How To Deal With A Tiny House Kitchen – 16 Inspiring Compact Design Ideas

There’s so much potential in every space, no matter how small or awkwardly-shaped it is. It’s true that spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, in particular, are quite demanding and challenging in terms of design and overall structure but there’s also always a ton of great ideas just waiting to be discovered and implemented.

tiny house kitchen

We’re feeling very inspired by a lot of the tiny house kitchen ideas, especially when they bring to light something new and unusual that can be adapted and included in lots of other designs and spaces.

Our favorite tiny house kitchen ideas and their cleverly-designed interiors. 

Tiny House Kitchen on a 36 square meters floor plan.

Tiny House Kitchen on a 36 square meters floor plan.View in gallery

If you’re struggling to find spaces that have tiny house kitchens that you can take inspiration from, it’s always a good idea to check out tiny houses on wheels. This one for example is a project by Mint Tiny homes and has an interior that only measures 36 square meters in total.

Somehow it manages to have it all, including a very practical kitchen with plenty of counter space, storage, all the necessary appliances and even a small breakfast bar. There’s more in here than a lot of traditional kitchens have and yet the space is very limited. It’s all about clever integration and space-efficiency. 

Tiny house kitchen featuring 2 cooking areas with generous storage

Tiny house kitchen featuring 2 cooking areas with generous storageView in gallery

Another great source of inspiration is a project by Häuslein Tiny House Company which consists of yet another gorgeous house on wheels. This one has a bright and airy interior thanks to large windows that open up the tiny kitchen to the views and double as backdrops for the cabinet units.

That way you get to see a nice view when you’re washing the dishes or using the stove and there’s another big window on the opposite wall as well. An open shelf placed above the window provides extra storage for various things like large pots and pans, books, herbs and so on and everything else goes inside the cabinets. 

Large double kitchen sink for this tiny house kitchen layout

Large double kitchen sink for this tiny house kitchen layoutView in gallery

What sets apart from the tiny kitchen from all the other ones is not the layout or the size but the fact that it has a huge circular window. This is a house designed by Paradise Tiny Homes built on a custom 24′ trailer. It has a high ceiling which is crucial for allowing a loft bedroom to be integrated into the design.

This area can be reached via a set of stairs that wrap around the fridge in the kitchen and there’s lots of storage built into them which can be accessed from the side. The kitchen also has a large double sink, a small hotplate and a window above the backsplash with a lovely view of the outdoors. The big circular window is off to the side where the sitting nook is and has a bar running across it at the center. 

Kitchen storage organization with baskets above.

Kitchen storage organization with baskets above.View in gallery

An interior of only 22 square meters is not a lot by any standards and nobody would really expect a big and complete kitchen to be included in it. Still, that’s exactly what this awesome house on wheels by New Frontier Tiny Homes offers.

In order to take full advantage of every bit of space inside the house, the designers placed the entire kitchen on top of a storage platform. The ceiling height remains very comfortable and even leaves room for three shelf modules made out of wooden crates to be hanged up on the back wall just above the windows. There’s also room for a regular fridge, a large sink, a stylish stovetop with 5 burners and a small dishwasher. 

Two sided open space tiny kitchen house.

Two sided open space tiny kitchen house.View in gallery

Studio  Willowbee Tiny Homes also came up with a really cool design for a lovely farmhouse. It has a beautiful old-school exterior and two different access points inside. The interior is a mixture of modern and farmhouse-inspired elements and it’s both simple and bright but also warm and welcoming.

The kitchen is part of the main open space area and features furniture on two opposite walls. The white cabinetry and wooden countertops go really well together and the window provides a nice view and brings natural light inside which is always a plus even if it means no wall-mounted shelves can be placed there. 

Black and white tiny kitchen layout.

Black and white tiny kitchen layout.View in gallery

One of the smallest kitchens on this list was designed by Trim Studio and is part of a tiny vacation house near Vancouver, Canada. The whole house is just 9 square meters across and yet it doesn’t look or feel cluttered inside.

The kitchen has white walls which help it to stay bright and open. It’s all placed against a single wall, with a fridge framing it on one side and a staircase on the other. It consists of a single cabinet unit with a deep and rich black front and a light wooden top. The built-in sink is also black and so are the drawer pulls. Additional storage comes in the form of open shelves up on the wall.

Micro kitchen layout design.

Micro kitchen layout design.View in gallery

The Tiny Project is one of the smallest houses ever, measuring only 8 ft (2.43 m) x 20 ft (6m). It was designed and built by the owner himself and the main advantage is that it can be easily moved to a different location. Inside there’s everything one would need on an adventure like a place to sleep, a desk where they can work if needed, some shelves for favorite books, a small lounge area and a tiny kitchen.

Although very small, the kitchen doesn’t lack many features. It has a stove and a sink, a cabinet and several open shelves for storage. There’s also a set of hooks for all the pots and pans, a vertical pull-out module for bottles, spices and jars and more accessories on the walls like a magnetic knife rack for instance. 

L shaped tiny kitchen house.

L shaped tiny kitchen house.View in gallery

This one-of-a-kind house designed by Viva Collectiv has a very cool and unusual structure in the sense the main section has a solid foundation while the other smaller one is mobile, a tiny house on wheels that can be detached and taken to a new location.

It has its own little kitchen with a bar, cabinets, basic fixtures and appliances and clerestory windows that bring natural light from above. It’s next to a cozy little living area and it’s full of clever storage solutions like that hanging rack from pots and pans and the bicycle pulley system that it’s attached to. 

Kitchen featuring a large counter work area.

Kitchen featuring a large counter work area.View in gallery

This is such a cool little house, with a really artistic design. It has a curved roof which mimics the shape of the beautiful hills and mountains found in nature and its made of lots of reclaimed materials which gives it lots of character.

Inside it has a small kitchen with a farmhouse-style sink and lots of storage inside the cabinets and on the shelves that frame the windows. One of the details that stand out is the little built-in table which can be positioned at different angles and can be used as extra prep space, a small desk or a tiny bar. Check it out on dwell to find out more about it. 

Black kitchen countertop.

Black kitchen countertop.View in gallery

This is yet another beautiful example of a tiny house built by its owner. It’s an off-the-grid home with a small but very interesting and inspiring interior. It’s made out of a repurposed shipping container and it has a lovely farmhouse-inspired design.

The interior has an open plan layout which favors simple colors like black and white and basic materials such as wood. The kitchen has something we haven’t really seen in other similar spaces: an island. It’s small but it really helps to make this area look and feel complete plus it also adds a bit of color to this section of the house. Check out the whole project on inhabitat

Basic tiny kitchen design on a van.

Basic tiny kitchen design on a van.View in gallery

This is the interior of a renovated 1975 Chevy. It was transformed into a home on wheels by two university students who decided to see the positive side of having online classes during this period. They revamped this van and turned into a mini house on wheels which they could use to enjoy their freedom and to live life in a different and simpler way.

Although the space inside is very limited they still managed to make room for a very basic kitchen that would allow them to quickly cook and heat up some meals on the road. They went with a retro design and preserved as much of the original as possible. 

Tiny House Kitchen that has this L-shaped counter

Tiny House Kitchen that has this L-shaped counterView in gallery

The house on wheels designed by studio Timbercraft Tiny Homes has a very rustic exterior with lots of wood that gives it a super cozy and inviting look. Inside it’s actually brighter than expected. The white walls and all the windows and skylights help a lot to make the space feel airy.

As a whole, this is a lot like a regular home, with a loft bedroom, stairs and a kitchen that has this L-shaped counter which doubles as a space divider. The kitchen has sufficient storage inside the base cabinets and also wall-mounted cabinets and it’s in tone with the rest of the space in terms of colors, finishes and materials used. 

Wooden cabinets kitchen

Wooden cabinets kitchenView in gallery

Another charming home on wheels was designed by studio Tiny House Baluchon and has a cabin-inspired look. The red cedar exterior is complemented by a blue aluminum roof and matching door and window frames, a combo that stands out in an eclectic way.

Space inside is divided into several sections, one of which is a kitchen and dining room combo. It has a wooden cabinet unit with a couple of wall-mounted shelves on one side and a table with a couple of chairs on the opposite side. They leave an open corridor in between.

Box like kitchen cabinets 

Box like kitchen cabinets View in gallery

If you’re more interested in modern and minimalist designs, you might find this one inspiring. It’s a tiny home designed by studio Little Byron, with a minimal box-like shape and an interior that’s brighter and more spacious than anticipated.

The layout is a very practical and functional one that places the kitchen in one of the corners. That way it gets to have an L-shape with plenty of counter space, built-in appliances and storage and leaves room for wall-mounted units as well. A short window takes the place of the more common backsplash behind the sink and brings natural light and fresh air inside. 

White tiny kitchen layout with island.

White tiny kitchen layout with island.View in gallery

Moving on to something a little bit different, we’re having a look at a shipping container home from Canada designed by studio Honomobo. It’s a stylish two-bedroom place with a modern and stylish design inside and out.

We’re particularly impressed by the kitchen which looks and feels incredibly airy and open thanks to the frameless windows. It’s all white with cabinets placed along the wall all around the window and with a matching island which doubles as a bar. 

Tiny house kitchen with shelves for storage

Tiny house kitchen with shelves for storageView in gallery

This is another ingeniously-designed tiny house designed by studio Little Byron. It has a compact interior and it’s only 8 ft (2.4 m) wide. To make it work, the designers went with narrow countertops for the kitchen that are still practical but take up less space and make the interior feel less cluttered and tiny.

The floating shelves have a similar effect, offering useful storage without looking bulky. This strategy allowed a dining table to fit into this space as well which can potentially be used as an extension of the kitchen when cooking.