Bedside Reading Lamps: A Night Reader’s Best Friend

Bedside reading lamps are a convenient light source. With a soft light next to your bed, you wouldn’t need a ceiling light to read. If you enjoy reading in bed, switch to a bedside reading lamp as it will illuminate and add style to your bedroom.

Reading lamps feature LED bulb technology that reduces eye strain and offers higher quality lighting. Also, table lamps feature various lamp shade styles and come with a dimmer switch. Soft lighting helps protect your eyes so you can enjoy reading or working for long periods with less eye fatigue. Plus modern ambient lighting modules create a welcoming atmosphere for a bedroom or study.

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

If you want to increase the brightness in your bedroom, but you don’t want a ceiling light, then a bedside lamp is the answer. We’ve assembled a list of the best reading lamps to make your search easier. With each lamp design, we’ll show you why the light is remarkable and reveal their unique features.

Cool Bedside Reading Lamps

Here are the best and coolest lamps for your bedroom.

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

The Rivalto is one of the best bedside reading lamp styles o the market today. The lamp looks like a lampshade with a plissé crown. It features a sharp and modern design. You can adjust the direction of the light so it won’t clash with your furniture.

Equipped with three brightness levels, it’s suited for a bedroom, study, or living room. The lamp’s white interior helps with brightness levels and without impacting its soft style.

Soft Reading Light


Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

Since bedside table lamps are for reading or mood lighting, they don’t need to be bright. This bedside lamp is from IC Lights and is ideal for most bedrooms. The bedroom lamp features a sleek and minimalist design that looks inviting when placed next to a wall. Its slender frame is available in brass or chrome.

The light bulb is a blown glass opal diffuser that offers a warm light glow that bounces off your walls. A dimmer switch on the power cord allows you to control the light modes and brightness levels. It’s more than a light as it looks like a furniture decor item.

Bedside Light Source

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

If low maintenance is the goal, then this bedroom light is your style. The Oxford table lamp features a slender, tall, design and a double shade for added texture. The lamp also has a satin brass stem and matching circular base. What you have here is a combination of smart and chic furniture design that doubles as a stylish light source or wall accent.

Warm Light Source

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

It’s easy to see where the inspiration came from for the Bake Me a Cake lamp designed by Morten & Jonas. This light features a classic style and is ideal for restaurants and cafes. The lamp’s cord and base are included, and the light is eye friendly.

Eye Friendly Lighting

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

This bedside reading lamp looks like an egg. Uovo is a table lamp that features an oval shade made of white satin blown glass, and offering a soft, warm and diffuse light. The oval lamp comes in small, medium, and large sizes. Feel free to use the lamp in a variety of environments as it also functions as a wall accent will providing extra room light.

Modern Light Source

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

The Eclipse reading lamp offers a gentle, warm, and eye friendly soft glow. For late night reading or if you need a dim light to create a soothing bedroom atmosphere, then this is one of the best bedside table lamp styles you’ll find.

This ceramic bedside lamp is available in four colors, and offers a medium glow that compliments your furniture. And the best part is you won’t even notice the cord.

Warm Light Source

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

Speaking of odd lamps and cool designs, check out Kurage, a unique handmade lamp by Japanese craftsmen. It has four slender ash wood legs and a curved washi paper shade. In terms of style, the is one of the best bedside lamps you find. The light is also another way you can add character to your walls.

Modern Bedside Lamps

Let’s take a look at the latest reading lamp designs that are redefining what lamps are all about.

Office Desk Lamp

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

A Giraffa lamp is for those with very little space and want a soft light. Equipped with a small LED lamp, the light source can illuminate specific areas with a soft glow. The elongated stem resembles a giraffe’s neck, which is how the lamp got its name.

A tubular component on top holds the light source. The matching angled post completes the lamp’s look. The lamp shade rotates 360 degrees, making it easier to use in your office or study.

Modern Design Reading Lamp

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

The Bulb Limited is a limited 12 piece edition that provides a warm light. The science fiction style vintage bed reading lamp is ideal for eccentric and literary settings. Designed by Ingo Maurer, it has two limited versions.

The small lamps feature a brass base and crystal glass light bulbs. Evidence that this might be the best lamp for literary types, written on the LED bulb is a quote from Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez which says, “La humanidad se divide en dos: Los que cagan bien y los que cagan mal.”

The English translation is, “Humanity is divided into two: Those who defecate well and those who defecate badly.”

Cool Light Source

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

Ideal for college dorm rooms and student living environments, the cool reading lamp is from Ringelpiez. The lamp uses an LED bulb and is covered with a Frivoloso shade that helps dim illumination.

As a decor item, it’s one of the best bedside lamps and reading light sources for your living space or bedroom. Once you make the switch from ceiling lighting to bedside lamp lighting, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Flicker Free Light LED Lamp

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

If you want a glimpse into the future of table lamps, we found one for you. Those who enjoy minimalist design with a dash of eccentricity, you’ll like this lamp design from My New Flame. The table lamp uses flicker free light LED technology so the light appears to be a real candle flame. A soft light glow protects against unwanted eye strain.

Modern Lamp Design

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

Minimalist is the keyword for this Cylinda table lamp designed by Angeletti & Ruzza. The lamp’s composition features two cylinders. The first cylinder is slim and tall and serves as the support for its gold-colored anthracite base.

Meanwhile, the second cylinder is a flat disc that functions as a lampshade. The concealed LED light source sits just below it.

Bedside Table Lamp

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

If you want traditional home decor with charm, then this bedside table lamp with knitted shade is right up your alley. Meet the Granny, a cute light source that screams “grandmother’s home.” The bedside lamp has a round wood base, stem, and yarn shade that would be ideal in any mobile home to old house setting.

Reading Light

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

The Cocotte reading light was first designed by Serge Mouille in 1957. Today, it’s just as prominent and timeless. It has a slender, angled base and delicate stem, which offers lamp shade support. This is the right lamp for those with cluttered desk space.

The black exterior complements its white interior shade. Edgy and chic are the hallmark traits of this design, and you can find the whole thing in different colors and finishes.

Eccentric Lamp Shades

Modern bed frame and glass table lamp base

If you want something outside of the box, then a three-way cheese grater lamp would be the best lamp for you. The Cheese and Pepper lamp features an eccentric way of adding lighting to a room.

If you want nuance, look no further. You can also switch colors as the lamp is available in white, gray, yellow, blue, red, and neutral. And the lamp’s cord also comes in a variety of colors.

How To Clean A Bedside Reading Lamp

Just like any piece of furniture or home decor item, you want to keep your table lamps clean. Fortunately, there are many cheap DIY cleaning options available.

Remove Bulbs

Before you begin cleaning a table lamp, unplug it and unscrew the light bulbs. Failure to do so could cause permanent damage to your lights and sockets.


Most table lamps only require dusting once a week. You can remove dust with a feather brush or damp cloth.

Lamp Shades

When cleaning table lamps or ceiling lights, remove their shades. The reason why you want to do this is so you can clean the lamp’s bulbs and base.

With washable lamp shades, use hot soapy water. Wash and rinse, and then polish dry with a clean towel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is Flicker Elimination Technology?

Flicker elimination technology is a feature of a flicker free light. The technology indicates that a monitor doesn’t use PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) to control the display’s brightness.

How Can I Fix The Lampshade On My Reading Lamp?

If the lampshade for your reading lamp is broken, a quick remedy would be to use duct tape. The amount of damage the lampshade has incurred is an important factor. Depending on the location and size of the damage, duct tape may not be effective.

What Is The Best Wattage For A Reading Lamp?

The highest lumen level for a reading lamp depends on how you will use it. For example, a reading lamp requires 450 lumens or 40 watts. The wattage level is enough for reading as it provides the right amount of illumination and lighting.

How Tall Should Bedside Lamps Be?

A bedside lamp should be between 28 inches to 30 inches tall. Bedside lamps should appear big enough to provide light for your nightstand and bed, but it depends on your style. With tall headboards, the top of your lamp should be perpendicular to it. However, you can adjust bedside lamps according to your bedroom style.

How Do You Charge A Solar Bedside Lamp?

There are two charging methods for bedside solar lamps. You can use a 5V mobile charger or 5V DC power source. The solar lamp is equipped with an indicator light at its base. When the lamp is charging, the indicator light will remain red. You’ll know the lamp is fully charged when the indicator light turns white.

Best Bedside Lamp Conclusion

When looking for the best bedside lamps for your bedroom, you want the right reading lamp. You don’t want one that isn’t eye friendly. Before you buy one, make sure you can adjust their light modes. As you already know, a bedside lamp that doesn’t produce enough light would be a waste of money. If you have a child, instead of a bedside lamp, a night light would be better for their room.

A reading lamp would make for an excellent housewarming gift. Who wouldn’t like a reading light for their birthday? Also, when lighting a room, you want to keep your furniture in mind. You can find the best deals on lamps online, and they’ll have customer reviews for you to read.

Reading lamps are easily accessible and provide added style and lighting for a bedroom. With their touch function, you can control your room’s lighting easier than flipping a switch. The lights are also equipped with unique shades that complement your furniture pieces.