50 Hints That Reveal Why Beautiful Kitchens Are Beautiful

What exactly makes us claim that a certain kitchen is beautiful? This is one of those questions that has no right answer because well, there are simply a lot of different things that can make a kitchen look beautiful by someone’s standards. And while standards can differ drastically from one person to another, sometimes beautiful kitchens are simply beautiful and nobody can claim anything different.

Black line apartment kitchen design

Arhitektura d.o.o. designed the Black Line Apartment and the team envisioned the kitchen as an extremely simple-looking space. This is a modern kitchen with a design where minimalism plays a key role. The colors are toned down and there’s also a beautiful symmetry that deserves to be admired.

Comfortable and spacious kitchen view

The most beautiful kitchens are often also the most spacious ones. That’s because we need a lot of space to feel comfortable and, although small often means cozy, this doesn’t necessarily applies to utilitarian spaces such as the kitchen. The Oak Pass House by Walker Workshop has a kitchen that would be considered beautiful by pretty much anyone.

Private residence kithen with skylight ceiling

Sometimes beautiful means comfortable and there are plenty of things that can make a kitchen feel comfortable. A successful kitchen design from this point of view would have to include elements such as lots of natural lights or great views, both of which are found in the kitchen designed by Dualchas Architects for this private residence on the Isle of Skye.

Town House in Antwerp Kitchen with floor to ceiling walls

In other cases, a comfortable and beautiful kitchen is one that makes the user feel at home. This often has to do with a casual ambiance and a simple décor. A good example can be found in the Town House in Antwerp by Sculp[IT]. The mobile island and the open shelves and a few of the elements that stand out here.

Villa Melana Greece Kitchen

The palette of materials can also contribute to the way we perceive a kitchen. Natural materials such as stone or exposed wood usually help create a warm and welcoming ambiance. The kitchen designed by Valia Foufa + Panagiotis Papassoutiriou for Villa Melana features a combination of raw and smooth finishes and strong contrasts in this sense.

Modern brown Thomas Balaban Architect kitchen

In the case of the kitchen designed by Thomas Balaban Architect for the Holy Cross House, the beauty comes from the elegant use of wood on the modern and minimalist furniture. The richness of this material completed the décor and eliminates the need for any other accent details.

Contemproary geometric Tomar Hill House

Some kitchen design ideas are considered beautiful when they follow a certain style. It’s easy for a contemporary kitchen to look beautiful because this is the style most of us identify with. The Tomar Hill House by Contaminar Arquitectos impresses with its bright, airy and sleek design, its clean lines and angles and the stylish balance of colors, shapes and finishes.

Cozy and large kitchen design

Beautiful kitchens wouldn’t be beautiful if they didn’t feel inviting. This can be achieved in a variety of different ways. Henkin Shavit Studio decided that the Fuks 34 residence would benefit from having an intimate kitchen. So they made it spacious enough to be comfortable but also allowed it to feel cozy and intimate by placing it in a semi-private nook.

Austria barn house design

With so many beautiful kitchen colors to take into consideration, we often prefer to just ignore everything else and to focus on white, the simplest and purest color of all. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the result will be an austere and monotonous décor. Like the kitchen inside Haus Kaltschmieden by Bernardo Bader Architects show, an open floor plan leaves plenty of room for customization in this sense.

Northwest Harbor NY kitchen design

A kitchen doesn’t need to stand out to be beautiful. In fact, in some cases a design that allows the kitchen to blend in is appreciated as opposed to one that transforms it into a focal point for an open floor plan. The Northwest Harbor residence by Bates Masi Architects has a kitchen that seamlessly integrates into the décor and this makes it beautiful in its own way.

Concrete kitchen countertop with Scandinavian touch

Everyone favors a certain style in the detriment of others and that’s natural but the fact is every style has its own beautiful characteristics. This means a kitchen can be beautiful whether it has a rustic, a modern, a traditional or an industrial design. Global Architects chose to include exposed bricks and raw wood in the design of the kitchen and this establishes a unique look.

Home 11 black kitchen island counter material

Most of the time, the key to creating a beautiful kitchen design is finding the right balance of colors, finishes, forms and dimensions. Home 11 by i29 interior architects has an elongated kitchen and an interior design that includes a long island and a large wall unit. These are the two main features of the design and they both define the space.

Small white kitchen design

A small kitchen can be beautiful too. In fact, there are tons of kitchen decorating ideas that focus on this particular detail. The Chovar House designed by Tidy Arquitectos has a small kitchen but its spaciousness is emphasized by the use of mirror, glossy white finishes and a space-efficient designs.

Black kitchen light system

The lighting plays an important role in determining the final design and look of a space. In a space such as the kitchen, natural light is important but the artificial kind shouldn’t be neglected either. The kitchen design proposed by Lukas Mays Architekt for this project features three pendant lamps hanging from a high ceiling above the kitchen island and additional accent lighting on the wall.

full concrete kitchen design

To some, an eco-friendly design offers all the beauty one could ever want to see. This House on the Beach by BAK Architects ha a kitchen that features raw concrete flooring and furniture made of reclaimed wood. The same type of wood was also used on some of the walls as well as on the ceiling.

Kitchen envisioned by SVK Interior Design

Another criteria that always makes a kitchen or any other space look beautiful and stunning has to do with the views. The kitchen designed by AZC for this House in Vincennes overlooks a courtyard and has full height windows and sliding doors that directly connect the room to the exterior, resulting in a fresh and vibrant interior design.

Modern kitchen that need more natural or artificial

Everyone looks for something different in the ideal kitchen. For the Bunker House designed by Estudio Botteri-Connell the island plays an important role in the kitchen design and layout. It doubles as a bar as well as a dinner table and this can be the main element that defines beauty in certain particular cases.

Central London Flat Kitchen

Cohesive designs are naturally attractive and beautiful. When everything falls into place, harmony is established and the décor and the ambiance become welcoming. The design of the kitchen created by VW+BS for the Central London Flat allows us to illustrate this idea.

Seaview house kitchen

In the case of open floor plans, the barriers between spaces are almost completely eliminates, the functions coexist and hybrid designs are created. Like in the case of the kitchen designed by Jackson Clemens Burrows Architects for the Seaview House. The kitchen island extends into the living area and forms a transitional space which functions as a bar or dining zone.

Modern white kitchen with marble floor and large kitchen island

Even the smallest details can have a big impact on the overall design of a kitchen. For example, the one that’s part of House M designed by monovolume archtiecture + design is minimalist from every point of view. White is the main color combined with black accents. But the beauty comes from little things like the veins on the floor tiles or the geometric lines on the wall unit.

Kitchen envisioned by SVK Interior Design

Beauty can sometimes be synonymous with functionality. In the case of the Townhouse designed by Elding Oscarson, there was little space to work with inside so the kitchen had to be placed under a large staircase landing that serves as a lounge area. Although it’s small, the kitchen is beautiful in this case because it offers the users everything they need in a stylish package.

Small kitchen Flat in Paris

Playfulness can also be an element that defines beauty in the case of a kitchen design. Of course, this can also be applied to any other type of space. This 30 square meter flat in Paris has an interior design by Richard Guilbault who chose to make the kitchen as simple as possible without sacrificing functionality. Yet this didn’t mean adopting a monotonous design. The tile pattern on the backsplash and the combination of white and light wood for the wall unit contribute to an overall interior design that’s playful and chic.

Floating kitchen island

There are cases where a low-maintenance kitchen is the best kind one can get. This usually involves using simple and durable materials such as concrete. The SOL project by Hitoshi Saruta can offer a few hints from this point of view. It has a kitchen that’s not only very simple but also very practical, easy to maintain and easy to customize using small accessories.

House the kitchen open space to backyard

Some residences focus on creating a strong indoor-outdoor connection and this applies to all the spaces inside. House THE by n-lab architects features an open floor plan with a kitchen that overlooks the outdoor swimming pool and the backyard. The full height windows and sliding glass doors let the light in and open the space to the views and the fresh environment.

Narrow kitcehn design with concrete walls

By contrast, Tense Architecture Network designed a Residence in Kifissia where the kitchen is a secluded space with no direct connection to the exterior. It has no windows or skylights and it has an industrial décor. But as different as this kitchen may be from the one previously described, it does have its own dose of beauty.

Kitchen envisioned by SVK Interior Design

Another element that can influence a kitchen’s design for better or for worst is the layout. It has to be adapted to the space that’s available as well as to the needs of the user. The Vienna Way residence by Marmol Radziner has a very interesting kitchen from this point of view. It has a lot of storage and a well-container workspace.

Small kitchen combined with living units

But when space is limited or when the kitchen is not a separate room, other types of layouts are employed. For the AP 1211 project, Alan Chu integrated the small kitchen into the design of the living room, making it a part of the wall unit and creating a seamless transition between the spaces.

Germany House Zochental Kitchen

The focus in the case of House Zochental by Liebel Architekten BDA was to emphasize the importance of the light and to establish a synergy of kitchen and nature. This was done through huge windows and a design that’s modern, clean, practical and functional.

Bench kitchen seating and natural flowers

Another beautiful example of how nature becomes a part of a kitchen’s décor is featured by MM++ Architects who designed House in Go Vap. The residence has a spacious kitchen with a large wooden table at the center and an indoor pond next to it.

Bolton residence with a black accent kitchen

The geometry of a space can have a lot to do with the way in which that space is perceived and the visual and emotional impact it has on a user. The sculptural design of the kitchen created for the Bolton Residence by NatureHumaine allows it to look sophisticated. This is also partially due to the colors and finishes used.

WinkleyWorkshop kitchen Design

The Winkley Workshop by Kirkwood McCarthy offers another beautiful example of how a tiny kitchen can look inviting and chic. The kitchen and the staircase become one structure, leaning on each other. A small and minimalist island visually separates the workspace from the dining area.

Vipp shelter black kitchen

Is black a suitable color for a kitchen. The VIPP Shelter by VIPP shows us that the answer to this question is “yes”. Actually, this kitchen plays with different shades of gray. The concrete floor is a nice detail.

modern Glossy finishes kitchen

Glossy finishes are very popular in modern and contemporary interior design. Casa Vista Lejana by Wallflower Archtiecture + Design illustrates this perfectly in the case of the kitchen. It’s a large room defined by neutral colors and a huge window that opens it to the exterior and lets natural light and fresh colors in.

Brazil house small kitchen

Difficult layouts and floor plans require careful planning, especially when we’re talking about kitchens. The OM House by Studio Guilherme Torres shows how a beautiful design can work arround such challenges. This kitchen has an L-shaped island which extends to form a dining table or breakfast area.

Argentina House Ef kitchen

Beautiful kitchens are often those that incorporate details and elements that link them to the rest of the house. In the case of House Ef by Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos, this connection is established mostly through color. The kitchen wall, backsplash and lower cabinetry coordinate with the island and the living room furniture.

Kitchen envisioned by SVK Interior Design

House 784 by Stepehnson ISA Studio has a particularly attractive kitchen. This is due to a variety of elements such as the size, the color palette, the finishes used throughout as well as the layout and the surrounding features.

Narrow and angle kitchen design

Not everyone would be willing to call this an actual kitchen. However, the Naruse House by MDS tries its best to incorporate it into its modern design. The kitchen is practically a small counter with storage underneath, a sink and a stove top. Another counter is placed in continuation of this one and serves as a multifunctional table.

Splash of color in kitchen through tolix chairs

A splash of color is often welcomed into a kitchen that has an overall neutral and very simple chromatic palette. In the case of the private residence designed by MOB Architects in Rome, the touch of color comes in the form of four classical Tolix chairs arranged around a small island/ bar.

Well organized beautiful kitchen

To some, a beautiful kitchen is one that allows them to be well-organized. This usually means simple and functional furniture and a variety of storage options. The open shelves featured by the littleBits residence by MCDC are a good indicative of how simplicity can increase space-efficiency in the kitchen.

Open shelves blue cupboards

Open shelves were also used by Ensemble Architecture when designing the Cumberland Townhouse. This kitchen, although relatively small, offers a variety of storage options in the form of drawers, cubbies and this beautiful open shelf that matches the exposed ceiling beams.

Planchonella House Kitchen

While kitchen islands can be very useful and functional, sometimes a different option is preferred in order to maintain a spacious and airy design in the kitchen. The Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett Archtiect features two sleek and simple table that are put together to form a long bar which can also be used as a prep area or an alternative to the kitchen island.

kitchen designed by Roberto Zanoletti

It’s often the small things that impress the most. Like in the case of the kitchen designed by Roberto Zanoletti for the zaza family home in Milan. This kitchen is quirky and fresh for a variety of reasons. It has beautiful and simple furniture, a very pleasant color and stylish amenities but the eye-catching element is that vintage clock placed on the wall.

Eclectic interior designs kitchen

Eclectic interior designs tend to always stand out. That’s because they incorporate a lot of different and interesting elements. The Sargisson-Robbins Townhouse could be considered eclectic in the sense that it has a kitchen which incorporates elements such as a window bench, colorful wall collages, fixtures with antique or vintage hardware, exposed bricks on the wall and furniture pieces that each seem to tell their own story. This was a design by Ensemble Architecture.

Casa Kato kitchen design

A kitchen can be beautiful indirectly. By that we mean that, in a case such as Casa Kato by Manuel Benedikter, the kitchen itself doesn’t really stand out. It’s only when you look at it from further away so the dining area is also included that you start to see the harmony that’s established by such a design.

Geometric shape kitchen design

Geometric shapes and patterns are involuntarily attractive. They can be used to create a futuristic design or to attract attention to a focal point. The Boro hotel room designed by Grzywinski+Pons uses a diversity of patterns and this helps it stand out and look interesting. Elements such as the flooring, the island, the backsplash, the pendant lamps or the bar stools all contribute to this one-of-a-kind design.

Geometric kitchen island design

Since we mentioned futuristic designs, the Hwa Hun house in South Kores, designed by Iroje KHM Architects can offer some pointers in this sense. The house has a white kitchen with a sophisticated and classy décor. The island is particularly eye-catching and an interesting detail is also the set of dining chairs that have identical designs but different colors and material palettes.

Yellow and bricks accents in kitchen

A well-chosen accent color can be the element that allows a kitchen to migrate from being monotonous to being exquisitely beautiful. For Apartment G9 located in Kiev, Baraban+ design studio chose a rich shade of yellow and used it strategically throughout the space in order to enhance its elegance and beauty.

Red tolix chairs for bar kitchen

Red is also a very beautiful and very strong accent color. Joel Mozersky Design used it when designing the Peddle.com Offices in Austin, US. This space has a large open kitchen and dining area with a long wooden bar and a set of red Tolix bar stools. The red complements the warm tones of wood as well as the white details.

Strong contrast between white and blue

Strong contrasts often define things that we perceive as beautiful. The black and white combo is timeless and will forever be considered elegant and beautiful. The modern kitchen designed for the Westchester Colonial residence by Fougeron Architecture emphasize the visual impact of color contrasts by featuring dark blue walls and white furniture complemented by a series of bar stools featuring different-colored seats.

kitchen envisioned by SVK Interior Design

Another option is to employ strong visual contrasts in combination with subtle additions. An example that good help visualize this concept is the kitchen envisioned by SVK Interior Design. It has a very light and fresh décor where black and white work together with accents of light turquoise and natural wood.