Maison & Objet Showcases Latest in Lighting Designs

Changing out lighting fixtures can be one of the easiest ways to update your home decor. New lamps or chandeliers can also provide a big bang for your buck when it comes to creating drama or a specific ambiance. At the recent Maison&Objet Paris, Homedit saw the latest lighting fixtures that will freshen your space, whether its modern, traditional or somewhere in between.

abatazanetti large link chandelier
Anbatezanetti’s chandelier composed of their Supercaena links, which come in sets of three, is nothing if not dramatic. The small sets of links give you the freedom to create a fixture that is as large or as small as you desire.
abatazanetti link closeup
The links are available in a dozen different glass colors. The placement of the light source inside the ends of the links gives the fixture an interesting glow.
Abatezanetti table lights
If the chandelier above is too much drama for you, then these table lamps might be just right. Softly luminous, they are understated yet dramatic in their simplicity.
challieres curly wire
A fun, colorful chandelier can enliven any space. The Les Diabolos chandelier by Mathieu Challiere is perfect for a child’s room, bedroom or even a dining space. It’s available in custom combinations of two colors, or in this “Parrot” version, which includes eight different colors.
challieres metal 2
In a departure from its frillier designs, Challieres created this TwiPi pendant. The sections are made from mirror polished aluminum that was cut using computerized technology.
challieres black metal
The interior of the TwiPi fixture us just as interesting as the outside.
challieres bird cages
Challieres’ “The Aviary” is fantasy in a light fixture. A copper mesh shade is home to dozens of feathered friends in a poetic design that is as much art as it is functional lighting. The assortment and arrangements of birds made each piece unique.
challieres bird cage close
A closer look at the feathered flock in the lamp reveals that the birds do indeed come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
challiere wire 2
The Dzoings by Challieres look like something…but what exactly? The company says that the slightly ambiguous shapes draw their meaning from your own imagination. It’s up to you whether you see a bird, a dirigible, a whale, or something else entirely.
challieres wire pendant
Challieres left his job in the corporate world in 1997 to design and/or manufacture deco furniture and objects. Fast forward to 2016 and his pieces — like the Dzoings — are being sold in nearly 30 countries across the globe.
tekna single pendant
This pendant within a pendant is by Tekna, which is the production company for Nautic. Tekna is also a lighting consultancy that provides lighting advice and creates customized lighting fittings.
tekna lantern pendant
The Montrose pendant by Tekna is a hanging light in a weathered brass pagoda shape. While it might evoke the feel of a traditional lamppost fixtures, as a pendant, it takes on new relevance.
tekna geometic pendants
A large brass fixture, Pendeen is covered with a chessboard of grooved lined tiles. Two suspension arms support the weighty light, which looks stunning as a single pendant or in a series.
PMcostyle metal pendant

Pierre-Marie Couturier of Paris is an interior designer whose shop harbors furniture and objects from around the globe. His eclectic collections includes everything from Baroque style items to contemporary ones. His philosophy is simple … “Every house is a book. At the beginning there is a blank page and we write the story …” His lighting fixtures are from the Lodge Collection, which is focused on brassware.

pmcostyle lantern pendant
The entire Lodge Collection has a global style that still feels at home in a variety of interior decorating styles.
pmcostyle interior metallic
All of the lamps are even more dramatic on the inside. The metallic finished only highlight the hammered metal pattern.
Pinch ruffled chandelier
The Anders light by Pinch Design has a casual feel. It is made from layers of banana fibre that are draped and stitched around a central light source. Because each one is handmade, the exact look varies from lamp to lamp.
pinch ruffled 2
Despite its contemporary, almost slouchy feel, it works well with modern, white furniture.
pinch pendant
The London-based studio “celebrates simplicity of form, the purity of a good shape and our emotional connection with the materials around us.” Their Soren light has copper frame, which is visible through the banana-fibre shade when lit.
Norman bell shape
Danish design company Normann has created these versatile bell lamps that are available in four neutral colors and in small, medium or this large version. Like a chameleon, this adaptable design fits with any style of home decor.
norman bell shape multi
Although perfect as a single pendant, in multiples the basic design is still dramatic.
molo white pendants
Based in Vancouver, Canada Molo Design is dedicated to the research of materials and the exploration of space making. Their Cloud Softlight “creates an undulating overhead canopy of soft luminous forms.” The lights come in different sizes and are lit with interior LED lights.
molo pendant cloe
Molo’s space-saving products, as well as these lights, are made from Tyvek©, a non-woven polyethylene material. It is 100% recyclable and made from 5 – 15% recycled content. Its lightweight paper look and feel is tear, UV and water resistant,.
mcmaster wood pendants
If you fancy wood, there are plenty of fresh designs. These pendants by Alex MacMaster, are part of his line of timber-based lighting and wood furniture products. He crafts all his products in his Worcestershire, UK studio. All are made from natural timbers hand-picked from suppliers who source Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timbers.
ligne roset wire chandelier
Ligne Roset is a well known furnishings company, particularly for its collaborations with established and up-and-coming design talents. The “Parachute” fixture has a shade made of satin black lacquered steel wire. This suspension light can have up to six shades in different configurations to create unique designs.
Ligne Roset oval pendants
These glowing orbs create a soft mood and seem to float independently in the air.
ligne roset half globe dining
The Luna Rossa pendant has a hemispherical shade and a handcrafted rusted and waxed exterior. The inside is white lacquer and has an Invisible light source: The light diffuses on the inside of the shade because a small white steel dome hides the LED ring.
ligne roset half globe chandelier
Equally at home in a living room as it is over a dining table, the pendant is clean and modern.
Innermost white pendants
Presented by Innermost, these STUPA fixtures by Freshwest are inspired by temple architecture in Asia, particularly the stupas of Myanmar. The individual cast resin pieces are joined and hand finished on a lathe. The entire fixture is then polished with beeswax. By mixing mass production and hand finishing, the light fixture offers both a warm glow and functional light.
Innermost tufted pendants
Called “Dent” by Chak, these pouffy pendants are designed to look like they were dented. While they might look like metal, they are actually lightweight and come packed flat. Assembly only takes about 30 seconds and no special expertise. These are also available through Innermost.
innermost graduated balls
Steve Jones’ Bubbel pendants are meant to evoke the shapes of fashion jewelry. Perfect for staggered rows, clusters, or as an accent, the fixtures are availaiable in four finishes or in a combination of several.
Innermost glob chandeliers
BEADS, by designer Winnie Lui, combines her jewelry design with lighting technology. The highly reflective result is opulent without being over the top. The fixtures are made from spun stainless steel and polycarbonate, and come in chrome, copper, gloss white and gunmetal.
Ilumio lamps
Danish lighting company Ilomio created the Cowbelle floor lamp, which highlights their guiding design principals: Re-use and re-purpose. Conceptually, the fixture looks like aEuropean cowbell, but in practice it is an industrial nautical part. The low profile base of the floor and desk lamp are weighted and the LED light source is fully dimmable.
Ilumio colored shiny pendants
This grouping showcases many of Ilomio’s designs, from the Milkpail, to the Cowbell and Goldeneye. The are available in an array of cheery colors.
Forestier wire pendants
Papillon by Forestier of Paris looks as though it might have been fashioned from butterfly wings, hence it’s name, which means butterfly in French. The basic colors, with the tinge of green, enhance their ethereal beauty,
Forestier chandelier
Forestier’s Suspension Pavuk by Kateryna Sokolova has 21 lights. It’s diamond shapes are like a play off the traditional hanging crystals that can be found on traditional chandeliers.
floor table wall 2
Their Bamboo lights come in suspension, floor, table and wall styles, as well as in a selection of accent colors.  
Forestier lamp assortment
Forestier Paris has a varied selection of smaller table, floor and ceiling light fixtures that would solve any number of lighting challenges.
Ebb Flow table lamps

Ebb and Flow designs and produces lighting and other objects for the home. The designers start with classic British and Nordic style and add their passion for glass, metal and textiles. Their style infuses products with airy simplicity and a modern edge. The tabletop Glow in a Dome table lamp has a brass or silver metal base and a mouth-blown glass dome.

Ebb Flow smaller pendants
This selection includes the Lute, Pillar and Rowan pendants. Most of the mouth-blown pieces come in various sizes and shades of glass.
Ebb Flow long pendat
The stacked shape of the Futura is very eye-catching. It comes in two sizes and is perfect for grouping or hanging individually. The slim design makes it well suited for small or difficult spaces.
Bomma pendants
When Svetla in the Czech Republic shut down its century-old glassmaking factory, Bomma founder Jiri Trtik decided open his own in 2012 so that skilled craftsmen and engineers would have a job. These pendants are the Ignis and the Soap.
Bomma clear pendants
The TIM collection was created by designer duo Olgoj Chorchoj. Michal Fronek and Jan Nemecek, in cooperation with Bomma, designed a series of large flame cut globes. The collection is named after Tim Burton because Studio Olgoj Chorchoj designed the crystal cupolas used in a display of character figurines from of Burton´s movies
Antradition chandelier
The FlowerPot Pendant by Werner Panton was created un 1968. It is made of two semicircular spheres that face each other. Here, &Tradition has grouped the FlowerPots to make a spectacular chandelier.

Even a small fixture change can have a big impact on your living space.  Take a look around your home and see where you can upgrade your style with just a few new lighting fixtures.  With all the lighting innovations and styles being released, you’re sure to find one that works for you.