Quirky And Attractive Tripod Floor Lamp Designs

Finding that unique floor lamp which can complete the interior design of your home and make everything come together perfectly takes dedication and a lot of research. With so many different designs and styles to choose from, this takes become more difficult with each day that passes. It’s why finding a good starting point is a wise option. Today we propose tripod floor lamps. They’re interesting, versatile and come in a wide range of styles.

Cliff tripod floor lamp

The Cliff lamp has a mid-century modern design that allows it to combine elegance and simplicity is a very beautiful way. It’s made of unfinished brass and powder-coated aluminum. The light bulb is set at the top and is completely exposed.

Mid century inspired tripod floor lamp

Most tripod floor lamps, however, feature lampshades that offer them a chic look and influence their overall design drastically. We found this one on Etsy. It has a white linen shade and a wooden tripod base and it’s the type of lamp one would expect to see in a traditional living room or study.

Versatile floor lamp - tripod design

The base of this versatile floor lamp is made of pine wood and it lightweight, portable and adjustable. The rubber feet ensure that the lamp has a good grip and doesn’t damage the floor. This lamp comes without a shade and this allows you to customize it in a variety of ways. {found on etsy}

Vitage tripod floor lamp

Tripod floor lamps work well in combination with an industrial style. The designs that can result from such a combo are very diverse. The bases are often made or metal but reclaimed wood is also a popular option. This particular model combined vintage and industrial details into an eye-catching design. {found on etsy}

Vintage tripod design

The base of this lamp was created from a vintage 1960’s Telescope and this gives it a lot of character and charm. The stained wood tripod has been waxed and complemented with an Edison bulb and a modern off-white linen shade.

Studio Tripod Floor Lamp

Another interesting design is featured by the Studio floor lamp. It has a wooden base and an aluminum shade that given an old Hollywood-inspired design. It’s the type of accessory you can use in an eclectic home.

Photographer tripod lamp

The Photographer’s tripod floor lamp is inspired by the design of studio lights on cinema stages back in the day. This gives it a somewhat dramatic look and makes it an eye-catching accessory for a variety of settings and decors.

Mid-Century Tripod Floor Lamp

The Mid-Century tripod lamp has a sculptural base featuring three thin intersecting legs. The base is complemented by a perforated shade that allows the lamp to offer soft and diffuse light, making it perfect for bedrooms, reading corners and other spaces.

Tripod wood floor lamp

Most of the time tripod floor lamps don’t have a very well defined style. They often combine two or more styles to create a unique look. This three-legged lamp has a lot of classical elegance but, at the same time, it’s quite modern as well. {found on westelm}

Cosmos floor lamps

Designed by Marivi Calvo, Cosmos P is a very simple-looking floor lamp. It has a delicate but sturdy base featuring three thin tube legs and a shade that’s made using natural wood veneer. Its classical form complements the discreet lines and contributes to an overall very simple and versatile design.

Felt floor lamp

Tom Dixon designed the Felt Shade tripod stand which is a floor lamp with a very interesting shade. The lampshade was created using a technique called fabric-forming which allowed the designer to shape felt into a sculptural and eye-catching form.


Trrepai Tp floor lamp

Not all tripod floor lamps follow the same guidelines. Some designs put a twist on the classical structure. The Trepai PT lamp is suitable for both modern and vintage decors thanks to its versatile design. Although the design of the base is a bit different from the usual ones, the final look is close to the original.

Mandarine tripod floor lamp design

But there are plenty of designs that distance themselves from the classical designs that inspired them. For example, the Mandarine lamp is quite unusual. It has an odd structure and unusual proportions and, although the base is technically a tripod, it has little to do with the other models presented so far.

Noneli minimalist tripod floor lamp

Another similarly intriguing design is featured by the Noneli floor lamp by Auriga Studio. This is an LED lamp with a minimalist and sculptural shape that offer it a graphical look. The base is made of ash wood and the step is crafted from tubular steel.

Kyoto floor lamp design

The Kyoto lamp is an odd-looking piece. It was designed by OeO and is inspired by two things: the traditional woodcraft of old houses in the Kyoto region and Japanese wooden toy airplanes. It has a paper lampshade and it offers warm and diffuse light.

Bloom handmade tripod floor

The design of the Bloom lamp is quirky and that’s due to the fact that it has an eye-catching shade. The lamp was designed by Tom Raffield and features petals of bent wood to create a unique shade inspired from nature, more exactly by the opening of a flower.

Impossible floor lamp

In 2014 Massino Mussapi introduced the Impossible C floor lamp. It’s part of the Metallux Highlight line and it has an imposing design, not necessarily because of the materials or forms used but because of the size. The base is tall and formed of three distanced legs that leave plenty of space in between for a planter or a small piece of furniture.

Stylish ways to use tripod floor lamps

Tripod floor lamps placed in corners

There are lots of interesting ways in which a tripod floor lamp can influence a room’s interior design. For example, two identical lamps can be placed in the corners, framing a sofa and setting the décor for a symmetrical layout.{found on chrissnookphotography}.

Modern living room tripod lamp

Use tripod floor lamps in areas that need accent lighting and which could benefit from such a structure and a design. For example, a living room with a seating area formed of a sofa and armchairs can benefit from such an accessory.

Small living room with tripod floor lamps

Tripod floor lamps are suitable for room corners but they can also be used in a variety of other ways. Such a lamp can be the element that separates the seating area from the dining space in the case of a small open floor plan.{found on dyergrimesarchitects}.

White 3D wall design with fireplace

Oversized floor lamps can be used to offer height to a room dominated by low furniture. One or two such lamps can stand out in such a setting and they can become focal point for the room’s décor without necessarily having unusual designs.{found on kudaphotography}.

Scandinavian style living room with tripod floor lamp

Reading corners can usually benefit from having a floor lamp nearby. The lamp can complete the space and it can also offer the rest of the room some ambient light in order to set a romantic or cozy mood.

Grey inspired living room with symmetric placed tripod lamps

It’s important to place a tripod floor lamp in such a way that the light doesn’t disturb the balance and the ambiance in the room. A good option is to have two lamps placed on either side of a sofa so the lighting can be consistent and subtle.

Placed behind the fireplace

Similarly, two tripod floor lamps can frame a fireplace. They can serve as decorations and accessories for the room and they can also be used in there’s a seating area in that particular part of the room. This configuration also helps with the symmetry of the décor.

Corner living room lamp

It’s usually proffered to place a floor lamp on the wall opposite to the windows. This way it can illuminate the room without interfering with the natural light. In addition, that’s also usually where most of the furniture is also placed in a room.

More then a laundry room design

The versatility of a tripod floor lamp allows it to to fit beautifully in a variety of settings. Basically any room could use such an accessory. And the simpler the design of the lamp is the easier it is to change its location without encountering difficulties.