Welcome Books Back Into Your Life With Stylish Reading Lights

Kids these days seem to do a lot of things wrong. This continuous concern is called juvenois and has been around for ages. Just like we’re now concerned that kids these days don’t know what socialization really is, with all the electronic devices they use, others before us were concerned about how the younger generation was lost in their books all the time. And speaking of books, these too seem to become an old story.

Wall Scar lamps for reading

TVs, smartphones and e-readers are stealing the whole pleasure of reading a real book. Our bedrooms no longer have reading lights because we no longer require them. But studies have shown that using electric devices in or before bed can disrupt our sleep, causing us to be constantly tired and to lack the relaxation we need. That’s all because of the blue light these devices give off.

Scar LED bedroom wall lamp

So what should we do? Well, the answer seems to be very simple. Give up the habit of watching TV or playing on your phone before falling asleep and read a book instead (But not on a device. A real hard copy book). And don’t forget about your reading light. It should be dim and pleasant but bright enough so you don’t have to squint.

Bedroom with Scar Led lamp for reading
Reading black scar lamps

Reading lamps can take many forms. There’s one particular type that looks similar to a plant emerging from a seed or to a delicate tentacle. The Scar-LED lamp is one such product. Its body is a flexible tube which you can adjust and shape however you want to get the ideal angle when you’re reading. The lamp comes in several different colors including aluminum, black and white. You can attach the lamp to the headboard or to a wall, depending on the layout of your bedroom or the design you want to create.

White headboard with Led reading lamp

Tube lamps which can be molded to get the right angle at which to let the light shine are ideal for reading. There are plenty of designs and products to choose from. The Bay lamp is another stylish example. Its design is very simple and this allows the lamp to pretty much go unnoticed. Being so non-intrusive also means it should keep the décor simple, soothing and relaxing.

LED reading lamp with swing arm

The simplicity of reading lights such as the Leddi Wall T is the key to its versatility and popularity. Being so easy to use and not having a design that restricts to a specific style or environment, wall lamps such as these ones are perfect for a variety of spaces and situations.

LED wall-mounted lamp

In some cases, the reading light comes as an addition to the usual nightstand lamp. Some designers chose to combine the two fixtures. One of the results is Lexa Fl, an LED wall-mounted lamp with a reading light extension that looks like a thin and sleek arm with a flexible structure which can be adjusted according to the user’s position in bed.

Square wall lamp for bedroom

A similar combination of functions is also featured by the Square lamp. This simple-looking accessory is a wall lamp with a reading light extension it’s made of powder coated iron and its stylish white shade is made of formed opal metharylate. The reading light has its own separate switch.

Volee wall lamp fontanaarte

Reading lights are not only for bedrooms. They can also be useful accessories for work spaces, libraries or reading corners in general. One design which can easily adapt to all these spaces is featured by the Volee lamp. Its design is a bit on the industrial side but, at the same time, looks elegant and sophisticated.

demetra direct light wall lamp with swing arm

The Demetra wall lamp is pretty flexible thanks to its swing arm. The angle at which the light falls can be adjusted by positioning the arm and the lamp at the right angle and height. This piece is also available as a table lamp, a version which is particularly practical for desks and work environments in general.

String LED aluminium wall lamp

Available in two versions, as a wall lamp and as a floor lamp, String W1 is an accessory made of aluminum and cast iron. It has an adjustable head with a shade made of molded plastic. The central holes makes the shade easy to adjust at the right angle. The overall design is simple and linear and yet this doesn’t make it look mainstream.

Brown bedroom interior design

Each type of reading light reveals its own array of design possibilities when introduced in a bedroom’s design. In the case of a lamp such as the Studio featured here, one of the best solutions is to mount it on the wall directly above the area you want to illuminate.

Night Owl bedroom light

Lamps with designs that are highly flexible offer more freedom when choosing the right spot for them. The Night Owl sconce, for example, could be positioned to the side of the bed, not directly above it. The light would fall at an angle and the lamp wouldn’t interfere with the headboard in any way.

Large orange bedroom headboad

A similar strategy could be used for reading lights with swing arms. Before you install it, perform a few quick tests. Position the lamp in the desired spot and check if it would be easy to use and if it would offer sufficient light at a comfortable angle when reading at night.

Clean white bedroom with attached arm lighting fixtures

Although lamps such as Holtkoetter may seem more suitable for industrial interiors, you’ll be happy to see that it would fit wonderfully in a contemporary or modern décor as well. In fact, its design would provide a welcomed contrast and could be coordinated with other accessories in the room.

Masculine bedroom style in dark

If you decide to go with a two-in-one piece which includes a wall lamp and a reading light such as this Ralph Lauren piece used here, you need to find the right balance for both lights to be practical and user-friendly.

Small bedroom featuring a pivot TV

Some designs such as the one featured by the Ledtube are meant to be as little intrusive as possible. In order words, they’re compact and very simple, not serving as decorations for the space and only being regarded as functional accessories. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make them any less interesting.{found on lda-architects}.

Bedroom wallpaper wall with reading lights attached

Instead of mounting the reading lamp on the wall, there’s also a different options: to have it attached to the headboard. You can control the height at which the lamp is placed by placing the headboard in a certain way or by carefully measuring everything from the start.{found on abeckerdesign}.

Bedroom Accent wall wiht reading lights attached

Some bedrooms choose to treat an entire wall as an accent feature. In some cases the wall doubles as a headboard. Regardless of these details, a reading lamp can be attached to this wall at the desired height and angle without interfering with anything else in the room.Available from $275.

Master bedroom with reading lamps attached to the headboard

Of course, not all reading lamps have to be attached to the wall or to the headboard. There’s also the possibility of having it placed on the nightstand. In this case it would be ideal for the lamp to have an adjustable body or a swing arm.

White bedroom headboard with Pipette lamp for reading

The Pipette lamp featured here is almost unnoticeable, given its minimalist design and thin body. It sits on a shelf nightstand and the mirror wall behind the bed pretty much steals all the attention. The mirror will also reflect some of the light at night so if you’re choosing a similar design keep that in mind.