12 Beautiful Girl Room Colors For Girls Of All Ages

Every parent goes through a time when they just can’t decide what color scheme to go with when choosing a color for their child’s room. Parents of girls know this all too well. Girl room colors seem to be more difficult to choose than boys. There is a larger selection to choose from, and choices aren’t easy. 

Now, while any color can be gender-neutral, we look at what parents actually purchase. The colors we’ve chosen are based on the most sought after types of girl room colors that parents buy for their daughters. 

Turquoise (Teal)

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Image By JAC Interiors

Turquoise is trending right now and it’s often paired with purple. The two are bright and vibrant. Not to mention, it’s so easy to find turquoise room decor to match this girl’s room color.

The color turquoise was inspired by the gem of the same name and literally means, Turkish, as it was originally transported from Turkey to France.

Teal is an excellent replacement for turquoise if your daughter wants a darker, more neutral tone. 

Periwinkle (Lilac)

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Image By Sherri Blum | Jack and Jill Interiors, Inc.

Periwinkle offers the best of both worlds when it comes to blue and violet. It is one of the more popular girl room colors due to the fusion of colors. You can decorate in both blue and purple colors and it will all come together nicely.

The name periwinkle came from a flower that goes by the same name or myrtle herb.

Another name for periwinkle is lavender blue. Since lavender and lilac are closely related colors, many parents choose lilac for their girl room color.

Sage (Mint)

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Image By L Tutun Interior

Sage is an equal mix of citron and slate. This gives it a grey-green color. It’s the perfect soft tone for girl room colors for those girls who don’t want pink or purple. 

The color comes from the fact that it looks like dried sage leaves. Sage itself has been used for many medical problems, primarily involving the mind and tummy. The medicinal properties seem to glow when sage is used as a color.

Since sage is a member of the mint family, mint is the perfect alternative for those who don’t want or can’t find sage paint. Mint often has a blue tint to it and is usually found in a pastel color palette. 

Pastel Pink (Peach)

Image By HAUS | Architecture For Modern Lifestyles

There’s something about pastel pink that’s so sweet! It’s the most popular color for little girl nurseries and the first color you’ll browse when looking for girl room colors. 

You probably saw this one coming, but believe it or not, pink didn’t become a girl color until the 1940s. During that time, department stores and catalogs would advertise it as one of the top girl room colors and the theme simply stuck. 

Peach is one of the most popular girl room colors and pink colors in general, at this time. 

Taupe (Beige)

Image By Gregory Thomas, Architect, AKBD, CG&S Design-Build

Taupe is for the little girl who wants a neutral background but doesn’t want plain brown or white. This color is the perfect fusion of gray and white, making it the perfect little girl room color.

The word taupe is a French word meaning “mole.” Not the kind that they wore as a fashion statement in the 1920s, but rather, the animal. Back then, the color was quite specific, but today, there’s a large range of taupe colors.

As always, beige is trending, even in girl room colors. Beige is similar to taupe, only with a slight brownish-yellow tint to it. The word beige comes from the French word for wool that has not been dyed or bleached. 

Soft Ivory (Vanilla)

Image By Elizabeth Krial Design, LLC

Soft ivory is for those who like cream, but want something a little whiter. This is a great girl room color because it works well with rooms with a lot of light. Or rooms that are south-facing. Since girls are more likely to have south-facing rooms, it’s a go-to.

Ivory is more than just a color or skin tone, ivory is the material that tusks and animal teeth are often made out of. Think of an elephant tusk and you’ll be thinking of ivory. The material was once used for jewelry, utensils, and instruments. 

A great alternate color to ivory is vanilla, which is a warmer option. The yellow tones in vanilla are warm and give you that toasty feeling of a winter morning beside the fire. 

Dove Gray (Silver)

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Image By Rasmussen Construction

Dove gray is one of the more unique gray colors, yet is a hit for those shopping for girl room colors. What makes dove gray so special is that it’s gray with a hint of blue or pink in it. It’s a great transitional shade for dark or light colors.

The dove bird comes in an array of colors, despite it being commercialized as white. It is known to Christians as the bird that Noah sent out around the same time that a rainbow appeared in the sky. The hints of color could quite possibly come from this fact.

If dove gray isn’t your thing, you could always opt for silver. While true silver isn’t necessarily a paint color, it’s a great base for picking one out. Silver paint for girl room colors isn’t usually metallic, but you can create the illusion of shine.

Coral (Hot Pink)

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Image by Design Loves Details

Coral will always be a hot choice for girl room colors. It is popular for weddings and kitchens as well so it’s never a problem to try to find matching decor. Coral pairs well with beachy colors.

The name coral comes from the coral plant that lives on the bottom of the ocean. This is the reason it looks so good with beach colors like seafoam. A coral and seafoam room is every girl’s dream, which is why they are two of the most popular girl room colors.

An ideal alternative to coral is hot pink. Hot pink has been “hot” long before people started painting their walls coral. It’s less orange than coral but doesn’t come in as wide of a variety as coral does.

Amethyst (Royal Blue)

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Image By James Yochum

Amethyst is the perfect purple to make any girl feel like a million bucks. The bright purple is muted enough to not overwhelm a room, yet bold enough to make her feel like she can express herself. For this reason, it’s one of the best purple girl room colors.

You probably know the color amethyst comes from the gem amethyst.  It is the birthstone for February and has been worn in jewelry and crowns for over 2000 years. 

If your daughter isn’t into purple, then royal blue is as refined as you can get. It was previously called “queen’s blue,” being a favorite of queens starting in the 1600s. What girl doesn’t want queen’s blue on their wall? 

Ruby Red (Scarlet)

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Image By 2to5design

Ruby red is a deep, bold red that girls often fawn over. It’s one of the top red girl room colors because of its rich tone. What’s great about ruby red is that you can go with black or white backgrounds, and decorate with bright red. 

It’s no surprise that people are in love with ruby red. It was inspired by the ruby gem. The word ruby is so overused, that there are thousands of names, brands, and products inspired by the gem.

Scarlet is another awesome red girl room color. It’s lighter and brighter than ruby red and often seen as a lipstick color. Those who want something flashier will want to choose scarlet.

Sky Blue (Arctic Blue)

Image By Great Neighborhood Homes

Sky blue is one of the most calming colors on the spectrum. Speaking of the spectrum, pale blue and pink are two of the top-recommended girl room colors for girls with autism. The colors are easy on the senses and are calming in nature.

Sky blue gets its name from the sky, of course. There’s nothing more relaxing than laying out on the grass on a clear, sunny day, breathing in nature, and listening to the birds. That’s why sky blue is so popular. 

If sky blue is too warm for you, you can always opt for arctic blue. Arctic blue is a great girl room color because it’s sweet, breezy, and cool. There’s nothing wrong with preferring warm or cool color tones. 

Daffodil Yellow (Lemon Yellow)

Image by Scott Van Dyke for Haisma Design Co.

Yellow is a classic for any kid’s room, but daffodil yellow is becoming a favorite for girl room colors. Daffodil yellow is warm and bright. There are multiple shades of it, giving your daughter a few different yellows to choose from. 

Daffodil yellow gets its name from the yellow daffodil. The flower symbolizes new beginnings and joy. They are often used to remember a loved one and are the first ones to let us know that spring is near.

If daffodil yellow is too warm, then lemon yellow will float your boat. Lemon yellow isn’t as dull as daffodil yellow and is one of the brightest yellows available. The first recorded use of it in decor was in 1598, giving a historical feel to the color.