The Many Glamorous Faces Of Glass Top Coffee Tables

There are quite a few reasons to prefer a glass top coffee table instead of a different type and these reasons have to do with things like looks, visual impact as well as versatility. A coffee table with a glass top can blend in more easily whereas one with a solid wooden top, for example, needs to be coordinated with something else in order to become part of the decor. At the same time, a glass top offers the impression of more space in the room which is a useful when you have a small footprint home.

Alwa one big casted glass top
alwa one big casted glass top coffee table

Alwa One Big is a table that truly celebrates glass and its unique particularities. As you can see, it has a thick glass top with bubbles and streaks and these details are characteristics of handmade glass and not imperfections. These details make each table unique and special. Also, each table top features slight variations of color, also related to the manufacturing technique. The table is designed by Sebastian Herkner.

Parobol Glass top coffee table design

The glass top is not meant to be the center of attention in the case of the Parobol table. The top is actually meant to be as simple and as transparent as possible in order to highlight the sculptural beauty of the base. The base is made from thermo-formed Corian and the glass top touches it in three small points, appearing to be floating.

Geometrical gold base coffee table with glass top

A classical combination is that of glass and metal. The two materials combined complement each other in a unique way, creating very sleek and delicate designs. This is a nice example showing how striking a series of clean geometric forms can be.

Industrial black wire base coffee table with glass top

Similarly, this set of tables highlights the similarities between glass and metal, both being strong and durable but also able to look very delicate and elegant. Consider either of these tables for a modern or eclectic interior or even for a patio or garden setting.

Square gold base coffee table with glass top

The thin metal frame is meant in this case to be as sleek and delicate as possible in order to allow the table to keep its transparent and minimalistic look. At the same time, the golden accents coordinate with other accents in the decor, creating a glamorous ambiance.

Atom base coffee table with glass top

Speaking of glamorous settings, a stylish coffee table like this one can easily become the focal point of any living room. The sculptural base is the main attraction of the design and the round glass top reveals its wonderful geometry allowing it to be admired from every angle.

Chrome coffee table with glass top

A glass coffee table is a suitable option for small living rooms. It can offer function and style without making the room appear smaller than it is. At the same time, this particular design also offers useful storage for books and other accessories.

Glass cubes coffee table

Clean and simple forms such as this one are preferred in modern and contemporary interiors.  The crispness of the design is refreshing and this puts the focus on smaller details and accents. In this particular case, although the design is very simple and transparent, there’s also a little bit of mystery to it.

woman woodworker coffee table

In a lot of cases the glass top is chosen in order to avoid concealing a beautiful and eye-catching base. This one has sinuous and elegant lines which depict an organic form complemented by a contrasting rectangular top.

Wood legs and top glass coffee table

Similarly, this is a coffee table with a visually intriguing base and the glass top doesn’t hide that but actually emphasizes it. It’s a very interesting version of a tripid base, transformed to look fluid and continuous.

Glass top coffee table with walnut legs

This is the smaller version of the coffee table presented above. It has a very similar design which has been adapted to its size. It’s a wonderful side table with a lot of character and unique charm.

Glass top coffee table with a unique base

In addition to having a transparent glass top which completely exposes the sculptural frame of the table, this design also features a solid round base designed to act as a backdrop for the central portion and to make it stand out through visual contrast regardless of the color and type of surface on which the table is placed.

Gold Copper base coffee table with glass top

On the other hand, this table doesn’t need any special circumstances to stand out and to become a focal point for the space. Its sinuous metal base has an apparently random shape and the glass top puts it all on display.

Objekto glass coffee

This is actually a really great pairing between a sleek and minimalistic metal frame and a clear round top made of glass. They’re both delicate in their own way and they complement each other wonderfully.

Wyatt wood base and glass top tables

But not all glass table tops are meant to highlight a very sleek and delicate base. Some are actually used to make the tables look more lightweight and less robust, contrasting with their solid wooden frames in a way similar to these two. It’s a simple and very effective combo.