Update Home Decor with Artsy New Lighting Fixtures for 2016

The new year is still young and the 2016 design show season is just getting started, but if the lighting designs we saw at  IDS Toronto are any indication, it’s going to be a very interesting year for lighting decor. Sleek and shiny, handcrafted wood, and graffiti-inspired — there was a lighting style for every home decor taste.

Adam Fullerton bank
Part lighting, part sculpture, this work by Adam Fullerton Creative Design and Upcycling is distinctive . Each piece of his handcrafted furniture & lighting has a unique origin story.
Adam Fullerton lights
Fullerton’s “philosophy for design is simple: collect wasted materials and turn them into objects of curiosity, style & functionality for your space.”
Metalwork lamp
Metalwood Studio’s handcrafts wood lamp is perfect for a homey space. The studio specializes in “custom made Live Edge tables, light fixtures and accessories using a fusion of solid wood and metal that are unique and build to last for generations.”
Drake Wood lampshade
This casual but elegant lighting fixture from Drake Wood Design would be at home in a family room, kitchen or bathroom. Oliver Drake, the creator, “grew up in Hudson, Quebec and has been woodworking professionally since 2000. He discovered furniture making accidentally, after heeding his father’s advice about needing a trade “when the revolution comes”. (He’s still waiting),” says his website.
AM bar pendants
At the other end of the design spectrum are these tubular, metallic lights from AM Studio.
AM bubbled globes
These pendant lights, called Ellipse, are made by Siemon and Salazar, a California-based studio specializing in hand blown glass lighting and vessels. These pendants are hand blown, pebble-shaped and have a banded line or whipped textured glass.
AM glass box pendants
These Long Drops by AM Studio can be used as an ambient and artistic fixture with spotlight bulbs. The glass leaves are hand-made and suspended by wires from a custom-made base on the ceiling.
AM lucite shapes
AM Studio’s Flats are acrylic pendants that use LED lighting. The different shapes are available in black, white, red, brown and green. They can be used individually or as a group.
AM open balls
These glass globes from AM Studio make for a beautiful light sculpture as well as mood lighting.
AM recessed light bars
Sleek and modern, AM Studio’s chandelier lighting fixture made of modern, minimalist bars is striking yet understated.
AM white glass light
The Neverending Glory collection is inspired by the world’s most important concert halls and it “reflects nostalgic emotions and interprets opulent candle chandeliers in new way to symbolize those prime moments of appreciation and glory. “
artemano dresser
Canadian retailer Artemano specializes in contemporary wood furniture and has many Asian-inspired pieces. These globe lighting fixtures cast a magnificent pattern and would be perfect mood lighting in a bedroom.
hollis morris bolt chandelier
Hollis+morris have given stick lighting a boost with their lightening bolt fixtures. They can be suspended like a chandelier, or placed flush on the wall.
hollis morris one triangle
The fixtures are also available in geometric form.
Image on lights greek
A2lights turns graffiti images from around the world into stunning lamps and light fixtures. You can also supply your own image to be made into the light fixture of your choice.
Image on lights woman
Their lamps are available in different sizes and styles, both as a traditional shade as well as in wall decor styles.
Luxi studio pendants
Lexi Studioworks light fixtures are created by Alisha Marie Boyd, an award winning Canadian artist, designer and goldsmith. She started her own lighting design firm and these striking pendants are some of her creative offerings.
LexiStudio cords2
Her designs are further customizable with a choice of cord color and style.

Lightmaker Studio in Toronto has all kinds of beautiful contemporary lighting fixtures to compliment any style of home decor. Denise Murphy and her industrial designer husband, Michael, are inspired by  many things, particularly nature and Mid-Century design.  The team focuses on high quality materials such as solid brass and blown glass.

lightmake capsule light
“Atom” has a modern, molecular shape, which has a pattern of intersecting threes. This model has 18 soft white bulbs , but it is also available in a smaller size. Available in blackened brass, natural brass, polished copper, and polished nickel, this is the vintage brass version,
lightmaker branches2
We love this “Branch” fixture, which is a natural, organic shape. The shape may look random, the studio says that the “underlying pattern allows it to be easily customized by designers and architects to suit their specific requirements.”
lightmaker ceiling chandelier
Designed with mid-century Italian chandeliers in mind, “Stella” has cones made of cast brass n two-tone vintage and blackened brass.
lightmaker ceiling globes
“Tilt” is an assymetrical sputnik-style fixture with hand blown glass globes on a cast bronze ball base.
lightmaker fixtures
“Torch” has an industrial edge, with its distressed finish and long bulbs. The fixtures has solid brass cups and arms.
Lightmaker reticulated close
Lightmaker’s “Verve” fixtures is made of cast brass “vertebrae” and can be fashioned into many different shapes and arrangements. It is available in brass.
Lightmaker wall light
“Zig Zag” can be placed on the ceiling or the wall. This example is in vintage brass, but it can also be had in polished steel with brass.
Live edge floor lamp concrete booth
If Mid Century Modern or contemporary isn’t your style, there are plenty of new lamps that have a more natural, rustic feel, like this one.
Live edge Zelen design closeup
Somewhere in between is this lamp from Zelen Design. While it has the warmth of wood, it’s a more modern take on a floor lamp, with a tubular bulb and points of light along the column.
Netthouse light
This wonderful ceiling light was part of the display by from Netthaus at IDS Toronto 2016. The design firm handles commercial and residential projects, from remodels to new construction.
Ontario wood chandeliers
Awesome hand-hewn chandeliers were part of the Ontario Wood display. Thile they are a bit rustic by nature, the spectacular fixtures would be at equally at home in a more contemporary setting.
style garage light2
Bubbly glass makes this wall sconce from StyleGarage interesting as well as versatile.
Style garage pendant
A bit reminiscent of the old school table lamp, this wall light is the perfect neutral piece for an understated yet dynamic lighting scheme.
Upcountry lighting fixture
A little glitzy get a little rustic, this orb of a lighting fixture from Upcountry is a great piece for any living room or bedroom.

So much more just than a bulb and shade, lighting is an integral part of your decorating plan.  Sometimes the difference between a nice room and a spectacular one is the light you cast upon it.