A Trip Into The World Of Stylish Dining Tables

If you would have to design a new dining room right now, what kind of table would you choose for it? The question is not as simple as it may seem. The world of dining table is not reduced to just the usual types with rectangular tops and wooden legs. Dining room tables come in a wide variety of designs, styles, sizes, colors and finishes and they each have a set of unique characteristics that makes them special. If you’re still set on the standard look, perhaps one of the following designs can change your mind.

Dining tables with rectangular tops

Dining table with crossover legs

This is the most common type of dining table. The rectangular top is very versatile and highly practical in most homes and environments.

Black minimalist dining table decorated with copper bowls

Rectangular dining tables are particularly practical in rooms that are long and narrow. They suit this sort of layout without making the room seem even smaller.

Dining table with Ghost chairs in brown

There are many different ways in which to decorate around a rectangular dining table. For example, add a rectangular area rug under it to highlight the geometry.

Clean white table top design

The clean lines and straight angles of a table with a rectangular top can seem a bit harsh in some cases. You can soften the look with a collection of chairs that have delicate curves and smooth lines.

Muuto dining table

Similarly, decorate the dining space with spherical or rounded lighting fixtures. This trio of pendant lamps also looks interesting thanks to their bright color.

Natural color wood dining table

The balance is really nice here between the table and the chairs. The table has a rectangular top while the chairs have curved back and armrests. Also, there’s a nice contrast of light and dark tones.

Large rectangular dining table for big families

The length of a dining table can differ quite a bit from model to model. This one, for example, looks really sleek and thanks to its long and narrow top.

Large dining table with diff chairs in black

In this case, there’s a nice dialogue between the top of the table and the chair frames as well as between the table base and the chair seats. Then there’s also the contrast between the two types of dining chairs.

Black rectangular dining table with velvet chairs

A rectangular top dining table is a good option for a traditional home or if you want to create a more formal atmosphere. You could choose to match the table to some of the other furniture pieces or decorations.

How to decorate a dining table

Use table runners to either emphasize the length of the dining table or to make it look smaller and more cozy and comfortable by placing them horizontally along the width of the table.

microloft resource table

Complement a rectangular dining table with benches. Or perhaps you’d prefer to have a bench on one side of the table while the other side features individual chairs.

Wood top dining table with wire base and curved corners

The harsh and sober look of a rectangular top table can be softened by rounded corners. This little details can greatly change the overall look of this basic piece of furniture.

Traditional farm dining table with marble on top and large legs

Pick the dining table based on the style of your home and the overall design and decor of the room you want to place it in. Need something traditional? How about something like this?

Industrial dining table with bench setting

You can also make a dining table seem less formal despite its shape and design by complementing it with comfortable seating. For example, an upholstered bench or a small sofa could be an interesting choice.

Irregular dining table with marble on top

In some cases the design can deviate a little bit from its core concept. So, for example, a rectangular table can have a slightly curved top and its shape can be emphasized by the color, finish or material used.

Traditional dining table with leather tufted chairs

Instead of the standard dining chairs perhaps something a bit more comfortable and sophisticated could make a simple table stand out.

Tufted chairs dining table

There’s a lot going on here despite the simplicity of the decor. The table’s rectangular top is complemented by a matching light fixture as well as by the framed mirror casually leaning against the wall.

Expandable dining tables

Calligaris Expandabe dining table

You never know when you’re going to need extra seats at the dining table so having one that can expand would come in very handy. It’s good to always be prepared.

Calligaris dining table in wood

There are various different styles for expandable dining tables. The drop leaf models are quite common. Others are a bit more complex.

Wood dining table base with marble on top

Most expandable tables would drastically change their look and size in just a few minutes or even less. It all depends on the system used for the design.

metalic base dining long dining table

The sides of this table drop down when not needed, allowing the table to become smaller, more compact and to occupy less floor space.

Slim dining table with transparent base

Some table models only expand on one side. This means you can permanently position them in a corner or close to a wall and simply raise the extra side portion when needed without having to move the table.

Dining table can be used outdoor

You can usually recognize an expandable dining table by its puzzle-like design. The top is made of up two or more pieces. However, that’s not always a clear sign that the table is expandable.

Unfinished dining table top

Expandable dining tables are particularly practical in the case of small homes. Also, they can be multifunctional and double as desks or even console tables when in their compact form.

Oval dining tables

Calligaris Round Dining Table With Igloo Chairs

A dining table with an oval top is interesting for several reasons. First of all, such designs are not very common. Also, their designs are usually sleek and elegant.

Oval dining table from Marble

Apart from the aesthetic criteria, there’s no functional reason to choose an oval table over a rectangular one. They’re not more practical or noticeably more space-efficient.

Oval dining table with a modern twist

It is however true that the soft edges of an oval dining table can make the room seem less formal without necessarily making it look less elegant.

Round oval dining table

This table is actually somewhere in between oval and rectangular. It doesn’t have that elongated shape others do but its edges are curved and smooth, making it look really cute.

Large oval dining table

Apart from the actual shape of the top, this table has something else that makes it stand out. The slit at the center gives it a mysterious and intriguing look.

oval Discalsa dining table with induction cooktop

Both oval and round tables are better at making everyone feel comfortable than rectangular tables. They bring people together more easily through their designs.

Glass top dining

Highlight the beautiful shape of an oval dining table with a matching area rug that defines the area. They can also dialogue through color or they can complement each other harmoniously.

Oval dining table with marble on top

There’s a nice dialogue here between the marble table top and the upholstered dining chairs. Further more, the oval shape of the table is complemented by the design of the chairs.

White Irregular dining table from porcelain

There are many ways to make a table with an interesting shape stand out. For example, make it contrast with its surroundings. The color can be a good criteria that allows you to do that.

Round dining tables

Round Wenge dining table with white chairs

Round dining tables are the best at making everyone feel cozy and comfortable. They allow everyone to face each other and this way a more friendly ambiance is created.

Round dining table with a tree inside

This is a really interesting table design. It appears that the base is a large planter and there’s a small tree at the center, growing through the round top.

Round solid dining table top with a gold branch base

The beautiful round top of this dining table is highlighted by a lovely radiant pattern. It seems like a nice play of light and shadow.

Round dining table with bold chairs

Round dining tables are usually pretty small compared to rectangular ones which can sit a lot of people. In the case of round tables the focus in on comfort.

small mid century round dining table paired with geometric chairs

A round table for four can comfortably fit even in a very small room. Sure, round tops aren’t the most practical or space-efficient but they compensate in other ways.

Simple round dining table with cool armchairs

As with all the other types of tables, it can be interesting to complement a round one with chairs that also have round seats or curved designs.

Unique dining table with a round design and diff chairs

Similarly, choose to display a spherical or round light fixture above the table to emphasize their matching designs and shapes.

Round small marble dining table in gray

There are plenty of round dining tables that are also large. Some can sit up to 10 people. Of course, such a table would require a pretty spacious room to fit in.

Decorate the dining table with small statues

You might be tempted to squeeze more chairs than would normally fit around a round dining table. Leave enough space between them and keep in mind that the top is not that spacious either so everyone needs a good amount of personal space to feel comfortable.

round dining table with bend base

There’s a number of accessories that are meant to complement this round table. The wall art and light fixtures are the two most notable ones.

Colorful chairs for dining table

If you want the atmosphere in the dining room to be cozy, friendly and casual, a round table is a good choice. Consider placing chairs of different colors or with different designs around it to make the decor more playful.

Marble on top dining table with rectangular legs from wood

In fact, that’s a good idea regardless of what type of table you opt for. For example, you could put together classical, vintage, sculptural and modern chairs and even some stools and armchairs.

Round dining table with a big base

The round glass top of this table is meant to put an emphasis on the sculptural design of the base. Its transparency allows the design to be admired from all angles.

White dining table with an interesting base

It’s hard to decide what’s the detail that makes this table so unusual. The tripod base is quite unusual, especially since it’s attached to the outer edge of the round top. Also, the twisted legs are not any less striking either.

Robust black dining table

This robust and solid table looks a little bit like a chess piece, especially in this context, surrounded by these matching stools. It’s a really interesting and elegant look.

Marble round dining table with lazy susan built in

This is a table with a double top. It actually has a raised platform at the center and that’s where you could place a centerpiece or gather the things you don’t want on the eating surface.

Wood dining tables

wood dining table with bench setting and swivel chairs - all with chrome base

Material is just as important as size or shape when it comes to a table. The right material can definitely set the right mood or create the right type of decor for the room.

Live Edge Dining Table

A wood dining table has the potential to add warmth and elegance to the room. Live edge tables are especially charming that way and this one is a wonderful example.

Calligaris Dining table with chairs

Whether the table is made of solid wood or given the impression of being built this way it makes little importance in terms of looks, especially if you also choose to match it to a cabinet or another piece of furniture.

Rectangular dining table with wood on top and metallic base

We love the simplicity of this wooden table. It has a simple solid top and a sleek base that provides stability while also being practical and comfortable, allowing plenty of leg room under the top.

walnut dining table with cuverd lines

Each wooden table is unique just like each tree is a one-of-a-kind specimen. This is one of the details that make wood furniture in general so popular and so timeless.

decorate the dining area with patterns

Match the table to the floor to establish a sense of cohesiveness in the room. After that, you can find lots of other ways to mix and match things for a harmonious look.

Solid Wood Dining table Perfect for Farm House

Some dining tables are designed to celebrate the material they’re made of. This one, for example, emphasizes all the unique and beautiful things usually associated with wood such as the grain, the color, texture and warmth.

Large dining table used also for meeting

Although this table doesn’t have a thick and solid wooden top, it still manages to capture the beauty and charm of the material. The thin and sleek top allows it to look lightweight and less bulky.

Walnut dining table for large families

Bring out the beauty and natural color of the wood by using it in combination with something contrasting in a way similar to how this table uses black to highlight the wood’s beautiful grain.

netthouse table set

Tables like this one definitely have a strong rustic vibe. It has to do with their elegant roughness, the coloring, finish and the design as a whole. Given the right context, such a design can really shine.

Large wood rectangular dining table with diff style chairs

On the other hand, designs like this one are better suited for modern environments. We love it how each chair has a different color and how their designs are also slightly diversified.

Reclaimed wood dining table

Certain combinations of materials are better suited for specific styles. The wood and metal combo, for instance, is perfect for industrial space although it can also look lovely in a rustic or modern room.

andTradition dining table design

The red and black really bring out the beautiful honey color of the wood so perhaps you can let this decor inspire you when decorating your own dining room.

Solid wood top dining table for large families

Adequate lighting can have a similar effect. In fact, lighting is very important in general when in comes to dining rooms. Large chandeliers or sets of pendant lights are preferred for this space.

Geometric white dining table base with wood on top

The simple but sculptural and eye-catching base of this dining table gives it a really interesting and striking look. Moreover, the combination of colors and materials adds even more charm to the design.

Wood dining topt with metalic insertions

That’s a pretty bold and interesting design as well. Although the pattern is not exactly to die for, it does make the table stand out in a subtle but still strong manner.

Industrial metalic base dining table

Try to find the balance between the warm and cool color tones and all the materials used in a room. A wood dining table could be paired with metal chairs and a mixture of colors from both sides of the spectrum.

Marble dining tables

Marble small round dining table

Marble is a material with lots of unique characteristics. It’s very appreciated for its antibacterial composition, being used in kitchens in bathrooms. This detail also makes it a good choice for dining tables.

Brown Lenzi Marble Dining Table

A marble top dining table would stand out regardless of the style and decor of the room you place it in. So it could be a good idea to keep everything else around it simple and neutral.

Lenzi Strong Marble Dining Table

For this table, the top isn’t the only part made of marble. This is a full marble dining table with a simple and modern design. Its light coloring keeps the room bright and airy.

Round String White and Gray Dining Table

There are many different types of marble, each one with its own set of unique and special characteristics. Although there are some very expensive types, a lot of them are actually very affordable.

Grey concrete dining table top

Keep in mind that marble tables and counters need to be regularly treated for a good maintenance in order to make sure they look just as beautiful after years of use.

Big oval dining table with diff chairs

One of the key features of a marble dining table is the unique pattern of the veins and the natural coloring. These elements allow the table to become a focal point for the room.

round dining table with brown marble

As with any material, there are both advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration when choosing a marble top dining table. For example, marble scratches easier than other materials.

Brown marble dining table for large families

You also need to keep in mind that marble stains easily, especially if not treated properly. This is important for a dining table but a darker color or a richer pattern can conceal better conceal the stains.

Expandable dining table with marble top

It’s an interesting idea to pick a more unusual material or color for a dining table that’s not particularly large or doesn’t stand out in any other way.


Play with contrasts to emphasize certain elements such as the natural beauty of a marble top. This table, for example, has a black frame which is an elegant touch.

Brown marble dinig table with chrome base

Marble isn’t the only material that features the characteristics described so far. Other similar options include granite or quartz.

Small dining tables

irregular dining table in black

The size of the dining table needs to be just right for the space. A table that’s to small or too large would make the space feel cramped or incomplete. Don’t feel discouraged if you have a tiny dining area. There are plenty of stylish options for small dining tables.

Small rectangular dining table with diff chairs

By small we mean a table that can sit anywhere between two to six people. If you prefer a modular and flexible approach, you can put together two square dining tables for two to get a larger rectangular one when needed.

Poliform dining set

This would actually be a medium table although in certain contexts it would seem pretty small. It has a simple and chic design which is also referenced  in the design of the dining chairs.

Beautiful dining table with lighting fixture above

If you choose a small dining table to save space in the room, then you should also get chairs that match. Perhaps you’d enjoy using some comfy stools or some classical one-piece chairs.

Modern dining tables

Dining area with yellow pops

Modern is a relative term which has to do with a lot of different things. A modern dining table is usually characterized by simplicity and sophistication and these can be achieved in lots of eye-catching ways.

Copper pendant lights over dining table

Apart from the conceptual simplicity of a modern dining table, there’s always something that makes it stand out. In this case is the black and shiny finish which let the top reflects the ceiling and everything on it.

Solid wood dining top and glass base - Annie Chairs from Calligaris

Another elegant example is this table which has a thick and solid top and a base made of glass. This makes it look lightweight and even makes it seem to hover.

Gold Base Dining Table Irregular Top

Sometimes a slight inconsistence in the design can be the detail that puts the design over the top. That’s why we find this table so interesting. It’s a regular table just like all the others except for that one curved edge.

Contemporary dining table in black with turquoise accents

This has a table that looks pretty high-tech and this makes it suitable for a specific type of decors. Also, the look also allows the table to fit nicely in a home office or a meeting room.

Mark Jupiter table

The fact that this table has a pedestal base instead of the usual four legs gives it a distinctively elegant and stylish look. Further more, the combination of materials is a modern and versatile one.

Chrome base dining table with live edge on top

A lot of modern tables actually distance themselves from the classical four leg structure. This one, for example, is supported by two sleek structures made of stainless steel.

Polk Mob Dining Table

A similar design is also featured by this table but in this case the look is different due to the choice of materials and finishes. This is a table that’s meant to look robust and solid.

Romanian Designer dining table

We now return to pedestal table to admire once more their elegance. We enjoy the symmetry of this table and also the combination of matte black and shiny gold.

Gold inserts dining table - Materia

Everything about this table is simple and yet it looks really eye-catching thanks to its subtle charm and the uniqueness of the live-edge top.

Crossover metalic dining table base

A lot of modern dining tables are designed with sculptural bases. Their intricacy is complemented by a very simple top and this way a nice balance is established.

Copper base large dining table

This table is intriguing in a whole different way. Instead of getting rid of the usual four legs and opting for something simpler, this table actually has lots of thin legs all gathered in a rectangular shape at the center.

MaxDivan dining set

There are also some really interesting variations of the classical dining table. This design for example has a simple wooden top supported by four robust and sculptural legs.

Erath Tones marble dining table

When searching for a modern dining table, you could also look for something unexpected like an unusual combination of materials, a bold color or an interesting pattern.

Glass dining tables

Expandable glass dining top

Glass is a tricky material when it comes to tables and furniture in general. You can either love it or hate it. In any case, there are a few advantages that anyone has to recognize.

Glass dining top table

For example, a glass top dining table never overwhelms the room regardless of how big it is. That means you can make the most of a small dining room with a glass table.

Marble dining table with black base and green chairs

Also, a table with a transparent glass top emphasizes the base more than other models. That means that you could look for a table with a really interesting design, something like this.

Modern Glass dining table top

A dining table with a glass top maintains a spacious and airy ambiance in the room. This makes such a table a good option for a small room. Of course, you can also make this table the focal point of a spacious or open dining area.

Acrylic dining table in round shape

Not all glass tables are modern and minimalist. In fact, glass furniture is quite traditional at its core. This is a detailed design that celebrates the delicacy and fragility of glass.