Rectangular Lighting Fixtures Add Geometric Dimension to Decor

The most common shape for lamps, shades and chandeliers is round or oval, but sometimes, those just won’t work well in a particular space. Sure, you could hang a line of round pendants, but loads of options for rectangular lighting fixtures are available. Choices range from glamorous, glitzy rectangular chandeliers to more rustic varieties, to lamps and funky lighting pieces that are sure to attract attention.


The space over a dining table is the easiest place to incorporate rectangular lighting. Chandeliers come in all sort of styles to match any type of vibe you want to create in your dining area. AB Home’s Avedon Chandelier has an understated matte black exterior and modest cutouts, but enough gold and crystal drops on the inside to provide a good bling factor.

AB Home rectangular shape chandelierView in gallery
It’s just modern enough to not be your typical chandelier.

For those who want serious glamour and glitz, this chandelier from Lavai is an especially posh example of rectangular lighting. The golden base anchors rows of clear or gold-embellished Murano glass leaves. They are so delicate looking and the fixture looks like they are growing from the luminous center.

Lavai Venetian Rectangular ChadelierView in gallery
This rectangular lighting is an example of exquisite Venetian glasswork.

Also glitzy, but much more modern, Light and Living has rectangular lighting that could work in a slightly less formal, more contemporary setting. The light is enhanced by the thick beveled glass rectangles that lend an air of heft to the fixture.  The rectangular shape would also be appropriate over a large square table as well.

Light and living rectangle chandelerView in gallery
Less detail in the glass give the fixture a more modern appearance.

IDL has rectangular lighting that presents a much slimmer profile. The frame has the appearance of woven metal and the interior sports just a select snubber of small rectangular drops that keep the fixture thin. A chandelier like this is perfect for a modern space as it does not have the frou-frou that is typical of more traditional, round chandeliers.

IDL rectangle strip lighting fixtureView in gallery
The company creates exclusive designs in Italy.

Paolo Castelli’s My Lamp Suspension Rectangular is a more avant-garde fixture, composed of a mass of Venetian borosilicate glass tubes. The simple glass forms create a complex fixture when grouped. The combination of simple tubes and an unembellished gold frame allows this piece of rectangular lighting to be used in almost any decor style.

The varying height of the tubes is really what gives the piece dimension.View in gallery
The varying height of the tubes is really what gives the piece dimension.

Similarly, this rectangular chandelier called Alto by CTL has a plain gold base, and the focus is on the glass pieces. The bulk of the fixture is composed of round glass circles in graduated sizes. The use of round discs instead of bulbs, drops or fuller forms is a very different treatment.

CTO Rectangle lighting fixturesView in gallery
The round forms are in direct contrast to the overall shape of this rectangular lighting.

All made from ceramic, Stylnove Ceramiche has some very amazing rectangular lighting fixtures, like this one. The seams and golden bolts are reminiscent of something industrial or ship-like. It’s a substantial piece that will dominate the dining space and is best paired with minimalist or clean-lined furnishings.

Stylnove Ceramiche Rectangle Lighting fixtureView in gallery
The natural, neutral color of the ceramic makes the fixture very versatile.
StyleNove Craftsmanship Rectangle DesignView in gallery
A closer look at the expert craftsmanship.

At the rustic end of the spectrum, a wide variety of options also exists for rectangular lighting. Bramble’s rectangular chandelier looks like it was fashioned from an upcycled crate or wooden storage box and features distressed wood. The rope-covered arms and natural colored base add to the rustic look of the fixture.  It is a good choice for a country chic space, or simply a casual space where a touch of the rustic is desired.

Bramble crate pendant with rustic designView in gallery
This is decidedly casual and rustic rectangular lighting.

Equally casual but a little more refined, Steven Shell’s version of rustic rectangular lighting features a crackle paint finish on the wood and a lattice frame. The bulbs inside are also old-fashioned. Together, these laments make for a rustic and chic lighting fixture. It could be a casual touch in a family dining area or in a sunroom. The cream color keeps it easy to adapt to an existing decor scheme.

Steven Shell Rectangle ChandelierView in gallery

Galvanized metal is a great material to include in a rustic room, especially when its used in a rectangular lighting fixture like this one from Go Home. The tub-like chandelier is illuminated by three old-fashioned bulbs that enhance the feel.

Something like this works best in a shabby chic or country chic style decor.View in gallery
Something like this works best in a shabby chic or country chic style decor.

These two chandeliers from Indus function as one large rectangular lighting fixture. The style is casual but a little more precise than the previous examples. The light emanating from the chandelier is cast downward on the table as well as filtering through the slatted frame.

Indus Themed Rectangle ChandeliersView in gallery
The chain link hangers add to the casual vibe.


Rectangular lighting fixtures can also be had as pendants in some cases.These can be long or small, and, as with other fixtures, can be of a modern or more conservative style. The thinner the profile of the fixture, the better suited it is to hang in multiples, like these from Inarchi. A modern, open-frame fixture features an LED strip along the bottom edge of the frame. The style of the design allows them to be joined into larger configurations.

Inarchi frame rectangle lightingView in gallery
The fixture is made of an aluminum frames with high-performance LEDs.

Inarchi also presents this slim, rectangular lighting fixture that is actually made of ultra-thin marble. The stone is cut with a water jet, and the veining in the stone is highlighted by the interior LED light source. The fixture is also available in the form of rectangular frame.

Inarchi light beam rectangleView in gallery
These are slim fixtures that emit a soft light, tempered by the tones of the marble.

This rectangular pendant from Go Home has a very different feel and a more substantial look. The old-fashioned lighting fixture is appropriate for a shabby chic, retro or eclectic living space.  It’s a distinctive light fixture that needs the right kind of decor to accompany it.

Go Home Rectangular Pendant lightView in gallery
This pendant is reminiscent of an old medical office or hospital.

Table Lamps

Another easy way to include a rectangular lighting fixture into a rooms decor is with a table lamp. The rectangular profile can be achieved with a rectangular base or with a rectangular shade — or both. This lamp by Alba is a grand example of a textured rectangular base paired with a standard round drum shade.  The geometry of the base dominates the overall look.

Alba Rectangular Table Lamps BaseView in gallery
The texture on the ceramic base adds to the interest.

Chelini’s table lamp has a mid-century modern feel thanks to the open box frame that supports the cube-shaped shade. Either alone or as a set, the rectangular lighting fixture casts light from the bottom as well as the top, and the bottom frame projects fascinating lines on the wall and surroundings.

Chellini rectangle lamp designView in gallery
This handsome table lamp would look great in a number of decor styles.

A similar design that looks a bit more modern is this one from Oly Studio. The open rectangular base is topped off with a textured resin cube. It is a mood light rather than a task light and adds color as well as illumination.

Oily Studio Rectangle table lampView in gallery
The Anni lamp is a charming accent light.

Another style of rectangular accent lighting are these vertical stick shapes by Contardi. They also are accent lighting rather than task lighting, but add a wonderful glow to room thanks to the geometric lines in the glass.

Contardi rectangular sticksView in gallery
The LED light source at the bottom illuminates the entire glass rectangle.

Laura Meroni designed this very modern, metal rectangular lighting fixture. The various brass planes creating the rectangular mental shade that sits atop a rectangular base come together in a very minimal and geometric table lamp. It is unusual and elegant at the same time, appropriate for a sophisticated space.

Laura Meroni designed modern lampView in gallery
The Table Lamp MA 20 is part of the Elements Collection.

A rectangular profile with a triangular shape, a linen-shaded table lamp from Revelations is modern and elegant and would be perfect for a living room where the lighting needs to be refined but unobtrusive. The gold and plexiglass base adds a small dose go glitz to the rectangular lighting fixture.

Revelations rectangle table lampView in gallery
This is an elegant and versatile fixture that is also a bit unusual.

Floor Lamps

If they aren’t round, then most shades on floor lamps are rectangular. The shape and profile makes them easy to use in the corners of rooms and alongside furniture, where light is generally most needed. Jeffa’s floor lamp is a rectangular lighting fixture the features a base as well as a shade in the same shape.  The trunk-like pieces that form the base give the lamp a natural feel.

Jeffa wood rectangle floor lampView in gallery
A floor lamp with a natural feel works well in a more casual space.

UMA’s metal base has a similar construction as the wooden floor lamp, but this rectangular lighting fixture gets its profile from the shade, even though the base is of the same shape. The metal fixture is more polished than the rustic wood version.

UMA rectangle floorlampView in gallery
The metal fixture is a very versatile one.

The vertical style of this rectangular floor lamp from the Phillips Collection is very different — and very glitzy. The heavy, angular crystal pieces, all edged in metal lend a more substantial feel to the piece. Called the Vermeer, it is a really glamorous piece and while it would be perfect in a living room, it would really make a luxe bedroom extra special.

Philips Collection Rectangle floor lampView in gallery
This is particularly nice in silver.

Designs that Defy Categorization

Rectangular lighting fixtures lend themselves to designs that go far beyond the norm when it comes to shapes and leading-edge designs. They can be funky, colorful, weird or elegant. It’s an opportunity to have a little fun with your lighting decor scheme. These fixtures from Design Heure add color, shine and fun to any room. The rounded rectangles are wide and modern.

Design Heure Geometric Rectangular Pendant LampView in gallery
These are from the company’s Eau de Lumiere collection.

For a futuristic look, the Graffiti fixture by Kazuhiro Yamanaka fits the bill.  A slim rectangular body housing the light source is punctuated by wires that look like them have been scribbled in the air. The extensions accent the light and add dimension to a wide-open space.

Graffiti fixture by Kazuhiro Yamanaka FuturisticView in gallery
The Japanese-born designer collaborated with many global brands.

A real novelty, this thin, rectangular lighting fixture from Quasar is a suspension light the features a real film strip around the edge. Named “Still Moving,” it casts light downward but also illuminates the film strip, adding another visual dimension to the fixture. It’s a really fun piece that’s perfect for a film buff!

Rectangular lighting fixture from QuasarView in gallery
The slim fixture puts out a good amount of light.
rectangular lighting fixture from Quasar Film StripView in gallery
A closer look at the frames of the film strip.

Quasar’s Ruby fixture is a rectangular lighting fixture for the wall. Designed to be displayed vertically, it could also be installed horizontally. The play on the link and chain design allows it to have the light come out of the sides of the pieces as well as the front. It’s like a piece of jewelry for your wall.

Quasar wall rectangular lampView in gallery
The colors of the glass can be customized.

Like slices of ice, these rectangles of light by Serip glow from an internal LED light source at the base. Hung in an artful grouping, these are a spectacular arrangement and could be used to fill any space, round or otherwise. The texture in the glass, as well as on the metal base, are a n interesting counterpoint to the sever rectangular shape.

Serip rectangular hanging lampsView in gallery
These bring to mind ice shards.

Ok, so it might be a stretch to call these wall lights from AxoLight rectangular, but they do have the general shape, even though they support rounded corners. The array of spare lights and the variety of directions the light is pointed make for lovely wall display. We could see these accenting a long hallway, casting light in all directions.

AxoLight rectangular wall lampView in gallery
These are modern and their shape makes them endlessly versatile.