17 Crafty Ways to Display Candles In Your Home

Want to change the ambiance in your home or to give a room a little bit of spark without making any big changes? How about using candles? They’re incredibly versatile and can be displayed in numerous beautiful ways. They come in a lot of different sizes, shapes, colors and with a variety of different scents. You can also customize them yourself in a lot of great ways using candle holders, votives and other things.

Simple copper candlesticks

If you want to use candlesticks, a simple and elegant way to display them is inside a copper and wood candle holder. The supplies needed to make them are wooden cubes, copper pressure slip coupling, gray acrylic paint, painter’s tape, super glue, a foam brush and the candlesticks. You can find more detailed instructions on twinspiration.

Wooden block candlestick

A similar idea is to display three candlesticks in a single wooden block. The materials needed include a few small wooden slats, copper fittings, a saw, some masking tape, white paint and super glue. The first step is to define the area you want to paint using tape. Then paint that portion white and let it dry. Glue on the copper fittings and let the glue dry. {found on historiasdecasa}

Dip dyed candlestick

Individual candle holders in the form of wooden blocks can be very elegant and chic. They’re quite easy to make but the best part comes after this. You can decorate them in a lot of interesting ways. One option is presented on Almostmakesperfect. It requires a whittling kit, a drill, dye and a bucket.

Barrel stave candle holder

This charming candle holder was made using a barrel stave. You can do the same thing if you can find this particular item or you can recreate the look using a piece of driftwood. You also need a drill, a tape measure or a ruler, clear finish and tea lights. Additional details can be found on Little-nostalgia.

Blue marble candle stick

Did you know you can customize your candles and candle holders using nail polish. Delineateyourdwelling shows you exactly how to do it. You need glass candle holders, white candle tapers, three shades of blue nail polish (or another color you like), white spray paint and tin baking pans. The main idea is to pour water into the tin and then to quickly add the nail polish. Dip the candles and candle colors a few times to marble them.

Clay candle votive

A very chic and modern votive can be made using oven-bake clay. The things you need, besides the clay, include a non-stick mat, a non-stick rolling pin, a ruler, an x-acto knife, some straws and something round to cut the clay with. A votive is made of two pieces. One is the round bottom and the other is the cylinder wrapped around it. We found this project on Abeautifulmess.

Concrete candle holders

To make these concrete candle holders, you’ll have to be creative. The tricky part is the mold. It has to be shaped like a cone and to have a hole for the copper pipe to go in and to become part of the candle holder. At the end, you can decorate each piece with colored thread. {found on johhanarundel}

Geometric candle stick holder

These cute candle holders are also made of concrete. You can use a silicone mold or any object that has the right shape and size. You also need concrete mix that sets quickly, some masking tape and paint. Pour the mix into the mold and make it as smooth as possible. Then put the candles in to make holes without reaching the bottom. Let the mix set completely and then twist the candles out. At the end, paint the candle holders. {found on bespoke-bride}

DIY concrete candle holders

Another thing to consider is using plastic bottles as molds for concrete candle holders. Find bottles with the size and shape you like and pour the concrete mixture in. insert the candles to make the holes and let the mix set. You can then remove the mold and decorate the candle holders or leave them as such for a raw charm. {found on diycandy}

Wood block candle centerpiece

Another idea is to make a candle centerpiece display for the dinner table. According to Sparkandchemistry, you need a wood block, tapered candles, a power drill and a ruler. The first step is to arrange the candles on the wood block to obtain a design you’re happy with. Mark a small dot in the center where each candle is placed using a pencil. Then drill the holes and insert the candles.

Wooden beaded candle holder

A quirky idea is to use wooden balls and beads to make a stylish and simple advent candle holder. They should have different sizes. The larger ones will hold the candles. You have to drill holes in them and to make sure not to reach the bottom. Then you thread all the beads onto a leather cord, you insert the candles and you enjoy it. This lovely project was shaded on Nalleshouse.

Birch wood candle holder

If you want a little bit of rusticity into your home, you can get it with some birch wood candle holders. This is a project you can attempt in case one of your birch trees dies recetly or if you can find some fallen branches. Cut the branches to the desired size and drill holes in them so the candles can fit inside. You can then display them in groups of three of four or independently. {found on oleanderandpalm}

Cool nightstand candles

A similar project can be done using a dry log. Petitemodernlife describes the steps. You need a saw to cut the logs into smaller pieces and a drill with a drill bit the size of the candles you want to use. Once you cut the log, sand the pieces and then drill holes in them. Insert the tea lights and then feel free to customize them however you want using a carving tool.

Retro faux wood candles

These candle holders look like they’re made of wood when in fact they’re not. They do, however, have a retro look. To make these you need wood grain pattern adhesive shelf or drawer liner, cylinder candle holders and some gold spray paint. Spray each cylinder with gold spray paint and let them dry. Then stick the adhesive liner to them leaving the top portion uncovered. {found on sugarandcloth}

Antler candle holders

Wouldn’t an antler candle holder look nice on your mantel, shelf or table? Now imagine customizing it to your own liking. Kristimurphy shows you how you can do that. Use tape and paint in any color you prefer. This neon pink seems like an interesting choice.

Bold sculptural candle holder

These sculptural candle holders are something you can make yourself using plywood for example. Johannarundel offers detailed instructions. You have to cut the pieces to the exact shape and size. Then you can paint the bottom portions. The process is not complicated but it requires patience and a stable hand.

Cozy candles update

These votives are really cute and they even have sweaters, all ready for winter. To make them, you need empty glass bottles and something to cut them with. The tricky part is getting the cut right and to make sure the edge is smooth. Then you can make the cozy covers from an old sweater. {found on nur-noch}