Feel the Blue and Add this 2020 Color Trend to Your Home

It’s a color that’s calm, versatile and exudes confidence: Classic Blue. So, it’s no wonder that Pantone has named the hue Color of the Year for 2020. Almost more than any other color, blue works with all styles of decor and is a great accent or dominant color. According to Pantone, “this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

Classic Blue Pantone Color of 2020View in gallery

Long considered restful, classic blue tones help create rooms that exude a sense of peace and relaxation. Blue is often seen as a “non-threatening color that can seem conservative and traditional, writes A Very Well Mind. Pantone notes that people may be gravitating toward safe and restful colors as a counterpoint to the pace of life and race of technology.

Regardless of why they else they gravitate toward blue; people have long loved shades of blue for making their homes more calm and serene. Painting your walls in Classic Blue is the most obvious way to add the color to your home, but there are other routes to incorporating it into your home too.

For the Walls

Calligaris classic blue wallView in gallery

It used to be said in the fashion sector that it is very difficult to mix shades of blue, but fortunately, that old maxim does not hold true. This setting by Calligaris has plenty of blue — in a variety of shades including classic blue. A two-toned rug is topped with a navy blue sofa that is set against a wall that combines sections of navy and classic blues. A geometric pattern covers the bottom portion and a solid classic blue for the upper section.

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This unique shelving by Tortuga Living is installed on a wall of classic blue, which really sets off the natural color of the wood. This is a great example of how the hue can highlight other elements in the room like light-colored woods. With a color this rich and deep, you don’t have to paint the entire room a classic blue. Instead, opt for an accent wall if all four is too much for you.

Classic blue beadboard paintView in gallery

Its name might include the word “classic, but this blue color works equally well in eclectic, funky or modern spaces. This living room was part of the 2019 Holiday House in New York City. The traditional paneled lower half of the wall is swathed in classic blue while the upper off-white half is covered with the graffiti that is integral to this room’s design. The setting also shows how Classic Blue is a fitting color for crown molding, as well as an element in the modern abstract rug.

In the Kitchen

Matrix Kitchen Design kitchen in Amersham.View in gallery

Cabinetry that features color is definitely trending and Classic Blue is a perfect candidate for this kitchen element. Rather than opting for all-white cabinetry with blue accenting the wall, go for the bold choice of swapping the two. Because this hue is a classic, you don’t risk being uber-trendy as you would with another color like orange, red or some other bold hue. Besides, the color adds an important element of serenity to the area that is the hub of the home.

On Furniture

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Furniture that is painted in Classic Blue is another way to add this great hue to your living space. Whether it’s shiny and lacquered-looking or rustic and distressed, like this credenza from Classic Home, the painted piece adds a great accent to a living room, entryway or home office. Incorporating a piece of furniture is a quick and easy way to add the color without the effort of painting the walls.

Serene Sofa

Serene sofa in classic blueView in gallery

Upholstered pieces like a sofa are also a wonderful way to add a touch of Classic Blue to a living room or a family room. The color is relaxing on its own but when combined with sumptuous velvet, as in the Luke 240 from Munna, it becomes positively luxurious. The color works for casual spaces as well as more formal living areas, which is why it’s so versatile.

For a Daybed or Bench

For a day bed and bench classic sofaView in gallery

Maybe you don’t want to give up your current sofa, so how about adding a bench or daybed in a Classic Blue? This Stiletto daybed from Naula has a bit of a midcentury feel thanks to the slight legs and angular profile. It’s plenty plush and luxe thanks to the velvet upholstery. A piece like this is sophisticated and ideal for a grand living room or an opulent bedroom.

Blue Accent Pieces

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If you want to add Classic Blue to your decor but a major piece of furniture is not in the budget, smaller pieces can have just as much of an impact. This unique inlaid table from LH Imports is predominantly classic blue and adds a bright focal point to an otherwise neutral space. A blue ottoman adds another element of the color to the room without detracting from the impact of the coffee table.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting in classic blueView in gallery

Even lighting fixtures can add an element of Classic Blue to a space. This lamp from LZF Lighting is an ideal classic blue accent that’s easy to add or move around the house. This company’s lighting fixtures are made from wood veneers that are bent and formed into different shapes. This particular table lamp is the Carambola, which is actually a pendant.

A Classic Blue Base

Blue base carpetView in gallery

Rugs provide a colorful base or anchor for a room and they are an ideal way to add Classic Blue to a room. The range of styles that are available means that you can swap out a rug and easily add blue to an existing decor scheme. This particular wool and silk rug is luxurious with an Asian flair, called the Jardin de Chinois by Wendy Morrison.

For Outdoor Spaces

Fermob outdoor furniture in classic blueView in gallery

When spring and summer roll around, don’t overlook outdoor living spaces because they too can sport the color of the year, Classic Blue. This dining set from Fermob is stylish, comfortable and painted in the coming year’s hottest hue. The color is great even for outdoor living not just because it’s relaxing on its own, but also because it evokes the rich feelings of nature.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to add Classic Blue, the Pantone Color of the Year, to your home’s decor, even if you don’t want to repaint. Swapping out elements of your existing decor — especially if it is largely neutral — can freshen up the space and bring this on-trend color into your home.