18 Most Common House Bugs In America

Bugs are called pests for a reason. They carry diseases, eat furniture, and leave painful marks on your skin. So of course you want to keep them out of your home. Here are the most common house bugs found in America

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What are the most common house bugs nowadays

Assassin Bugs (Triatomine Vampire Bug)

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What Do Assassin Bugs Look Like?

Assassin bugs are easy to spot. They generally have red or orange stripes around their edge. They also have a cone-shaped head and a light brown or black body. Triatome bugs are usually about an inch in length or less. 

Are Assassin Bugs Dangerous? 

If you never learn about any other type of bug, learn what you can about assassin bugs. They are also called kissing bugs and are now found in almost every state. There are a few concerns people have had about these bugs.

If you’re not allergic to them, their bite won’t hurt you. If you are allergic to them, you may have a mild or severe reaction. However, this isn’t their biggest danger. The most dangerous part of kissing bugs is what they do at night.

The biggest concern is Chagas disease. Up to over 1 million Americans have been affected by this. It generally happens when the bugs bite around the mouth or enter body cavities while one sleeps. It is not the bug itself but their feces that can kill. 


What Do Ants Look Like?

Most people know what ants look like. However, there are many variations. To learn more about the different types of ants found in American homes, read this article. You can also learn how to get rid of them.

Are Ants Dangerous?

Ants are dangerous, in general. However, they can break down wood structures and spread bacteria which can make us sick. It’s important to keep ants out of your house if you can. Not to mention, some ants, like fire ants, pack a dangerous punch. 


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What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

Cockroaches are another bug that most people have seen in their homes. They are red, brown, or black and generally have the exact same shape, no matter where they are found. You can find them primarily in the kitchen. 

Are Cockroaches Dangerous? 

Cockroaches are not dangerous. In fact, as annoying as they are, they are one of the safest insects found in homes. This is probably why they have become so widespread because they are not feared. Find out more about how to get rid of cockroaches here (hyperlinking to roach article). 


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What Do Wasps Look Like?

Wasps vary in size, color, and pattern. While their body shape is usually the same, that’s where the visual similarities end. Yellow jackets are a common type of wasp that are yellow and black. Red wasps are also common and have similar stings. 

Are Wasps Dangerous? 

They can be if one is allergic or if attacked by a large nest. This usually happens solely when the wasps are provoked. Wasps tend to leave you alone most of the time. One sting may hurt, but there will be no lasting effects. 

Dirt Dauber 

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What Do Dirt Daubers Look Like?

Although dirt daubers, or mud daubers, are considered wasps, they are different than other types of wasps. They look the same but are solid black and easy to tell apart from yellow or red wasps, which are bright in color. 

Are Dirt Daubers Dangerous?

No. Which is why I mention them separately from wasps. Dirt daubers will not sting you like other wasps and pose no threat to humans. They even kill other wasps and bugs, so keeping them around isn’t a bad thing as long as they don’t overwhelm you. 


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What Do Flies Look Like?

Flies come in a wide variety of different types. The most common indoor fly is the fruit fly which preys on sweet foods and garbage. They are hard to get rid of but the same methods used in getting rid of ants can be used. 

Are Flies Dangerous?

As you may have guessed, flies are not dangerous alone. They don’t bite or sting. But they can spread bacteria and diseases, so it’s best to get rid of them when you can and keep them away from your kitchen.


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What Do Gnats Look Like?

Gnats are often described as tiny mosquitoes and that’s a great way to look at it considering mosquitoes are actually gnats. So it may be backwards, but it’s true. However, the word gnat is usually used for a harmless bug.

Are Gnats Dangerous? 

As stated previously, gnats are harmless to humans and pets. They can damage plants, but other living creatures are safe. It may be scary when they fly into your eye, but removing them isn’t difficult and they don’t spread diseases. 


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What Do Weevils Look Like?

Weevils are tiny beetles with long noses that hide in food. They are generally found in flour or rice, especially outdated food. They can be prevented by making sure all of your food is sealed good at all times. 

Are Weevils Dangerous? 

Weevils aren’t dangerous. Even if you accidentally consume a weevil or two, it won’t hurt you. It’s best to get rid of them and throw out any infested food. But when it comes down to it, they are harmless.

Dust Mites

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What Do Dust Mites Look Like?

You actually can’t see dust mites unless looking through a microscope. You will only notice them if someone in your house has an allergy. People aren’t allergic to dust, they are allergic to dust mites! 

Are Assassin Bugs Dangerous? 

Dust mites aren’t dangerous to most humans. But someone with a dust mite allergy will be annoyed by the sneezing, coughing, and runny nose. They can even have breathing problems, so keeping your house dust-free is ideal. 


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What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites are light-colored bugs that feed on wood. Their skin is nearly translucent and they are always found in large numbers, generally in wood, including wood furniture. You can buy products that keep them away from your furniture. 

Are Termites Dangerous? 

Termites don’t bite, sting, or carry diseases. But they are very dangerous. This is because termites can eat your house away, literally. They will start where it hurts. Your foundation. This can cause your house to collapse! 


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What Do Silverfish Look Like?

Silverfish are long and thin insects that are silver or grey in color. They have long antennae and rigged bodies. After learning what they look like, they are hard to miss. Silverfish are usually a sign of moisture somewhere you’re not aware of. 

Are Silverfish Dangerous? 

Silverfish are harmless in small numbers. When they are left alone, however, they can grow in number and eat up food, furniture, and belongings. So getting rid of them is what you will want to do.


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What Do Moths Look Like?

Moths, or millers, are fuzzy, dusty flying insects with unique patterns on their wings. The “dust” they are covered in are tiny hairs that shed when you touch them, so they’re not actually dirty, per se. But they do hold dangers. 

Are Moths Dangerous? 

Moths aren’t necessarily dangerous to humans directly. They are harmless to touch, and they rarely bite or sting, as most species cannot. As long as they are not eaten, they will not affect your home negatively. 


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What Do Fleas Look Like?

Sorry, but if you have dogs, you are going to have fleas every once in a while. The trick is to not let them get out of hand by providing your dog with flea prevention. Fleas are quite small and it’s hard to see any details, but their jump gives them away.

Are Fleas Dangerous? 

Humans can be bitten by fleas, but they are drawn to pets more often. So if you have a pet, they will choose the pet over you. However, you can be bitten, but the bite will simply itch for a while before going away. 


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What Do Spiders Look Like?

While spiders aren’t insects, they do pose a threat to your home. They have eight legs and come in many different shapes and sizes. Finding out which ones will hurt you is as important as knowing they aren’t insects!

Are Spiders Dangerous?

Everyone knows some spiders are dangerous. Black widows and brown recluses are two of the most common house spiders that can kill. However, most other house spiders won’t harm you, even if they do bite. 


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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are small, beetle-like insects found in, you guessed it, your bed. They are usually found in large numbers and can make nests in your mattress. Yep, that’s a fun thought, but are they dangerous?

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous? 

Bed bugs are annoying and they do bite. However, they are generally harmless. People can have allergic reactions if bit multiple times, but this is rare. But that doesn’t mean anyone wants them in their bed. 


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What Do Ticks Look Like?

Ticks are very small insects found in grassy areas. They latch onto your skin and won’t let go unless pulled off. They are brown or black and can grow large if they drink enough blood. Dog ticks are larger than standard ticks.

Are Ticks Dangerous? 

Ticks are usually dangerous to humans. However, they can pass on diseases from one human or animal to another, as they do suck blood. Their saliva can transmit these diseases from the blood. So pull them off and avoid them when you can.


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What Do Chiggers Look Like?

Chiggers look like small, reddish ticks. They are also found in grassy areas and where one is found, a thousand more can appear. When you get bit by one, you probably are covered in them. So check under your clothes before going inside. 

Note: Chiggers are actually arachnids, not insects. So they are closely related to spiders. 

Are Chiggers Dangerous? 

Thankfully, unlike ticks and mosquitoes, chiggers do not carry any diseases. They are fairly harmless and only cause irritation and red marks when you are bitten. Still, try to keep them out of your home when you can.