Add A Bit of Drama To Your Life With A Black Chandelier

Although a little bit intimidating, black is not a color you should stay away from when decorating. In fact, black is wonderful when creating contrasts and highlighting features.You can also use it to add a little bit of drama to a space. A black chandelier may seem a little bit unusual in some cases but you can use that to your advantage if you’re aiming for a unique, eye-catching and sophisticated decor with a little bit of theatrical charm. A similar effect can also be achieved with dark colors in general.

Palecek Beacon Pendant, Dark Brown

This is a Beacon Pendant. The design features a dark brown color with an espresso finish, being crafted of hand-formed split rattan. This combination of color and material gives the pendant an elegant and distinguished look but also allows it to add warmth to the space it’s in. Consider it for a living room with a traditional or modern interior.

Pangea Home Clara Chandelier

The Clara Chandelier is available in both a light and a dark color and both versions look elegant and refined. The black one also has a touch of theatrical beauty while remaining casual and avoiding being too opulent. This is a chandelier that suits spaces with high ceilings.

Black rustic chandelier

As it turns out, dark color tones are better suited for certain types of chandeliers and this one is a nice example, Featuring a nature-inspired design with ornaments that resemble tree branches, the chandelier has a classical look infused with modern flair. Its design is intriguing and unusual and this makes it versatile and suitable for a variety of interior styles.

Black chandelier lighting fixtures

Modern and traditional influences are also combined here. These chandeliers take advantage of the way the light delicately highlights the threads, creating a sculptural and sophisticated look. Further more, the chains that holds them brings a touch of medieval charm to the mix.

LaTorre Cruz black chandeliers
Latorre cruz bird

The best way to fully capture the mystery and beauty of The Crow is to turn on the light in a dark room. That’s when its gothic romanticism comes to life. From darkness comes light and this contrast is extraordinary. The chandelier is handcrafted out of black paper with a charcoal finish. As the wings unfold, the chandelier becomes the focal point of the space.

Le moyen chandelier in black with gold

A little bit sober, a little bit elegant and a little bit dramatic…this is how we would describe Le Moyen, a chandelier with sculptural aesthetics and sophisticated and simple lines. The chandelier is suitable for spaces such as living rooms, dining areas but also offices and meeting rooms. It could look a bit too opulent for a bedroom but that could work if the rest of the decor is minimalist.

Feather Pendant Lamp Black

A lighting fixture such as the Feather Pendant Lamp can be the missing piece in a room with a gothic-inspired decor or one decorated with a black and white combo and a variety of contrasting but also complementary textures and materials. It can also become a focal point in an eclectic space, suiting a variety of room types including living rooms, dining areas, home offices and even bedrooms.

Charles suspension black light

Speaking of black and white combinations and contrasts, this is a chandelier that beautifully highlights both its light and dark side. The symmetrical distribution of the lampshades creates a sense of order and makes the visual impact of the chandelier a bit less dramatic. The perforations in the lampshades let light shine through highlighting the pattern.

Twipi mirrored dark chandeliers

The TwiPi chandeliers feature simple designs but despite that they have a strong presence and a strong visual impact on the space they’re displayed in. The shades are made of aluminum blades with a mirrored finish. They reflect the decor around them and this allows them to blend in and become a natural part of the space. Although the design is eye-catching, the chandeliers are also defined by a beautiful simplicity.

Dark Chandelier Collection Nodi and Nodo

Both the 10.000 NODI and the NUDO chandeliers featured here have designs that go back to the basics, using raw and simple materials in the form of chains and knots that give the chandeliers delicate and sophisticated looks despite their unpolished character. The body of the 10.000 Nodi chandelier is made of handmade chains with 10.000 knots, hence the name. The Nudo design shares the same beautiful and intimate connection to humble and simple materials which are raised to the form of art.

Black Chandelier Design

A lot of modern chandeliers are going back to the basics, incorporating raw metal in their designs. Another one of their characteristics is the sculptural form and the use of geometric shapes and lines. This one, for instance, makes us think of fireworks and their magical beauty.

Starburst black chandelier

Other chandeliers such as this one for example have a star-like form with thin metal rods exploding out of a small spherical center. The lightbulbs stand at the ends of the rods and contrast with the black body of the chandelier.

Wire chandelier

This type of oversized and delicate-looking chandeliers is a great fit for large spaces with high ceilings. They make these spaces feel more inviting and they complement the furniture and decor with their fragile and casual appearance.

Christopher Boots Bcca Chandelier

The graphical and interesting form of the BCAA chandelier is inspired by branch chain amino acids, the compounds that make life possible. The chandelier has a modular brass frame with sandblasted borosilicate glass covers in tubular forms. It comes in a variety of different sizes and all sorts of interesting forms.