30 Nooks and Crannies That Will Inspire Organization

There will always be spots around the house that could be a little bit neater, a little bit more “put together” and a little bit easier to navigate through. Whether it’s the breakfast nook, playroom or even the laundry closet, there are plenty of ways to organize these spaces that tend to become chaotic and cluttered throughout every week of the year. And we’re sharing 20, real-life nooks and crannies that will inspire your organizational adventures around the house! Take a look!

1. Tiny Office

Utilize the small space under the stairs

Utilize the small space under the stairs of your town-home or house and create a small office to spend your creative time in. Blog, read and write all while keeping essentials like your laptop and to-do lists in a spot that won’t feel too cluttered or overwhelmed by the rest of the have-to’s of the home. {found on hgtv}.

2. Pegboard Addition

Use pegboards to organize kitchen tools

We’re all used to seeing pegboards being utilized inside the garage, but they can also be used to spruce up the kitchen – creating a nook full of everyday essentials that you can grab and use without having to sift through drawers full of utensils, wasting time.

3. Bonus Storage

Understairs storage with drawers

You may even want to transform that space under the stairs into extra storage! Drawers or cubbies can easily be used to store extra media, family games or even outwear with a lot more easy then cluttering up the foyer or mudroom.{found on tatertotsandjello}.

4. Coffee Bar

Coffee cart corner

Check out this adorable coffee bar and then imagine how charming it would be to create one of these cuties inside your own breakfast nook. Add some pastries, adorable cups and some wall art for personalization too.

5. Split-Level Library

Split level library

Split-level homes can be super interesting but they can be harder to organize and decorate with their quirky silhouettes. Here we find the staircase hallway filled with a cozy library for the entire family to enjoy – all while keeping books neat and ready to read – instead of cluttered in a corner.

6. Compact Escape

Compact Escape

If you have a cupboard or pantry that’s going unused, then turn it into a compact office for all of your everyday essentials. From extra craft supplies to family games to bill-paying, this can be the place to tame all of the home’s odds and ends that can easily get lost in all of the busy shuffle.{found on adriennebizzarri}.

7. Hidden Reads

Hidden Corner for Reading

Whether under the stairs or inside an unused linen closet, organize the books of the house in a spot that can also be enjoyed by the family’s readers. Add some pillows, blankets and shelves to tidy all of the favorite reads.{found on jefftroyer}.

8. Counter Top Bin

Counter Top Bin

It could be in the kitchen or in the bonus room, if you have some free counter top space then use those to your advantage. Organize the home’s important paper, your work information, the kids’ school essentials and more with beautiful boxes, labels and the like.

9. Cubby Stacks

Cubby Stacks

One of the best ways to organize small bedroom is to use cubby storage! I did it, personally, in my daughters nursery (inside the closet) and it’s been a lifesaver. And this real-life nook holds all the extras of the bedroom in a stylish and organized space.{found on lovethomas}.

10. Mud Room Magic

Mud Room Magic

Your mud room could also be this organized with a few extra addition. Utilize every nook and cranny like you see here for kitchen essentials that don’t fit in all the cabinets, important papers and more. Everything can be in one easy and functional spot.

11. Nursery Accents

Nursery Accents

Check out this gorgeous corner inside a brand new baby’s nursery. This is a great way to utilize a pegboard as it adds an edge and masculinity to the boy’s room but it’s also made for easy and unique organization for the changing station!

12. Chalk Holders

Wall Chalk Holders

If you have a chalkboard wall, never lose the chalk again! Attach it to the wall and create a stylish and organized way to keep these utensils easily available for the next design or reminder that should go on the wall.{found on dimplesandtangles}.

13. Teen Spot

Perfect teen spot for writing

This teen desk area is just too adorable and charming, don’t you think? Even the corners of your teenager’s bedroom can be full of functional style and panache.

14. Floating Basket

Floating basket

Learn how to make these DIY floating shelves by using baskets! They’ll really help to tidy of the laundry room or closet and make doing the dirty clothes so much easier throughout the week.{found on fourgenerationsoneroof}.

15. Wall of Fun

Wall of fun

A great way to organize the kids playrooms is to carve over a corner and use the wall as storage. Like you see here there’s a place for a variety of the kids’ favorite, go-to items.

16. Computer Room

Alcove space for computer

Instead of dedicating an entire room to the computer – like in the 90’s and early 00’s when everyone had a desktop. Dedicate just a corner of the home to a spot where everyone can quickly check their e-mail and share photos. How quaint and adorable is this window spot?

17. Morning Cozy

Green Morning Cozy Breakfast

These breakfast nook is utilized to its fullest and we love how organized and fresh the space is. Not only is it inspired for kid’s getting creative and doing their homework but also for a quick meal in the mornings before they head off to school. Art supplies have even been added atop in the most stylish and tidy of ways.

18. Kitchen Office

Kitchen corner dedicated for office

Here we see a kitchen corner turned into a mini home office. When you don’t have the space, get creative and that’s exactly what happened here. All of the essentials are easily fit and tidied in the extra nook of the home!{found on apumpkinandaprincess}.

19. Air Space

Use air spaces

Think outside-the-box when deciding to organize the odds and ends of the house. Here we see post-it pockets used for storing to-do lists, takeout menus and more right at eye level, instead of taking up even more space inside the junk drawers.

20. Craft Shelves

Craft Shelves

It could be under the stairs or in the corner of your home office, these crafting shelves are easily accessible and completely organized to your creative heart’s desire. From the golden dowel rods holding on to the gift wrapping paper to the washi tape, everything has a space and it stylishly tidy.

21. Craft Supply Storage

Useful Furniture Spot

When a house has a built-in desk and bookshelves, it’s easy to transform it into a colorful craft center. If you have a vinyl cutting machine, such as a Cricut, make fun decals in a rainbow of colors and a variety of shapes. Attach them to the walls of your craft nook and on your chair. Store your vinyl rolls and other craft supplies on the shelves above the desk.

22. Cozy Bar Corner

Useful Furniture Spot

If you’ve always dreamed of having an in-home bar, you can create one in a surprisingly small space. Simply make or purchase a rough-edge floating shelf and hang it at bar height. Find two narrow bar stools to park beneath the bar top and line up your favorite spirits in gorgeous glass decanters. Include an ice bucket or special glassware. Hang favorite artwork over your corner nook bar and add a green plant for a splash of color.

23. Blackboard Door

Useful Furniture Spot

Help keep your grocery list and chore list organized by painting a seldom-used door with chalkboard paint. A pantry or closet door is ideal for this purpose. Hang a small container for holding chalk and instruct the family to add to the list when they use the last toilet paper roll or drink the last glass of milk.

24. An Attic Addition

Useful Furniture Spot

Attic space is often overlooked when searching for a place to tuck a guest bedroom, office, or playroom. Even a small attic can be transformed into a stylish hideaway, as these spaces often have sloped ceilings, unusual angles and other architectural features that are missing in other zones of the home. Even if you don’t turn it into a living area, an organized attic is a perfect place to store things.

25. Hidden Appliances

Useful Furniture Spot

Instead of having your toaster, blender or slow cooker sitting out on the countertop, create an appliance storage nook under one section of kitchen cabinets. Cover the front with a rising hinged door to make it easy to slide appliances in and out. Although it takes up a few feet of countertop space, it’s worth it to have unsightly appliances tucked out of view.

26. Landing Learning Center

Useful Furniture Spot

A slightly oversized stair landing can easily be turned into a studying nook for your kids. Install a tall, narrow bookshelf/desktop cabinet. Or look for an affordable desk unit that folds up against the wall when not in use. Store kids’ tablets, notebooks, pencils and other supplies on the shelves over the desk or in baskets strategically hung nearby.

27. Bedside Built-ins  

Useful Furniture Spot

Locations for built-in nooks and crannies are sometimes discovered decades after a home is built. Look for unused space under the roof, or on bedroom walls with attic space behind them. Cut into the drywall and make a recessed bookshelf or set of drawers between wall studs. This kind of organizational solution is perfect for small bedrooms, where a freestanding dresser or chest of drawers will take up too much floor space.

28. Little Linen Closet

Useful Furniture Spot

Small spaces require creative storage solutions. Many homeowners have created storage spaces between the studs in the wall. While these will vary by size, most are big enough to make a difference. Install a floor-to-ceiling cabinet outside or inside a bathroom and add shelves to hold folded towels, extra toilet paper and cleaning products.

29. Napping Nook

Useful Furniture Spot

If your bedroom barely has room for a twin bed, look up and under for storage ideas. Build a wooden nook with a sturdy mattress platform and bookshelves along the end. Have drawers built under the mattress and get creative with the trim around the bed. Paint the inside and outside different colors and hang a reading light over the bed. Voila! A perfect place to sleep the night—or day—away.

30. Useful Furniture

Useful Furniture Spot

Sometimes storage nooks and crannies are hidden in plain sight. In fact, you might be sitting on them. When downsizing, always look for furniture that serves a dual purpose. Look for chairs, footrests and benches that have storage under the seats. You can also find a coffee table that has stools tucked beneath it to pull out when guests are visiting.

As you can see, nooks and crannies are everywhere and they can be used for any number of purposes. Take a peek around your own home and see what nooks and crannies you can start utilizing. Your home will be organized in no time!