Peacock Blue Is The Best Interior Color You Have Yet To Discover

Peacock blue is a distinct color. The greenish blue color is like what you’d find on a peacock’s neck. When making a list of colors to choose from for your next interior makeover, if you want something strong and different, consider peacock blue. 

Are Peacock Blue And Teal The Same Colors?

Teal and peacock blue are often confused with each other, they’re not the same. Peacock blue has more blue in it while teal has more green. Here’s a trick that will help you distinguish between the colors. When the colors are juxtaposed, the color that is darker will be peacock blue.

Peacock Blue Ideas For Your Next Makeover

Here are 20 ways peacock blue can enliven your interior spaces.

Peacock Blue Accessories

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

A room’s interior design is enhanced by the colors room decor. In this example, an oven range exhaust fan with brass trim commands attention. This is the beauty of peacock blue and how it can surprise and dazzle your kitchen space.

Peacock Blue Appliances

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

Some appliances are already available in peacock blue. The color is for those who want add color to their home interiors but would prefer a non-traditional hue.  

Peacock Blue Oven

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

A peacock blue oven would be the focal point of your kitchen. Whether modern, traditional, or rustic. 

Peacock Blue Cabinets

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

Peacock blue kitchen cabinets might sound strange at first. However, when you look this example, you can see how the color is an ideal match with white countertops and trim. 

Peacock Blue Furniture

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

In living rooms, you have the option of turning a peacock blue sofa into a focal point for the entire room. If you want to take things further, you could even paint one or all the walls in the same exquisite color.

Peacock Blue Walls 

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

Peacock blue has a backsplash for a painting of a peacock makes a statement. Some people love peacocks, and there’s nothing wron g with that. Emphasize the beauty of blue walls with artwork, perhaps even one which captures the grace and elegance of the peacock, the source of inspiration for the whole decor.

Peacock Blue Ceilings

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

A colored ceiling can make a room look beautiful. The color is deep, rich, and vibrant and it bears resemblance to the sky and ocean. You can either let the ceiling be the center of attention by keeping the rest of the room simple and neutral or not.

Peacock Blue Backsplash

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

In the kitchen, a neutral color scheme with peacock blue backsplash offers a unique look. As you can see here, peacock blue paris well with white and gray. Peacock blue is closer to navy blue than saffron yellow, making it easier to use lemons for a room accent.

Peacock Blue Neutral Colors

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

Blue is the best color for relaxation and meditative places.  If you want to go deeper, peacock blue is would be the key that unlocked the rabbit hole. When paired with neutrals like gray or white the combination looks good with wood and brown hues.

Interior Decor

Stylish kitchen hood in peacok color

Show everyone where the inspiration for that exquisite peacock blue decor comes from by casually displaying artwork or accessories which reference the graceful peacock. It can be a painting, a sculpture, a vase, etc. Allow yourself to be creative.

Window Shutters

Accent The Exterior Of Your Home With Peacock Blue Shutters

Shutters are nice exterior color accents. You can use peacock blue to accent all different parts of the exterior of your home as well, such as your porch railing, front door, or trim. The shutters are from That Sweet Tea Life, where peacock blue was used to repaint the window shutters, giving them a fresh and stand out look.

Bedroom Colors

Peacock Blue Can Be Used In Any Room

Consider peacock blue curtains for your bedroom. Peacock blue curtains offer color accents to complement your bedroom decor. Because it is so bright, peacock is a great idea to brighten a room that you feel is too dark. This example is from Apartment Therapy.


Hang Peacock Blue Curtains

Curtains can be used in any room of your home to incorporate the color without having to repaint. For those that think curtains like these pictured in Decorpad might be a bit much for you, don’t worry, as there are several different designs of curtains that feature peacock blue. 

Bathroom Tile

Brighten A Bathroom With Peacock Blue Tile

Bathroom tiles add style and depth to bathroom spaces. In this example from Love Property, a glass-like peacock blue tile was used to partially tile the bathroom as an accent to the beautiful wooden vanity, without making the room too dark. The light pink sink and gold hardware are an especially nice touch because of the way it boldly off-sets the peacock blue.

Table Décor

Purchase Peacock Table Décor

Dining table decorations go with any season. You can make peacock centerpieces, or invest in peacock dishes to make this beautiful set up featured on Peacock Theme Wedding

Window Trim

Paint Trim And Window Frames With Peacock Blue

The bathroom window trim from Decorpad, adds character. Peacock pairs well with wood flooring as evidenced in this example. 

Throw Blanket

Place A Peacock Blue Throw Blanket

Consider selecting something smaller and less overpowering like a peacock blue throw pillow or blanket in your living room like they did in That Sweet Tea Life. As you can see this room is already painted boldly so the deep peacock blue throw helps bring color to the furniture without the room being overdone with color.

Blue Wallpaper

Consider Peacock Blue Colored Wallpaper

This peacock blue wallpaper featured on Wallpaper Safari demonstrates the beauty of the color. In addition to being a gorgeous color, the pattern of this wallpaper really embodies the idea of a peacock with its swirl and feather style.

Dining Room Chairs 

Add Peacock Blue Chairs To Your Dining Room

This makes peacock blue an ideal choice for the chairs in your dining room, and it can be as simple as having the ones you already have re-upholstered.  Celebes shows us how it’s done.  All-peacock blue plush chairs offer impeccable style.

Bathroom Sink

Install A Peacock Blue Sink

A peacock blue sink like this one from Decorpad is the best way to spice up a room. And you will absolutely love the regal and magnificent beauty a color like peacock blue inspires in you as you enjoy lounging in your now peacock blue living room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Hex Color Code For Peacock Blue?

The Hex color code for peacock blue is 00A4B4.

Is Peacock Blue A Warm Color?

The color is warmer than ultramarine because of its heavy blue influence. Peacock blue is often paired with bold hues. The color is unique because it goes well with bold neutral colors like white or beige, but also looks good with haughty colors like magenta and orange.

When Did Peacock Blue First Become Popular?

In 2013, peacock blue was one of the hottest colors among interior decorators. Its popularity has waned since then, but seems to be making a comeback.

Peacock Blue: Wrap Up

With interior design, the goal is to achieve interior harmony. Vibrant colors suffer from a tacky reputation. However, peacock blue is a true standalone. Decorating with bold colors is like cooking with exotic spices. It’s all about taste, and nothing more. Some people like spicy food while others like mild, flavorful cuisine. 

Peacock blue probably wasn’t on your list of interior colors, but now it is. The color isn’t ordinary, and that’s a good thing.