Nature-Inspired Materials for Interiors: Neo Ecology at Cologne IMM 2016

New German companies are springing up to offer exciting new options for home designers who want to choose nature materials. The trend for natural and ecological materials was evident at Cologne’s International Furniture Fair and is surely set to grow. Homedit was interested in what new materials are being used, and what looks can be achieved in homes and interior spaces. We spoke to companies such as Freund, Organoid, StyleGreen and Rosmarie Schulz to find out about these new exciting nature material options.

Natural Materials from IMMView in gallery

Freund Natural ElementsView in gallery

Freund uses real mosses and plants for our green wall elementsView in gallery

Freund IMM BoothView in gallery

Freund natural touchView in gallery

Freund uses real mosses and plants for our green wall elements cornerView in gallery

Vertical Green GrassView in gallery

Freund have a huge range of options for interior surfaces. If you lust after a woodland infused bathroom covered in genuine birch bark or a moody charred wood kitchen backsplash, then Freund make it easy to achieve with prefabricated panels of natural materials for insulation.

Natural Materials from wood StyleView in gallery
Birch bark has been popular with artisans for centuries because of its characteristic texture
BarkView in gallery
In many old cultures, the birch is a sacred tree that is said to have many health-enhancing properties

Natural Materials from Birch woodView in gallery

Natural Materials - Bark WallpaperView in gallery
Bark Wallpaper on show in a bathroom
Natural Materials Bark wallpaper for bathroomView in gallery
Freund’s Poplar bark in close up
Bark For exteriorsView in gallery
Bark surfaces are tough enough for exterior cladding too

They also work with moss to create custom living walls and even panels under glass and ceilings.

Green Grass closer to bathtubView in gallery

Pharmacy Ceiling MossView in gallery

Multi award winning Organoid Technologies was set up by Martin Jehart and Christoph Egger in 2012. They create, seating, acoustic insulation and wallcoverings such as beautiful honey scented hay wallpapers.

Organoid Technologies at ImmView in gallery

The grasses they use come straight from the alps, and any carbon they use in manufacture is offset by a reforestation project they support in South America.

Organoid Technologies Wall DecorView in gallery

Calendula flowers were displayed next to the flat wallpaper version. The papers comprise of compacted and naturally preserved materials.

Homedit-Natural-Materials-Cologne-2016View in gallery

Taiwan villa wallView in gallery

This villa in Taiwan uses Organoid materials including a beautiful lotus flower wallpaper.

Taiwan villa wallpaperView in gallery

StyleGreen are specialists in plants for walls, offering a range from small plant pictures up to living wall installations.

Natural Materials from StylegreenView in gallery

Stylegreen at Cologne 2016View in gallery

Stylegreen at IMM CologneView in gallery

Heidelberg designer Rosmarie Schulz uses “Nature” materials in unexpected ways to create unique objects such as delightful moss lamps and imposing shell spheres.

Rosemarie Schuls Moss lampView in gallery
Add a touch of green to your house with a pendant lamp
Romantic Rose lampView in gallery
Romantic lamp made of rose petals
Diff colors of mossView in gallery
Rosmarie Schulz sets and colours mosses

The great range of natural materials on display at Cologne’s IMM might have us looking to the local woods instead of the DIY store next time we are in need of interiors inspiration.