Fun Corner Furniture That Will Fill Up Those Bare Odds and Ends

Are you stuck on what to do with those awkward and bare corners you have lingering around the living room, bonus room or even your open hallways and foyers? Well, if you’ve stumped on how to make them feel like dull and, instead, full of style try out some of these fun and funky ideas! Corner furniture can really do the trick when you’re looking for fill up a space.

Fireplace Piece

Beautiful corner fireplace

If you don’t already have a fireplace or you’ve always dreamt up having one in your bedroom, then why not use one to fill up a corner? It’s romantic, it’s cozy and it is perfect for more traditional homes.

L-Shaped Wall Shelf

Beach style L Shaped Shelf

Using corner furniture pieces you can really utilize all the space you’re given. Just look at this living room space with it’s corner shelf helping to gather, organize and style the area with ease.

Bright Corner Hutch

Orange corner hutch

Not every hutch has to be large, covering nearly an entire wall. Instead, you could go with a bright, corner piece that adds a pop of color to the dining room or breakfast nook while providing storage space too.{found on jessimakesthings}.

Corner Office Desks

Floating Corner Shelves

Whether you’re utilizing the corners in your home office or your teen needs a spot to do their homework, corner desks will allow you to use a part of the room that isn’t necessarily thought about. Add some floating, corner shelves to the mix too!{found on shanty2chic}.

Stacked Bookshelf

Contemporary office design in corner

Don’t overlook those corners! Use them for all their worth, you can even stack shelving unit and create a fun and funky bookshelf to hold and display all your favorite reads.{found on petermorrisarchitects}.

Corner Banquette

Corner Banquette

Create a cozy and quaint breakfast nook with a corner banquette at the center of it all. It’s perfect if the area you need to convert isn’t very spacious and you need to utilize every inch of the room.{found on bestandcompanynyc}.

Accent Chairs

Corner accent chairs

Don’t overlook a classic accent chair as a piece to fill up a bare corner. Depending on the size and shape, they can truly fit right in and help keep the ethos and vision of the room intact.

Corner Sinks

Corner Sinks

Safe space in smaller bathrooms by installing a corner sink! You’ll have more of an area to move around in the mornings as you get ready for work and, yes, you can find some beautiful styles as well.

Corner Mudroom

Corner mudroom

So maybe you don’t have the extra room or space for an entire mud room, with a piece like this you can have a mudroom “nook” that can be used for those same needs!{found on remodelaholic}.

Retro Triangle Shelf

Triangle corner shelf

Check out this funky, L-shaped shelf that’s used as storage in this kitchen. It’s got a retro vibe here but you can definitely find these in a variety of colors to fit your home’s needs.

Filled Ladders

Filled Ladders in corners

Okay, so ladders aren’t actual “furniture” pieces but they can surely act that way. Hang your quilts or special linens as decoration and fill an awkward, empty corner with one!

Mini Corner Tables

Mini corner table with brass legs

For tiny corners add tiny tables! Look how romantic and charming this setup is and how perfect it would be in a bedroom or similarly in a hallway as well. Adding candles and fresh flowers can help build the ambiance.{found on cynthialynn}.

Corner Hanging Chairs

Corner hanging chairs

Take an accent chair to a whole new level with one of these bohemian-flavored hanging chairs that fill corners and nooks quite beautifully. It’s definitely one of the more unique choices.

Chill Futons

Corner futon

If you have enough space, try adding a futon to the mix for extra seating space and comfort. You can stylize it however you like and create a cozy spot for the entire family to enjoy.


Corner Mirrors

Mirrors too can fill up those annoying, stump-worthy corners quite nicely. They add light and the illusion of more space to the room and you can even dress them up with some twinkle lights too!

Curving Vanities

Curving Vanities - White Bathroom

Have more vanity space in your bathroom by installing a curved fixture. Just look how easy, breezy and stylish this piece is. Small bathrooms will seem even bigger with these designs.

Whimsy Canopies

Whimsy Canopies

Create a reading or writing nook for yourself or for the kids by adding a whimsy canopy to the corner. You’ll love the relaxation and fun these will instantly add to the house.{found on thriftyandchic}.

Photo Collages

Beautiful Photo Collages for Staircase

Okay, so these aren’t technically furniture pieces either but they can certainly do just as much if not more for a corner. Fill it up, add interest and design while helping to transform a more barren and full spot in the home.

Floor Pillows

Floor Pillows can be used in corners

A really simple solution for corner filling is to add large, floor pillows. Pile them up and create a cozy space to relax. This is also a great way to add a pop of color and texture as well.

Bathroom Cabinet

Small Corner Bathroom Cabinet Ideas Painted White Cabinet

Create more storage space in your large, master bath with a chic bathroom cabinet. Fill up a corner that may look a bit awkward without taking away from the natural space of the area.