35 Square Meter Study With A Minimalist Interior

Living in a tiny apartment is definitely a challenge. But it all gets easier if you know how to establish your priorities. For example, the interior design and décor need to be adapted to the space. you may have to give up some of the furniture pieces. Let’s take a look at this study for example. It only has a surface of 35 square meters. It’s what most people would consider too small, especially if you’re not living alone. But, as you can see, the apartment doesn’t seem cramped or tiny. In fact, it’s quite spacious and it’s stylish as well.

35m studio ap

You can see that some of furniture pieces you usually find in a home are missing. There are no big tables anywhere in this apartment. All you can find that’s close to this are a couple of coffee table and a mini-bar. It’s a nice option if you’re the type of person that doesn’t eat or cook at home very often and if you’re not hosting family dinners. Why would you have in your home something that you’re not using?

35m studio ap1

35m studio ap7

35m studio ap2

35m studio ap3

The design and everything in it have been carefully chosen and prioritized. There are no elements that are not needed and this way lots of floor space has been freed. The living room has a black sofa placed in a corner, a small coffee table in front of it and a mini-bar that connects it to the open kitchen.

35m studio ap4

35m studio ap5

35m studio ap6

The bedroom is very simple as well: just a bed and a headboard. What you might not see here is the fact that there’s also plenty of storage space. The hallway has five closets and this takes care of that problem.{found on  Fantastic Frank}.