10 Colorful Seating Ideas For Interiors That Shine

Color is very important when designing the interior of a space, whether it’s a home or something else. Using colors that go well together helps to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere and different colors can help to transmit a different type of feeling.

Color theory can be very complex but on the surface it’s a great guide for color mixing and the visual effects that specific color combinations have. The more you play with color the more detailed and creative your designs get. With that in mind, today we’re focusing on seating in particular and on a few examples that show how easy it can be to introduce an interesting color into a room this way. 

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It’s important for a piece of furniture to find the right balance between its design and the colors and finishes involved. The Egoista chair is a beautiful example of that. This is a chair that oozes with elegance.

It has a solid circular base made of metal and a solid wood frame with a double layer of support. The upholstered seat and backrest are framed by a set of panels that wrap around the back and the sides, creating a cozy shield and adding even more texture and color to the design. The chair is available is a multitude of different colors with lots of rich nuances that make it difficult to pick a favorite. 

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Other chairs like the one in the Savannah collection put an emphasis on the simplicity of the forms and the natural beauty of the materials involved in the design. This is a chair that stands out by being very simple and pure.

Its stylish design is complemented by beautiful and rich colors that complement the materials and finishes in a way that feels very natural. You can find it in multiple configurations so you can match it to your decor and style. 

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The Bow sofa designed by Anderssen & Voll is very interesting because of the way in which it leads us to rethink our perception of this very basic and classic piece of furniture. It’s not completely unconventional and yet it looks and feels very special.

The sofa has a slender set of metal legs which give it a lightweight and slender look and its overall shape allows it to have a relaxed appearance. The curved lines and the way in which the armrests arch slightly add a very refreshing twist to the otherwise simple design. Furthermore, the carefully selected array of colors are meant to amplify the beautiful design and its stylish aesthetic. 

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The Caravela chair is characterized by elegance. Its stylish design is inspired by the traditional Portuguese Caravela boat which makes this a beautiful piece of furniture that’s an homage to the brave explorers that shaped our history.

The chair is small and maneuverable, easy to move around and reposition. At the same time, it’s very comfortable and has a chic and eye-catching geometry, with the back legs extends upward to become part of the curved backrest. The seat and back are covered in beautiful upholstery available in leather and fabric, with a variety of different colors to choose from and even a multitude of interesting patterns. 

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The Bowie sofa is another beautiful example of a well-balanced design. It’s a solid and robust piece of furniture that manages to look slim thanks to the very slender metal legs that support it.

The use of wood for the base adds a rich and warm touch to the design and colored upholstered seat, back and armrests fill the design with lots of character. This is a sofa that can look equally amazing in a variety of different spaces and surrounding decors.

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If you want a sofa that stands out in a more obvious way, a design like this one would sure help you achieve that look. The Olympia sofa has a very feminine silhouette with lots of curves and delicate lines and angles.

The base is very interesting as well, consisting of metal legs enclosed by a brass frame. The seat follows the same outline as the base and the back and armrests are combined into a single element which has an asymmetrical shape. The vibrant colors combined with the velvet fabric give the sofa a sophisticated and glamorous vibe. 

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You can also rely on other pieces of furniture to bring a boost of color into the room. Accessory pieces such as the Fringes bench are a really quirky way to take the overall decor of the room to a new level.

You can bring this into the bedroom and place it at the foot of the bed but you can just as easily place it in the entryway, the living room and a lot of other spaces as well. It’s a versatile accent piece with an oval seat covered in soft upholstery and beautifully colored velvet fabric, with fringes in the same color draped over the sides in two layers. 

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The Vuelta sofa also impresses with its beautiful design. It has a curved seat and a back that wraps around it and the sides creating cozy alcoves that allow the users to relax and unwind in different positions.

It’s a great example of a casual sofa with a glamorous and sophisticated design. Its unusual design is complemented by this gorgeous burgundy color, a rich and strong nuance that goes well with the sinuous lines and especially with the velvet. 

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Contrary to general belief, dining rooms don’t always look boring. A great way to avoid that look is by introducing color into the design. An easy option is to complement a simple table with a set of eye-catching dining chairs.

The Quo chair is a great example. It has a very sculptural and slender design but it remains comfortable thanks to its wide seat and supportive back. The metal base is slender but sturdy and the shell comes in many exciting colors that you can mix and match as you please. What a fun way to add character to this room!

An exposed metal frame gives the Bombom chair a really cool and modern look while the super-soft cushions make it extra cozy and comfortable. The contrast between the base and the shell is a strong one, one being slender while the other is bulky.

They compliment each other nicely and they’re in turn complemented by a series of beautiful colors that bring out the beauty in the design as a whole. This would make a nice accent chair for areas like the bedroom or living room but can also be used in other configurations.