Unique Floor Lamps With Out Of The Ordinary Designs

Floor lamps, apart from being functional, are also often used as accent pieces meant to attract attention and to have an impact on the overall interior design of the space. Some stand out with their size and stature and other with their unusual and unique designs. If you’re looking for an out of the ordinary floor lamp for your home, one of these unique creations might do the trick.

Giraffe floor lamp

Giraffe floor lampView in gallery

The Giraffe Floor Lamp was designed by Swiss studio BERNHARD | BURKARD and, as the name suggests, has a shape and a structure inspired by this majestic wild animal. The lamp features a lever and a system if scissors. It’s flexible and perfect for reading nooks.


Minimalist floor lampView in gallery

Riga is a minimalistic, LED floor lamp. It’s made of metal and has a very sleek and thin design. It’s the type of accessory that isn’t meant to impress but which stands out particularly because of its simple and stylish look.

Jazz floor lampView in gallery

Designed by Diego Fortunato, the JAZZ 1330 floor lamp comes in a variety of finishes such as white, black, red but also silver and gold. It’s made of rigid high-density resin and has a slender, curvilinear shape.

Left or Right big

Floor lamp closer to sofa booksView in gallery

This is the Left or Right Big floor lamp designed by Julian Appelius and part of the Konstantin Slawinski Collection. The base of the lamp is a pedestal which can serve as a book or magazine stand, making it ideal for reading corners.

Shift floor lamp.

Shift adjustable wooden floor lampView in gallery

Featuring a playful but at the same time stylish design, the unique Shift floor lamp by Artisan features a tripod structure and a large lampshade which can adjust its angle. The light is powerful but pleasant.

Yumi Floor Lamp

Yumi Floor LampView in gallery

The Yumi floor lamp offers subtle ambient light and was designed as a modern accessory for a variety of spaces, from bedrooms to living rooms and even terraces and decks. It’s the simplicity of the design that makes it so versatile.

Halley floor lamp

Halley Floor To Wall LampView in gallery

Halley is a floor lamp that is quite similar to the Yumi lamp. They both have these thin bodies and resemble curved stripes. This one, however, is a lamp that is best used for creating a romantic mood in the dining area or for providing subtle task lighting for the workspace or reading nook.

Hello Floor Lamp

Hello floor lampView in gallery

This is Hello, a simple floor lamp with a body made of beech and a steel shade. The design is simple but with lots of character and this allows this large floor lamp to stand out from the rest.

The Mate Floor Lamp

The mate floor lampView in gallery

The Mate floor lamp is a creation of dutch designer Geert Koster for manufacturer Metalarte. It has an odd and unique shape and a shade that becomes luminous, diffusing the light in a pleasant way.

The Semjase Floor Lamp

The semjase floor lampView in gallery

Italian designer Sandro Santatonio created the Semjase floor lamp. It’s an elegant piece with a fluid and slender shape reminiscent of a bow, soft angles and rounded edges. The lamp has an adjustable head.

The Pinch and Splay Floor Lamps

The pinch and splay floor lampsView in gallery

This pair of floor lamps were designed by Davin Larkin. They’re called Pinch and Splay and they share similar designs with slight differences. All the lamps are assembled by the designers in his studio.

The Groggy Floor

Groggy floor lamp by tom steppView in gallery

The Groggy floor lamp was designed by Tom Stepp for Norwegian manufacturer Northern Lighting. It has an oblique shape and an asterix base. Given how robust the shade seems in comparison with the body and the base, the lamp seems to defy gravity.