Cute And Cuddly Felt Christmas Trees And Other Ornaments

Some projects are just too cute to ignore. I mean, how can you resist these cuddly little faces and these cute little Christmas trees with their tiny branches and felted bodies? Decorations such as these ones will definitely put a smile or everyone’s face making Christmas a holiday full of joy and cheer. We’re not saying that you should put up a felt Christmas tree instead of a real one although that could be an interesting option. Just find a place worthy of these unique decorations.

Cute Felt Christmas Trees

We’ll start with this collection of cuddly felt characters. One of them is a Christmas tree and its friends are the reindeer, elf and Santa. You can find out how to craft each one of them by following the tutorials on Homanathome. For the felt Christmas tree you’ll need some yarn, small pom poms, green felt, yellow felt, a glue gun and scissors.

Small Felt Trees with Buttons

The tree ornaments featured on Buddlycrafts are really cute too. They’re made of green and brown felt and they’re decorated with colored buttons that look like ornaments. You can either hang these in your actual Christmas tree or insert a craft stick or skewer into the base of the trees and then into a large wooden bead or sewing bobbin.

Display Felt Christmas Trees on Wall

You can decide how to display the felt Christmas tree featured on Thenerdswife later. For now, let’s see how you can craft something just like this. You’ll need light green, white, red, orange, yellow, blue and dark green felt and scissors. You can also use glue although it would also be fun to turn this into a project for the kids and let them redecorate the trees as many times as they want.

Green Felt Christmas Tree

A felt Christmas tree could also become a centerpiece or simply serve as a freestanding decoration which you can display on your table, nightstand or mantel. In any case, you’ll need a cone on which to glue all the felt leaves and you can make that out of cardboard or just use a foam cone. Combine light and dark green leaves for a bit of diversity and add a yellow felt star at the top. {found on georginagiles}.

Decorative Felt Christmas Trees

If your sewing machine has decorative stitch patterns you can have a lot of fun when crafting decorations like these felt Christmas trees described on Leighlaurelstudios. The project is quite simple and requires a few things like green and brown wool felt, white thread, fusible interface, trim and fabric glue. Follow the tutorial to create your own lovely tree ornaments.

Mini Christmas Trees from Felt

We also found this lovely tutorial showing how to make mini Christmas trees out of felt and cotton filling. Check out Onelmon for all the details. You don’t need a sewing machine for this project. You can just use e needle and thread. Cut some green felt according to the template and then fold the triangular sides and stitch the sides together. Put some filling inside and sew a felt star on top.

Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

The felt trees featured on littlehouseoffour can be displayed as decorations on the desk or mantel and they have a really nice rustic look. Thhe trunk and base of the tree is made of wood slices and a stick and the tree itself is made of felt. The felt is attached to the stick using a hot glue gun. You can make them as tall or as large as you want and in any color you prefer.

cute little Christmas tree brooch decor

For yourself, you could make a cute little Christmas tree brooch just like the one on Wildolive. To make it, you need wood felt in light green and brown, embroidery floss, a safety pin, some craft glue and scissors. Cut out three layers of green felt and a back layer out of brown felt. Glue the green pieces onto the back piece and add the safety pin on the back.

Colorful Decorative Felt Christmas Tree ornaments

How cute would it be to decorate your Christmas tree with miniature felt versions of itself? You don’t have to spend a lot of time with the little details. Just cut out two tree shapes out of felt and stitch their edges together and don’t forget to add some filling. You can make a bunch of these using different colors. {found on thecraftedblog}.

Cute Christmas Tree ornaments from Felt

To make a layered Christmas tree ornament like the one on Themagiconions you’re going to need felt in lots of different colors. Cut the felt into increasingly smaller circles and then stack them and thread them together. Add a little bell on top and hang your ornament.

Decorate the Christmas tree with Felt ornaments

A similar project is featured on Craftandcreativity except that in this case the felt is cut into squares of different colors and then stacked at various angles to get a full effect. A button is placed at the top. You can combine any colors you want and use them to create an ombre effect or simply to make your tiny tree ornament stand out and look quirky.

Felt and pinecone Christmas Tree Decoration

Speaking of quirky and cute, check out this adorable gnome ornament that we found on Themagiconions. It looks quite complicated but the project is in fact really simply. All you need is a small pinecone, three white felt balls for the hands and head, a small red pom pom for the hat, some green wool felt and a tiny button for the scarf. Roll the felt into a cone and sew it to make the hat ad then glue the other elements together.

Felt wool and pine cone christmas Tree

Since we mentioned pine cones just now, let’s also have a look at another cute project from the same source. For this one a large pine cone is required. Basically the cone will get all these colored felt balls glued onto it and this will make it look like a miniature Christmas tree all dressed up for the celebrations. {found on themagiconions}.

Felt pinecones christmas Tree decor

You can also find something related on Craftsncoffee. It’s a pine cone made of felt and it actually looks quite interesting. To make something like this you’re going to need styrofoam eggs, green and cream felt, ribbon, craft glue and scissors and pins. Cut out a bunch of felt scaled and attach them to the foam egg. Make sure you glue them in a symmetric way. Put some ribbon on top so you can hang the cone.

Acorn felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

The felted acorns featured on Themagiconions are quirky and cute too and they’re made using real acorn caps. In addition to those, the project also requires colored felt balls, thin hemp string, glue and scissors Drill a small hole in each cap and make sure the felt ball fits snugly inside. Then thread a hemp loop through the hole and glue the felt inside.

Adorbale diy felt christmas tree decoration ideas

Yes, we know fir trees don’t have colorful flowers like these ones but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some to make it look pretty. The flowers are made of felt and they have a really rich texture. To find out how to make them, check the tutorial on Themagiconions. You need wool felt, hemp string, scissors and glue.

Felt Ice Skate Christmas Ornament

You can make all sorts of cute and interesting things out of felt. For example, make some ice skate ornaments to display in your Christmas tree this year. You’ll need a template, some off-white felt, gray and black felt scraps, black and white embroidery floss, some stuffing and hot glue. You cut out all the pieces, glue them together and then sew the edges together. Don’t forget the stuffing. {found on swoodsonsays}.

Christmas Ornaments upcycled

Rather than using downloaded templates for your ornaments you could use your festive cookie cutters if you have any. Usually these can be shaped like Christmas trees, stars, reindeer, snowflakes and snowmen. You can use these as templates to draw on the felt and then cut it to make decorations for your home. {found on pillarboxblue}.

Felt ball wreath

For this project on Thecasualcraftlete you can either purchase some felt balls or make them yourself. You’ll be using these to make mini wreaths which you can then display in your Christmas tree. You’ll need felt balls or pom poms, twine or embroidery thread, a large needle and ribbon.

Felt snowball garland

Felt balls can also be used to make a snowball garland like the one we found on Liagriffith. You need wool felt, a felting needle and white thread. Form the balls and then string them onto some thread and space them out evenly.

Colorful Felt Christmas Garland

You could also make a garland out of lots of felt strips. Get some felt in different colors, cut it into strips and then tie them all on a piece of twine. Alternate the angle at which you tie them so you get a full garland. Also, combine the colors however you want. You can display them in sections or just mix them up randomly. {found on tellloveandparty}.

Felt Penguin Ornament

Don’t you love penguins? They look so cute and they love snow. Perhaps you could use them as inspiration for one of your Christmas decorations. There’s this tutorial on can use on Handmadeintheheartland. It requires a penguin pattern, stuffing, white, gray and yellow felt, embroidery floss, ribbon and pink paint and a paintbrush for the penguin’s cheeks.