Rustic and Farmhouse-Inspired Christmas Decor Ideas You Should Try

Christmas and rustic design and decor go hand in hand. They both inspire warmth and comfort so why not put these elements together and create a rustic or farmhouse-inspired Christmas decor this year? It shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive and it’s a great opportunity to use some reclaimed wood in your project. We’ve gathered a few ideas that we think can give you the inspiration you need to create something truly special this Christmas.

Farmhouse inspired Christmas decor entrywayView in gallery

Let’s start with a rustic and cozy-looking entryway that’s all dressed up for Christmas. The hooks hold wreath and lantern decorations instead of coats and there’s also a lovely snowy garland on the shelf. The rustic Christmas sign and the little trees and houses complete the decor. Follow blessed_ranch for more inspiring ideas.

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Throw in some red to create a colorful yet still rustic and charming Christmas decor. Go with a darker and more vintage nuance and complement it with some off-whites, browns and greens. We really like this whole setup shared by ourcottonfarmhouse. It looks very homely and friendly and it really captures the spirit of Christmas.

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Since the idea is to create a rustic Christmas decor you can use things like simple wreaths decorated with pinecones and Christmas trees that have a natural vibe. This one is placed in a woven rattan basket and looks really nice. Of course it’s not just decorations that create the rustic and cozy ambiance that you see here but also the furniture, the accent pillow, the blanket and everything else. Check out bridgewaydesigns for more lovely ideas.

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If you have a fireplace you should definitely decorate the mantel and the space around it. Use garlands and wooden ornaments to create a rustic decor and keep the color scheme simple and subdued. Try a Nordic-inspired approach since it’s a perfect blend of rustic and modern. A chalkboard sign would be a lovely piece. You can have it displayed on the mantel along with a bunch of other decorations. Maybe you can find inspiration in this design shared by redbrickfauxfarmhouse.

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Corners can be difficult to furnish and to decorate but they sure feel cozy. Maybe you could set up a lovely reading corner with a comfy armchair, some fluffy blankets, a Christmas wreath hanging casually on the wall and a miniature Christmas tree in a pot. You could also fill a basket with some goodies such as some greenery, pinecones, maybe some firewood logs too. This was all inspired by a post from bridgewaydesigns.

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Give your entire home a farmhouse-inspired Christmas makeover by hanging wooden signs on the walls, wreaths, bouquets of greenery and using a consistent palette of colors for all the elements involved. This way you crease a sense of comfort and you make the entire house feel wholesome and festive. If you’d like more details and ideas, follow jodie.thedesigntwins.

Simple christmas tree decor and ladder behindView in gallery

Filling the Christmas tree with all the ornaments you can find is very tempting but sometimes a simplified design can send an even more powerful message. We find that the Christmas lights are the most important thing. Take full advantage of them and let them shine. For an added touch of rustic beauty, wrap some gifts in some brown paper and place them under the tree. Follow farmhousechic4sure for more great farmhouse-inspired ideas.

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Just look how charming and inviting this living room is. We absolutely love the farmhouse decor accents and especially the layered textures and patterns but also the color scheme. It shows that creating a festive Christmas decor is not and should not be complicated and all you need is basic supplies. The wreath that’s attached to the underside of the chandelier is a really cool idea. Follow jodie.thedesigntwins for more.

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Check out this unusual Christmas tree stand. It sure stands out and is one of the elements that most prominently emphasize a rustic-industrial style. The tree is full and you can barely distinguish its branches so there’s a pretty big contrast between that and the simplicity of the stand. It’s one of the things we find most interesting this decor shared by ericalynnbirr.

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There’s definitely plenty that you can do to also give your bedroom a Christmas-themed vibe. If you’re going for a rustic or farmhouse look, you should follow our_forever_farmhouse and see how best to take advantage of these styles without overdoing it. The secret is keeping things simple and working with natural materials.

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In addition to your main Christmas tree you can also have a few miniature ones displayed around the house. You could just get some discarded branches and put them in pots containers. They’ll add a nice scent to the room and they’ll also help you achieve a warm and cozy Christmas decor with a hint of rustic beauty. This idea also comes from our_forever_farmhouse.

Bedroom with red accents for ChristmasView in gallery

Symmetry is also something you can focus on. It often helps if you want to make a space look and feel inviting and comfortable because it gives a sense of familiarity. In a bedroom you could have a miniature Christmas tree places on each nightstand, a rustic sign centered above the headboard and some fir tree branches or a wreath attached to the chandelier. Check out bridgewaydesigns for even more inspiring decor ideas.

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A really cute idea is to have a wooden skirt placed around the Christmas tree instead of a fabric one. It just has more character and it in tone with the whole rustic or farmhouse-themed Christmas decor that you’re planning. This could be your next DIY project before Christmas. You could make it easier by repurposing a basket and removing the bottom. In any case, check out ettsetfarmhouse for more cool ideas.

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This would definitely have to be one of the loveliest Christmas decors we’ve seen today. The fireplace is definitely the centerpiece. The sign hanging above it is magnificent and then there’s also the Christmas tree and all the other little decorations that when put together create a super cozy vibe. Be sure to follow velveteenandgracega for more lovely rustic Christmas decors with a cabin feel.