20 Ranch-Style Homes With Modern Interior Style

Ranch-styled homes have simple floor plans with a wider outward appearance – without the depth that most present homes possess. There’s a minimalistic, yet traditional, quality in its overall look and it makes for a great palette when styling and decorating with a specific vision in mind. But what happens when you take this home design, first constructed in the 1950’s, along with its old-age spirit and mix it with a modern look – in furniture and accent. Well, you get a stunning blend of home fashion and trending, forward-thinking interest. Let’s have a look at 20 ideas that will get your wheels turning!

1. Neutral Renovation

Ranch style neutral renovation

This open, ranch-style home was renovated into a cozy, modern space. A neutral palette keeps it fresh and spacious in feel but the lines, lighting and furniture choices give the home a modern twist.

2. With Wood.

Contemporary wood ranch style

You can easily create a home full of vintage outlines and welcoming wood foundations. But you can also add some modern touches to create something unique and revitalizing – like this contemporary living space did!{found on johnsoninteriordesign}.

3. Ultra Chic.

Chic interior design with sleek lines

Give your ranch home an ultra chic uplift by going completely outside-the-box of this family-friendly home. With slick lines, an added room partition and creamy tones, you can have a super posh area inside your throwback foundation.

4. Futuristic Fun.

Futuristic fun ranch style

Add a bit of the future when renovating the kitchen or adding new details. These homes can be lengthy and spacious, utilize that when creating a more present-day version.{found on rectangle}.


5. Textural Bits.

Stone and wood for ranch style

Don’t be afraid to utilize texture when adding a modern touch to your ranch-style home. Utilize the lengthiness and open appeal by adding unique accents like stone and wood.

6. Family Spirit.

Family Spirit Ranch

These homes were meant for family so even though you’re adding modern touches or renovating to make the foundation seem more contemporary, don’t forget your family spirit and warm accents.{found on charlesdelisle}.

7. Forward-Thinking Separation.

Ranch style living room design

Sometimes these layouts are so open and wide that it’s hard to tell where a room ends. This is where you can get creative with your decorating and add personal touches.{found on drawingdept}.

8. Embrace What’s There.

Low furniture and painted white walls

Whether it’s an original, double-sided fireplace or large, floor-to-ceiling windows, embrace what’s been there since the home was built and utilize it with the more modern decor.{found on shksarchitects}.

9. Ceiling Power.

Wood ceiling power for a ranch style

There’s power in detailed ceiling. Whether you add color, open piping, beams or wood paneling there’s a certain transformation that happens – especially when accenting the vaulted ceilings.

10. Go Lighter.

Light Ranch style living room

It’s okay to go with a lighter look even if your vision is a bit more contemporary. This space is lighter, brighter and a bit more feminine than the super sharpness of classic modernism.

 11. Seamless Transition.

Seamless Transition

A benefit of a ranch home is the seamless movement and transition about the space. Keep that in mind when your invite your new decorating and design inside, that’s something that should be kept intact.

12. Woven Elegance.

Wooven elegance

Weave elegance inside your modern mixes. There’s a certain flow to the natural design and order of these homes so it’s easy to incorporate a more elegant vision when re-styling.{found on rowlandbroughton}.

13. Funky Dreams.

Funky Dreams

Don’t be afraid to add a bit of eclecticism inside your modern vision. This is the type of home that embraces the transition and can become any kind of clean palette you’d like.

14. Stunning Lights.

Ranch style lighting

Because of the easy transition between spaces and flowing freedom, lighting can go a long way throughout these homes. This is another benefit you need to use when highlight contemporary, clean lines and bright neutrals.

15. The View.

Ranch style view

Ranch homes were made to utilize the land they were on, so when the view is this good and the windows are this big, don’t take away from the beauty. Go with simpler colors and lines and have that be the focus.

16. Built-In Function.

Built in functions

When it’s time to renovate, think about the rooms and what you need. When space is free but not as wide as you need for chunky furniture, keep that modern tone with built-in bookshelves for functionality.

17. Hallway Style.

ranch style hallway

If your layout have a breathier hallway woven throughout the home, detail those too. It helps with the transition between rooms and keeping the vision intact.

18. Match It.

Match it colors

Make sure to match the colors and modern tendencies throughout the home. When you can see through to other spaces you’ll want to make it an easy walk and not something that’s cut up.

19. Youthful Essence.

Youthful Essence

Even if you’ve had this home for over 30 years, doesn’t mean you can’t dress it like it’s a younger 20. Refresh yourself and your home with modern colors, classic staples and sleek lines with its open layout.

20. Start With White.

Start with white for ranch

The best way to bring a modern tone into your ranch-styled home and to utilize all of the natural light, is to decorate with white! A crisp, white foundation can be keep to a revitalized look.