How To Refresh The Foot Of Your Bed With Style – 15 Inspiring Ideas

The bed and the area around it form the a high traffic space in the bedroom so it has to be organized and designed perfectly. In some parts of the world and in some cultures, a bed looks naked if it doesn’t have anything at the foot end. Others find this idea to be unpractical and prefer that area to remain empty. So, if you were to redesign this particular portion of the room, how would it looks like?

Breakfast nook.

Suitcase foot bed design

It’s surely nice to have breakfast in bed but it’s not exactly practical. It’s much more comfortable to have an actual table and a seat. So why not have a cozy breakfast nook in the bedroom. You can place it at the end of the bed.

Extra storage.

Suitcase foot bed design

by Dyanne Wilson Photography

If you’d rather be practical and use the space at the foot of the bed for storage, you can have a shelf there ot maybe some cubbies. This simple unit seems to also serve as a bench.

A dog bed.

Suitcase foot bed design

by Kailey J. Flynn Photography

Well, if you have a dog, particularly a big one and not one smaller than a cat, then you probably don’t like having it in bed with you. So why not use the foot of the bed to offer your dog a cozy bed and sleeping area? In the morning, you can tuck it under your bed to save space.

A vintage trunk.

Suitcase foot bed design

by Grey Crawford

Remember those old movies where people always had a trunk at the foot of their bed? They kept all sorts of things in there. Whether you want to use the trunk for storage or just for nostalgia, it would look charming in your bedroom.

A tea tabletop.

Suitcase foot bed design

by Kathryn MacDonald

A small table like this one occupies little space so placing it at the foot end of your bed wouldn’t be such a waste of floorspace. You can use the table to store your accessories, maybe to display some lovely flowers or decorations.


Suitcase foot bed design

by Tom Harper

If there’s enough space in your bedroom, you can have a love seat. It’s small and vezy cozy, perfect for reading or simply relaxing, maybe even for taking a nap.

Folding caddy.

Suitcase foot bed design

by Ben Mayorga Photography

This is an idea particularly useful for the guest room. Make sure your guests have something to place their luggage on. A folding caddy is perfect. You can fold it and tuck it away whenever not needed to save space.

A room divider.

Suitcase foot bed design

by Emily Gilbert Photography

A first realized how nice such a feature can be when I saw it in a hotel. A room divider is perfect if you have a loft or a studio apartment and you want to separate the areas without actually having walls in between them. Use the foot of the bed as a dividing point.

A bench.

Suitcase foot bed design

by Mhouseinc

Benches are probably the most common features placed at the foot end of the bed. They offer you a place to sit on while you tie your shoelaces and you can also leave your jacket on it or your robe so you can easily get it in the morning. In addition to that, you can also use the space underneath the bench for storage.

A desk.

Suitcase foot bed design

Desks are usually placed against the wall but this is not the only option. You can also use the space at the foot of the bed. However, whenever you look up you’ll see the cozy bed and this won’t exactly boost your productivity.

A day bed.

Suitcase foot bed design

A day bed is similar in function with a love seat. You can sit there and read a book or take a nap. You could very well use the bed for that but then you’d have to admit you’re tired in the middle of the day.

Two armchairs and a table.

Suitcase foot bed design

Instead of a bench or a love seat you could have two armchairs. And since you obviously want to set up a seating area, why not throw in a coffee table in between? It’s informal and cozy.


Suitcase foot bed design

Not everyone agrees that there should be a TV in the bedroom. Personally, I can’t sleep without knowing that the TV is on. It’s best to place the TV in front of the bed so you can sit comfortably while watching your favorite show. So get a tall table or maybe a dresser and place it at the ed of the bed, with the TV on it.

Old suitcase decorate.

Suitcase foot bed design

Old suitcases, just like trunks, bring back memories and nostalgia. They look great at the end of the bed and you can use them for storage. They can also be purely decorative.