Naturally Beautiful Projects Made With Real Moss

You might not realize this at first, but we’re all constantly trying to reunite with nature and we’re always looking for ways to bring it into our homes. Some buildings let nature take over their designs by being built underground or being covered with vegetation. In addition, using nature-inspired materials is something a lot of interior designs focus on lately. Today we’ll explore a variety of ways in which moss can be used to make beautiful decorations and accessories for your home.

Designer creations

Moss Carpet by Nection Design
Moss Carpet Foot by Nection Design
Bathroom Moss Carpet by Nection Design
Moss Carpet by Nection Design Table
Moss Carpet by Nection Design Window

The Moss Carpet lets you enjoy the wonderful feeling of walking on fresh moss when you get out of the tub. The initial idea was to create a moss carpet big enough for living rooms and other spaces, however, due to regulations related to the living plants that go on it, this is impossible. However, you can buy the miniature version which you can use as a bath mat. You can also put several of these together to make a full size carpet or you can order the carpet and install your own moss to complete its design.

Casa FOA 2012
Casa FOA 2012
Forest carpet landscape design Interior
Forest carpet landscape design

Forest carpet landscape design Dining-Living

Forest carpet landscape design Manufacter

A custom-made moss carpet was used in this home office designed by Nidolab Arquitectura and Alexkeha. In order to bring the outdoor in, the team used timber for the furniture and created a wooden platform on which a moss carpet made of patches of different colors was placed. The carpet is the focal point of the entire design, giving the space a fresh and vibrant feel.

Moss framed art

Indoor green walls have the ability of transforming any space into a fresh oasis. You can use the Artisan Moss living walls to bring freshness and color into your home. They resemble abstract paintings and they can also be used as wall art. They also requires no maintenance so all you have to do is install them and enjoy their natural beauty.

Grow Anna Galforth Moss
Grow Anna Galforth Moss Wall

Decorating your home’s walls with moss is a wonderfully interesting possibility. If you need some inspiration, check out the Big Bang explosion, the Grow project or the Moss Cross, all interesting and unique creations designed to stand out and to let everyone enjoy a type of urban wilderness which is becoming rarer by the day. You can use these unique projects as inspiration for your own creations.

Benetti stone moss decor
Benetti stone moss

You can cover your home’s walls with moss without much effort if you opt for Mosstile by Benetti Stone. The company envisioned this project as a vertical, maintenance-free garden made of a stabilized tile of lichen placed over a resin base. You can install these moss tiles on any kind of surface and they don’t require irrigation or fertilization.

biophotovoltaic moss table

Designers also used moss in a lot of interesting furniture creations. One example is the biophotovoltaic moss table which was created as part of a larger research project called Design in Science. It creates electricity from the electrons captured by conductive fibers inside it. This way, energy created through photosynthesis which would otherwise be wasted can be put to practical use. The table can be used to power small devices such as digital clocks. The goal is to soon create models which will be able to power larger devices such as lamps and even laptops.

Moss coffee table design

If you’re not interested in harvesting energy from your furniture, check out the moss tables offered by Ayodhya. They are envisioned as secret gardens embedded into simple home furniture. The tables have glass tops under which real dried moss was inserted. Each table is unique and they all have their own dose of mystery and charm.

Moss ottoman design

There are numerous other interesting pieces of furniture which were specifically designed to let you bring nature in in the most literal way. A good example is the Grass Ottoman which was designed by Nancy Favier, its role initially being to complement a contemporary pool setting in California. It can be used in a variety of settings, such as in gardens, on decks but also inside the house. The sunroom would be a good place for such a piece of furniture.

Moss clock design angle
Moss clock design

Real moss was also used in a lot of stylish projects involving home decorations and accessories such as the Moss Clock by Dutch studio noktuku. The clock is covered with real reindeer moss from Norway which was selected by hand and carefully preserved. The clock’s frame is handcrafted of birch plywood using the steam bending technique.

DIY moss projects

Moss globe terrarium

You can find inspiration in all the gorgeous designer creations in order to make your own versions of these. In addition, moss can also be used in a lot of creative ways when making decorations for your home. A simple idea can be to use moss to make a stylish terrarium. You can also use succulents, river rocks and other things. {found on gardentherapy.}

A moss terrarium can take many different forms. An easy way of making such a home decoration is described on soapdelinews. You’ll need a clear glass jar with a lid, gravel or rocks, dried moss, moss soil, live moss and a miniature figurine to place on top. The list can continue with other things you might want to include in the design.

Hanging moss balls

Use moss to make unique planters. The inspiration comes fom kokedama, the Japanese art of covering plant roots with soil and then wrapping them in moss. The traditional method requires a special mix of soil. However, you can just use the existing plant’s soil and simply cover it with moss to make a ball. Then wrap natural jute or cotton string to keep it tight and secured. Check out gardenmatter for more details.

Hanging moss covered door monogram

Another chic and simple way of using moss to create beautiful decorations for your home is offered on thechicsite. The moss-covered door monogram featured here is pretty easy to make. You’ll need a wooden letter cutout, some moss, glue and ribbon. Attach the moss to the letter with glue and then hang it with ribbon on your door or wall.

make an ampersand moss planter

On delineateyourdwelling you can find a tutorial which shows you how to make an ampersand moss planter. The project starts with a plain chipboard Ampersand. Carefully cut off the top. Paint the outside edges with a color that you like and let it dry. Remove all the dividers found inside and cover the bottom in aluminum foil. Then fill it with soil and moss. You can wrap some twine around it to make sure the moss stays in place when you mount the Ampersand to the wall.

Moss plaque gallery wall

The moss Ampersand featured on thedeanslistblog is quite different. It wasn’t envisioned as a planter but rather as a simple decorative shape attached to a wooden board. To make a similar decoration you’ll need a wooden board shaped however you want, some paint or stain, moss, scissors and glue. Paint or stain the wood and let it dry. Then cut out a moss ampersand and glue it to the wood.

Moss covered number

Another interesting idea is to make a moss-covered house number. The project is featured on pastelsandmacarons. It requires large pieces of natural moss, glue, a large foam board, scissors, a pencil, a cutter and thick ribbon to hang it with. Draw the number on the foam board and cut it out. Then glue your moss on it and trim the excess. You can make the number as large as you want. It can also be used as a simple home decorations, not necessarily as a house number.

Faux moss hoop table number

Table numbers can also be made using natural moss and they’d be great for a spring party or some other event. You can check out thecraftedblog for instructions on how to make these. You’ll need moss, embroidery hoops, glue, light-colored fabric, scissors, a pencil, cardboard and double-sided tape. Follow the steps and have fun.

Merry moss wall art

A sheet of moss, some wood letters and some glue are all the materials you need if you want to make moss-covered letters to display on your walls. First you need to lay the letters backwards on the back side of the moss. Trace around them with a marker and cut out each letter. Then glue the moss to the front side of the letters. The project is very simple and you can use it on a variety of occasions such as Christmas or Easter.{found on themerrythought}.

Mini moss wreath for gift toppers

Wreaths are popular and versatile decorations which can be used all year round. You can use moss to decorate mini wreaths and the result will be a bunch of beautiful spring decorations. Everything you’ll need for the project featured on brepurposed.porch is a bunch of mini wreaths, green moss and string. You can use the wreaths as wall decorations or as gift toppers.

Sprintime moss jewelry holder

Enjoy spring with a simple project you can do in your spare time. It’s a moss jewelry holder which you can decorate in a lot of lovely ways. You can find the full description of the project on sparkandchemistry. You’ll need moss, faux flowers. Small screw-in hooks, rope, wood dowels, glue, a wire cutter, a small nail and a hammer. Decorate the hanger with any kinds of flowers you want.