Glass Dining Tables – Looking Light And Stylish No Matter What

Why would someone choose to have a glass dining table in their home you ask? Well, for lots of different reasons. Let’s start with the obvious: the fast that glass when transparent is excellent for small spaces. It allows the room to look bright, open and spacious and it doesn’t obstruct the decor in any way. Then there’s also the fact that glass looks delicate and lightweight even though it’s actually quite heavy and surprisingly strong. Another reason can be the design of the table itself which might make the most of this material’s qualities in an interesting and eye-catching way. The following glass dining tables can help you visualize these details and much more.

Glass italia Lady Hio rectangular Glass dining TableView in gallery

Round Glass Dining Table from Glass Italy Lady HioView in gallery

In the case of the Lady Hio tables designed by Philippe Starck and S. Schito the legs are the eye-catching element. The tables come in transparent colors such as yellow cedar, warm gray and pinky orange and their tops can be rectangular or round. The legs are made of blown glass with metal hardware and they make the tables look lightweight.

Shimmer Tavoli Glass Italya Dining Table CollectionView in gallery

The Shimmer tables are part of a very special series designed by Patricia Urquiola. The collection includes a range of small and large tables all defined by an iridescent multi-chromatic finish. The color of the table changes depending on the angle at which the touches as well as the point where the viewer stands. They’re available in frosted of transparent glass and they’re meant to stand out, being excellent statement pieces

Rock Round glass top dining tableView in gallery

The round glass top of the Rock dining table contrasts with the base which is made of wood and has a robust and faceted form. The base is inspired by the irregular nature of rocks which also inspired the name. Each table is handmade this ensuring the uniqueness of each piece.

Hauema Round Glass Top Dining Table Massimo CastagnaView in gallery

Massino Castagna designed a very elegant dining table called Haumea-T. It’s a table that has a 15 mm transparent glass top and a cylindrical wooden base with a very smooth finish and either a black or rust lacquered finish. There’s a very nice continuity between the base and the top and it has to do with the presence of a removable tray which sits at the center. It coordinates with the top layers of the base in a very natural manner.

Bross italy Beleos Glass top Dining TableView in gallery

The combination of wood and glass is not exactly special. As always, it’s all in the details and the way in which these two materials complement each other. This is what makes a dining table special. This one, for example, is designed by Giulio Iacchetti and what we love about it is how slick and lightweight the composition is and how the wood, although not used in big proportions, impregnate its warmth onto the whole design.

Porada Glass Top Infinity Dining TableView in gallery

The Infinity table by S. Gigi is definitely the type to stand out. Its top is made of transparent glass and offers a full view of the base which is made of solid canaletta walnut and sits on a metal disc. The base has this artistic and sculptural design which turns it into the focal point of the table and the entire dining setting.

Reflex Glass Top Round Dining TableView in gallery

There are tables, such as Fili d’Erba for example, that not only have a top made of glass but a base crafted from the same material as well. This table’s Murano glass base is available in a variety of different colors such as frosted blue, turquoise, white, black or grey while the top is always transparent.

Aenigma Reflex Glass Top Dining Table Round ShapeView in gallery

The base of the Aenigma table has a continuous and fluid form with curves that soften the look of metal. It can be made of shiny copper or shiny black nickel but there’s also a version is antiqued dark brass. The top is made of 15 mm thick transparent glass.

Porada Dual Infinity Base for Rectangular Glass Top Dining TableView in gallery

Although we appreciate round tables for the way they bring people together, there’s also something really beautiful about rectangular table tops. In the case of the Porada Infinity table, the beauty comes from the connection between the top and the sculptural double base. It looks almost as if the glass top hovers over the two wooden bases, that’s how delicate and lightweight it seems.

Rectangular dining table with glass top and gold frameView in gallery

As the previous examples showed, there’s no standard to follow when designing a glass dining table. The designs are very diversified and each one has its own way of standing out. This particular table, for instance, has this highly glamorous look given by all the gold.

Walnut frame glass top dining table rectangular shapeView in gallery

A lot of times when the desire is to make a table look lightweight, the top is made of glass only. In contrast, this table has a glass top surrounded by a frame that runs along its edges. It still looks lightweight but it also has an enhanced sense of durability.

Glass top rectangular dining table with a contemporary black baseView in gallery

It’s a good idea to choose a glass top dining table if you plan on surrounding it by high-back chairs or armchairs that look solid and robust. This way the ensemble will be well-balanced and nicely proportioned.

Full glass rectangular dining table with curved legsView in gallery

Tables made entirely of glass are quite rare. We have one right here. It’s quite difficult to spot it, especially when surrounded by rich colors and patterns.

Expandable glass top dining table rectangular shapeView in gallery

A dining table with a glass top also allows the area tug to stand out instead of being almost completely covered up by all the furniture. You could turn the rug into a focal point for the space.

Round glass top dining table with a chromed contemporary baseView in gallery

A table that has a glass top, whether it’s round, square or rectangular, allows the chairs placed around the table to be more visible, hence to stand out more.

Chromed base glass top dining tableView in gallery

Obviously, it’s also possible for a glass table maintain a lightweight and open look even when it’s surrounded by robust furniture or covered in centerpieces and decorations.