Modern Pendant Lights With Intriguing Forms And Unique Designs

The list of beautiful and interesting pendant lights never ends. There’s always something we can add, something that stands out and that deserves to be appreciated so here were are with a bunch more designs that we recently discovered. The world of modern pendant lighting focuses on form, style and ways to stand out and the designs range from extremely simple to very complex. Let’s see what makes these pendants special.

Fatima and Frank Pendant Lighting

We recently came across this range of modern handmade designer lighting fixtures by 7GODS. Designs such as the Fatima, Victoria or Frank pendant lights impress with their geometry and their polished look.

Victoria Pendant Lighting

The pendants feature intriguing designs and geometric forms composed of several modules which are usually triangular. They have metallic finishes and they sparkle and serve as sculptural decorations for the spaces they are in. When they light up, the pendants also project intricate patterns on the walls and ceiling.

Say my name pendant glass blown lighting fixture

The Say My Name pendant is an interesting accent piece. First of all, its design is Nordic and minimalist, with subtle colors meant to reflect the Nordic night sky. However, the technique used when creating the fixture comes from Venice. Each pendant is mouth-blown in Italy and made entirely from Venetial glass. But this glass pendant also impresses in one other way: its versatility. You can either hang it from the ceiling or place it in an upright position and use it as a table lamp.

Pitch pendant

A lot of mini pendant lamps look beautiful in clusters and the Pitch is one of them. Handmade in the UK, this lovely modern pendant light has a dome-shaped shade made of aluminum bands that create varying shades of color on the outer shell. These strips give the pendant a sculptural forms while keeping its design simple, versatile and classical. Its silhouette is iconic and displayed in a playful manner.

Wooden tree pendant lights

A lot of modern designs focus on the uniqueness of each product. The Tree Lights are a perfect example. This series includes three types of pendant lights: bottle, barrel and bulb. But what’s really interesting is the fabrication process. Each shade is made by hand from a single trunk of naturally fallen beech. This means that each pendant has a unique pattern and unique little details and coloring.

Karven Roest Pendant Light With Unfinished look

The coloring is the defining element in the Roest collection by VanJoost. The series is inspired by rough materials and uses simple and basic shapes to highlight the forms and the unique rusty finish. This is a collection that preserves the natural beauty of oxidized surfaces and puts them in modern settings. This creates a sense of novelty while also maintaining a sense of familiarity.

Elegant naomipaul pendant lamps

In the Simple series, elegant and sculptural pendant lights are crafted using surplus yarns from the fashion industry. They bring style and beauty into the decor in an unusual and unexpected way. At the same time, the choice of materials allows the shades to add warmth and comfort to the spaces they are in. Each pendant is hand crocheted and comes in a variety of color options. The lamps are made to order.

Plex pendant lighting fixtures

These are the Plex pendant lights, a series of beautiful light fixtures handmade using a special technique that gives them a shimmering iridescent glaze which changes color depending on the light in the room. Because they are handmade no two pendants are exactly the same. The classic bell shape offers them elegance and versatility while the color options add to a mix a new element meant to make each fixture stand out and become a focal point for the room.

Vase Pendant Lighting in Black

The Vase pendant lamp is a statement piece, meant to cast light over a single spot. So if you want this to be your main ceiling light for a room, reconsider its placement. The best way to use this pendant is as an accent piece or for task lighting. It could highlight a decorative element such as a sculpture or it could light a very small room. Its design is inspired by vintage vases and apothecary jars.

I Flauti Colorful Pendant Lighting Fixtures

The series names I Flauti is a beautiful symphony of colors and exquisite forms. Designed by Giopato & Coombes, they combine tradition and technology to create balance and beauty and the result is an innovative and eye-catching collection inspired by the past and focused on the future. These pendant lamps are made of hand-blown glass and turned copper and their historical Venetian colors reflect the beauty of the sunsets from a past era.

Bolle glass blow lamp

The inspiration for the Bolle lamps comes from a rather unusual place: soap bubbles. More exactly, the collection is inspired by their lightness and fragility. The designers wanted to capture the moment when soap bubbles gently touch each other before exploding. The shades are made of transparent glass and feature brass frames that are piercing the bubbles and sit suspended inside the spheres.

Colorful Cintola Pendant

Simplicity and fragility also defines the Cintola pendants. They’re made of handblown glass and shaped like water droplets. they have anodized aluminum bodies and they come in seven different color options. Combine several in a cluster and mix and match the colors however you want in order to get the best fit for your decor.