Make a Simple Garland For the Autumn Season

Fall is definitely in the air so it’s time to get into the spirit and decorate your home. Although the autumn color palette is one of nature’s most beautiful, it can be a challenge to create a stylish look at home: Seasonal decorations can sometimes look a little tacky or unoriginal. Looking for new, creative ideas to try is important because the key to decorating with autumn colors is to keep things simple and minimal. What do you think?

Seasonal Garland For Halloween
Seasonal Garland For Halloween DIY

This DIY Fall garland consists of natural elements and looks best against a neutral background  — such as a white wall, — so that the color really pops. Consider using it paired with pumpkins and candles in a bedroom, entryway or in your dining room during Halloween. It’s one of those decorations you can use throughout the entire season without turning your home into a horror-movie scene, so it’s a great alternative those who don’t like typical mass-market Halloween decor.

The most enjoyable part of this project was collecting the seasonal elements. First, I decided on a simple color palette of earth tones: warm, toasted shades which are also trending in 2016, including muted reds, terracotta, burgundy and brown — the best of fall season. I gathered dry leaves from the trees, wild fruits in shades of red, twigs and wheat and turned them into a pretty garland.

Seasonal Garland For Halloween Supplies

To make the garland I used:

  • string
  • very thin metal wire
  • and all the collected botanicals

Here’s what I did:

Simply place the botanicals along the string and twist the metal wire around their stalks to keep them in place. You can play with the elements and design your own composition to fit your style.

You can make the garland as long as you desire, depending upon where you want to hang it.  Create a short segment for a wall or an extra-long one to drape around a doorway or along a banister — there’s no limit.

Seasonal Garland For Halloween Rope
Seasonal Garland For Halloween Flowers
Seasonal Garland For Halloween Fall
Seasonal Garland For Halloween Hang on Wall
Seasonal Garland For Halloween Above Bed
Seasonal Garland For Halloween Hang Above Bed

How do you like this idea? I really love the pop of color in my bedroom! Every time I wake up and look at it, I can feel the fall season inside my home.