring For Your Kitchen!

You may be a bit scared to take the plunge. It won’t look as good since it’s not “real” wood or you may feel like you’re cheapening your home. Forget all of that! Wood laminate flooring can be just as beautiful of hardwood floors and they have their very own pro list as well. Check out these 20 gorgeous examples of wood laminate flooring and how it can sparkle and shine throughout your kitchen!

1. Traditional

Traditional laminate kitchen floor

Check out how gorgeous this traditional kitchen is! And it’s highlighted by wood laminate flooring that mimics hardwood designs quite well, don’t you think?

 2. Vintage

French vintage feel for kitchen floor

Peeking into this space you’ll find a light, vintage feel that’s topped off nicely with these laminate slabs. With it’s textured illusion, it truly fits into the vision.

3. Chic

Chic and feminine kitchen design in white

Both chic and feminine, this kitchen is bursting with a glowing, gorgeous style. And that’s due to both the contemporary white cabinetry and counter tops but also the light wood laminate flooring choice.

4. Modern

Modern edge kitchen design

There’s a bit of a modern edge mixed into this kitchen design and that’s partially due to the dark flooring choice – which plays nicely with the ultrachic and edgy, black cabinets.

5. Cottage

Cottage kitchen design

Even inside you’re cottage-styled kitchen, wood laminate flooring can create the right kind of foundation – just as we’re used to hardwood doing.

6. Industrial

White marble counter top with green chairs and subway tiles

Industrial-hinted spaces can use the right kind of flooring too. And this gray-mixed laminate really helps to smooth out and create depth of the kitchen we see here.

7. Timeless

White Timeless kitchen

There’s something really timeless about this overall kitchen design – with its black and white scheme it’s no surprise. And yes, the timeless fashions are able to blend with a floor choice that could be lighter on the wallet.

8. Eclectic

Wood countertop and walls

Eclectically styled kitchens need attention to detail too. And yes, what you see here is laminate flooring and it matches well with the reclaimed wood projects throughout the space.

9. Elegant

White laminate kitchen flooring

Inside this kitchen you’ll find a chic and modern elegance awaiting you. And you’ll also find one of the more unique laminate choices with this white “Bruce” style.

10. Contrast

Contrast between white kitchen design and wood laminate flooring

There’s an artistry you’ll find in the design of this kitchen and the focal point of that vision lies in the contrast between this bright, laminate floor choice and the

11. Feminine

Pink accents for a feminine kitchen

Swoon over this feminine and freeing kitchen! Of course, our focus is on how the wood laminate flooring takes its shape in this realm too, but we can’t help but drool over its overall style.

12. Funky

Funky kitchen floor with a traditional carpet

White cabinets, extra-dark floors and a pop of funk with an Aztec-style runner, we love the design of every corner of this kitchen. It’s a beautiful mix of interior genres.

13. Grand

Grand kitchen arch and wood floor

Again, you’ll find a more textured laminate choice in this grand and more luxurious of designs. We love how they’ve used some rustic-inspired detailing but it doesn’t take away from the richness of it all.

14. Small

Chevron woo floor and small kitchen

With smaller spaces, try designs that add extra interest. Like the chevron design you see here, you’ll add the depth and style you need to fill it right.

15. Artsy

Wood kitchen island countertop and wood floor

There’s an artsy finish here and we think it starts with the light fixture and ends in the clean palette we see down below. This ashy, laminate floor choice is also a unique one!

16. Masculine

Masculine kitchen design with bold yellow accents

Here you’ll find a beautiful example of how a more naturally-toned floor can fill the space nicely. Even inside more masculine, urban designs.

17. Family

Small and narrow kitchen design with wood floor

Check out this family-style kitchen that’s full of funk and style. The laminate flooring blends in well with the over casual but fashionable vibes.

18. Clean

Clean white kitchen design with wood floor

You can even find laminate in a design that evokes a more natural feeling. We love the extra bit of texture it adds to this crisp and clean kitchen.

19. Trendy

Trendy grey accents open space kitchen

Check out this dark, gray wood laminate floors that highlight this super rustic and trendy kitchen space. It definitely works for those that want a bit of masculine edge sprinkled around their space.

20. Futuristic

Soft Hidden Light Laminate Flooring Contemporary Kitchen Design
Soft Hidden Light Laminate Flooring Contemporary Kitchen Design

There’s something really urban and futuristic about this kitchen. And that forward thinking energy included some light, wood laminate floors.