Concrete Lamps And Their Unexpected Warming Effect On Our Homes

We’ve established that wood pendant lamps make spaces feel warm, cozy and inviting so, using that logic, should concrete lamps make a space feel cold and austere? Not at all. Even though concrete is a rough and cool material, it doesn’t really have the expect effect on the interior décor of a room. In fact, it can make a space feel quite homey and enjoyable.

The Monk Lamp

Lighting fixtures such as the Monk Lamp definitely have a strong presence. Created by SKELD Design, this lamp is short and stubby and this gives it a really cute look. At the same time, it has a concrete shade which hides the light, giving the lamp a mysterious allure.

Concrete Ball Hanging Lamp

Before totally dismissing concrete lamps as interior design accessories, take into consideration the concrete’s stoney texture and beautiful gray color as well as its heavy and at the same time delicate presence. These are actually the characteristics of the Concrete Ball pendant designed by German Gonzales Garrido.

Twig Concrete Base Lamp

When combined with other materials, concrete lends its beautiful attributes while also taking on some new characteristics. There’s this exchange of elements that always has a unique result. Concrete and wood make a nice duo, complementing each other in the most wonderful way. Atelier Mazine took advantage of this when designing the Twig I, II and III lamps.

Renate Vos Hanging Lamps

The Concrete Conic and Concrete Big lamps by Renate Vos combine this material with silicone rubber. The result is a lampshade with a translucent skirt. The effect is really beautiful especially considering the way in which the light warms up the cool concrete shade.

Dragos Motica’s Slash Lamp

Dragos Motica designed by Slash Lamp and gave it this cool industrial look by combining concrete and reinforcing wire. The two materials were fused together to create a cylindrical shade which exposed portions that let the metal grid show through. The light pours out and creates unique effects.

Concrete lighting fixtures

There’s also a lot to love about a lamp or pendant made entirely of concrete without any other materials to provide contrast. A beautiful case is the series of pendant lamps designed by Stefan Gant. They range in shape and size and they all look elegant and glamorous thanks to their gold accent details.

Concrete table lamp

Named Light O, this cute thing is the perfect accent piece for a desk or nightstand. It has a bell-shaped concrete shade that sits on a plywood base. The shade can be positioned in three different ways and each variant looks playful and fun. The red power cord adds a touch of color, highlighting the cheerful nature of the lamp.

Minimal Brick Lamp from Concrete
Minimal Brick Lamp from Concrete for Desk Also

How cool is this lamp? It doesn’t have a switch or a shade and it doesn’t even have a power cord. It’s called the Brick Lamp and it was designed by HCWDstudio. To turn the lamp on simply lift it. Lay it flat on a surface to turn it off. You can find it in three versions: wood, concrete and aluminum.

Totem Lamp

The Totem Lamp is pretty unusual too. Designed by Alexandre Dubreuil, the lamp is composed of two elements. One is a concrete column and the other is a disc which is placed on the upper section, acting as a shade. This allows the lamp to double as a modern sculpture. It’s possible to combine the two elements in various different ways or even to use them separately.

Geometric Studio-ory

Studio-ory decided to explore the properties of concrete and to see what makes this material unique in terms of gravity, mass and balance. These tributes were used in the designs of these quirky little lamps. They can be displayed and used in a variety of ways and they’re always stable and cute. They’re available in natural gray, black, yellow and red.

Geometric designed by Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung

They look like they’re made of paper but they’re actually cast in concrete. These lamps and pendants are designed by Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung and they have paper-like creases and folds which give them a really authentic look. They’re really fun and they make great gifts and home accessories.

Split in Two Concrete Lamps

Available in two versions, as a table lamp and as a pendant light, the Release and Split light fixtures are the creation of Dror Kaspi for Ardoma Design and they look particularly intriguing. As the name suggests, they look like they’re split in two and the split reveals the glowing light. This creates a contrast between the concrete and the light.

Idéeal Lamps Light the Way

Concrete Home Design created an innovating line of lamps. The Ideeal ceiling and table lamps explore the unique particularities of concrete and use them to look chic and stylish. The designs are modern-industrial with simple and clean lines and smooth angles. They attract quite a bit of attention with their fancy forms and glass sections.

Light Made From Concrete

Concrete can be lightweight, even though this seems unusual. Further more, it can look very light if shaped in a certain manner. Designer Christian Mohaded knows this very well after creating the Andes Lamps. They have a fluid and delicate design and this allows them to create a sense of weightlessness which is not usually a characteristic of this material.

Nomad-concrete lamp

Small and really versatile, the Nomad table lamp combines the ruggedness of concrete with the delicate beauty of the vintage Edison light bulb. The result is a warm and very pleasant accessory which can look charming on desks and nightstands. This charm is partially given by the combination between concrete and glass but also by the warm glow of the bulb.

Desk Concrete Lamp

A similar combination is features by this desk lamp that we found on Etsy. It has a sturdy and compact concrete base shaped like a cube and it illuminates using a vintage Edison bulb. It’s a handcrafted product which means that each piece is different and unique, with its own imperfections.

Ship concrete lamp

Edison light bulbs are pretty popular right now. They’re appreciated for their warm glow and their beautiful designs and a lot of table lamps take advantage of this to look as simple and as charming as possible. One example is this concrete lamp from ConcWood Street.

Half concrete lamp

The fun thing about the Screscent lamp is that it’s actually only half of a lamp. It’s as if a full lamp was cut in half and split in two. It’s made of concrete and it can displayed in all sorts of interesting and funky ways. The design was 3D modeled in order to ensure a steady and balanced form.

Geometric desk concrete lamp

Geometric designs are pretty hot right now too. If you like the trend, perhaps you’d like to also add one of these little lamps to your home décor as well. This is the Cubistic lamp. It has a solid concrete base and an exposed bulb which together allow it to look minimalistic and quite fancy.

tripod floor concrete lamp top

If you like the idea of having a concrete lamp but can’t really find one that suits your needs, maybe you’d like to craft one yourself. A DIY concrete lamp can be a really nice home project. If you’d like to make a floor lamp similar to this one, make sure you have two containers for the mold, some timber, insulating material, electric cable, a switch, a craft knife and lean concrete. Find all the details on Instructables.