7 Ways To Update Your Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are a great way to bring guests and families together. They create an all-in-one seating arrangement that stands out as the centerpiece of a room, all while making the space cozy and homey. They’re great for family movie nights, dinner parties and just to lay out, chill and relax on your days off from work. And you can find some that are seriously ….. super comfy!

One of the most important tips when deciding to use a sectional sofa or if you’ve had one for years and need an updated look, is placement and arrangement. Since this piece of furniture is so large, its placement is vital to the room’s design and overall look. After it has been arranged in the right area, it’s all about decor and the surrounding elements like the pillows, throw blankets, table and ottomans.

Take a look at some of these quick tips to give your sectional sofa an update!

#1. Separate the sections.

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So many times we keep our sectionals in the same U or L shaped arrangement. This is a great option, but if you don’t have the right space – dividing the sofa pieces can be a nice alternative to gain more seating and utilize the room.{picture from site}.

#2. Mix and match.

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If you’ve got two rooms adorned with sectional couches…..divide and conquer. Mix up the pieces from two different sofas and it’s not only comfy and functional but also adds a bit of surprise to the space.{picture from here}.

#3. Contrasting colors.

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Sometimes a sectional sofa is so bulky and provides so much clutter … it doesn’t bring anything to the room’s style. Try adding some decorative throw pillows (or even blankets), contrasting in color and pattern, to bring some flavor back into the space!{picture from here}.

#4. Keep it in the middle.

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Instead of pushing your sofa up against a wall, try arranging it in the center of the room. You’d be surprised the flexibility and more space you’ll utilize  by keeping it in the center of the room.{picture from here}.

#5. Use a coffee table for the focal point.

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Find a coffee table to compliment the sofa. Then arrange the sectional around the new focal point! This is a super easy update and you can really have fun with what table you decide to choose. You can also do this with a new ottoman or footrest!{found on site}.

#6. Use a fun carpet.

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Center your sectional along the lines of an eye-catching carpet. It’ll brighten up a neutral couch and liven up the room!{found on site}.

#7. Keep it neutral and clean.

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If you’ve already got a lot of color going on … take it all away! Go entirely monochromatic and sleek. It’ll bring in a modern edge and create a more contemporary feel.{picture from site}.