Maison and Objet Shows Many Options for Bedroom Lamps

Bedroom lamps can be a challenging home decor issue:  The lighting needs to be soft and create a calming mood, but it also has to be appropriate for tasks such as reading in bed or just finding what you need in dresser drawers.  The right combination of bedroom lamps will solve the challenge and provide general ambient lighting, bedside task lighting, as well as a design statement to enhance the relaxing and luxurious feel of your bedroom. Maison & Objet Paris 2016 included a wide variety of cool lamps that would work in a bedroom.

Art et Floritude

lamp options

Art et Floritude produces lighting in an 18th Century French tradition. Founded in 1850 in the Loire Valley, the company develops and manufactures decorative metal light fixtures and porcelain flowers. Since 1994, they have been producing distinctive chandeliers made of porcelain foliage. Any of these fixtures would be perfect as a bedroom lamp thanks to the beautiful glow and shadows they cast.

soft chadeliers
Whether as a contemporary chandelier or a more traditional ceiling light, either would be a suitable bedroom lamp.
wall lamp nugets
Hung on the wall, this fixture of leaves is as much a work of sculpture as it is a bedroom lamp. The backlit piece creates a very relaxing mood.
Wall lamp sculptural dots
This fixture made of discs bridges the gap between classic and contemporary. The arrangement of circles plays with the light, making it an appropriate mood-setting bedroom lamp.


Based in the Czech Republic, BROKIS creates designs that are enhanced by the craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans. Its award-winning collections are originals that combine traditional, hand-blown glass with other materials, such as wood and hand-pressed metal.

brokis booth
In its booth at Masion Objet 2016, BROKIS showed a variety of fixtures that would work well as bedroom lamps.
bird like fixtures
“Nightbirds” are ceiling lights that provide general light in a bedroom. Suspended singly or in a group, the individual fixtures are available in three different wing angles, which enhances the feeling of flying birds.
ceiling fixtures
Named “Capsula,” the pendants can be purchased singly or as a trio. As a bedroom lamp, they offer seven different color choices for the interior globe, and a smoked or clear outer globe.
table lamps
BROKIS’ new “Lightline” series is ideal as a bedroom lamp because it casts a low, intimate light. A blown-glass body is set into a base made of blown-glass, which also serves as a weight to anchor the lamp. “A line of light is projected from the profile of the object when the light source casts its glow upon the upper plane of etched glass, which in turn appears as a thin line of light emanating outward from the side,” explains the description. It is available in different colors and in several heights.
wall sconce
The “Mona” bedroom lamp is available as a wall sconce, ceiling light or a table model. It comes in myriad colors and finishes, along with color choices for the straps that suspend the fixture from the ceiling.


Bedside lamps
Attached to the wall, these bedroom lamps are excellent for reading in bed.

The Gras lamp, presented by DCW, is not a new item, but rather an iconic fixture that is a perfect bedroom lamp, particularly at the bedside. In 1921 Bernard-Albin GRAS designed a series of lamps for use in offices and in industrial environments. The design is amazingly simple but still very ergonomic. The fixture has  no screws or welded joints. According to the history of DCW,  Le Corbusier was a fan of the lamps and became one of Gras’ most enthusiastic supporters, using the lamps in his own offices as well as including them in architectural projects all over the world.

ceiling pendants
The DCW description says that depending on your mood, this bedroom lamp can make you feel the sun is rising, or it can be like the moonlight.

Another French sought-after classic light is “Here Comes the Sun,” designed by architect Bertrand Balas, in 1969. When the lamp was was released in 1970, Balas wanted to call it “Here Comes the Sun” because of the Beatles song, but he didn’t because he thought that the Beatles would not allow it.

Drugeot Labo

France’s Drugeot Labo arose out of the cider barrel-making company run by the owners’ great grandfather and grandfather. Jean-Louis Rochepeau, the father of the current directors, designed wooden objects on his own in his workshop near the Drugeot river. In 1969, he started Les Ateliers du Drugeot and designed a range of occasional wood furniture in solid oak and cherry.

Kite sconces
The studio’s wide range of wooden furnishings includes fixtures that are fitting mood lighting for the bedroom, yet maintain a playful flair. Called “Cerf Volant,” it is inspired by kites from childhood. The cool light — which is made of oak — can be pointed any direction and comes with a textile cord in white, grey or red.
kite sconces 2
Imaginative but elegant, these bedroom lamps are terrific sconces.
kite sconces with round
The Arrow Wall lamp is similar to the Kite, but more understated. Simple and still original, it provides just a touch of color and is available in eight different colors.


Forestier of Paris represented 20 years of design history and a dozen designers who create lighting fixtures of all kinds, including bedroom lamps.

ceiling lights basket like
These light and airy bedroom lamps are exceptional for general and ambient lighting.
floor and table lamps
These fixtures — the Bodyless Rose on the left and the gray Antenna lamp on the right — are cool lamps for the bedside table.
floor table wall 2
Forestier’s Bamboo collection includes suspension lights, wall sconces, as well as floor and table models — bedroom lamps in any configuration your decor requires. They also come in three color choices: red, green or black.
floor table wall lamps
Perfect for a casual decor design, these bedroom lamps add an easy feel to room.
wire chandeliers
Intricate without being gaudy or stuffy, these chandeliers are extraordinary bedroom lamps. Once reserved for the dining room, chandeliers are increasingly used in the bedroom, according to the American Lighting Association.
wire chandeliers2
Even with no glitz or shimmer, these chandeliers are elegant. They’re perfect for people who find traditional crystal chandeliers overwhelming.


The founders of this London lighting design company gave up jobs in design consulting and furniture design to pursue their “shared dream of a unique but diverse furniture and lighting brand.” Innermost has a “quirky and rebellious approach to design driven by high-spirited London culture,” explains their website.

hat lights sconces
These whimsical fixtures truly fit with the company slogan: We are Concept. We are Quality. We are Wit. We are Innermost. Bedroom lamps shaped like British bowler hats  — called the Jeeves — would lend an air of masculine fun.  The fixtures can purchased as sconces or suspension lights.
hat sconces 2
A top hat design is also available in addition to the bowler, which is a wool felt hat with an aluminum interior.
shadow lamp sconces
Another touch of whimsy comes with this YOYLight. YOY is an LED lamp that projects an image of a classic lampshade onto the wall. “A perfect marriage of illusion and technology,” says Innermost.
shadow sconces 2
It’s a modern, minimalist bedroom lamp until you turn it on.

Le Duen Luminaire

Function must generate the shape — that’s the philosophy of Le Duen, a French lighting studio specializing in electronic lighting that has low energy consumption.  While the studio world with designers and creates product lines, it also produces many bespoke designs. These design-forward pieces are perfect as mood-setting bedroom lamps.

circle chandeliers
Le Duen’s circular and hexagonal suspension lights provide both direct and indirect light, making them a natural fit as a bedroom lamp. They also come with a dimmer switch — all the better to control the mood of the lighting.
Ledeun booth
The Le Duen booth at Mason Objet 2016 shows the many possibilities of these cool lamps.
cicle wall lamps
The “Curve” model is a wall-mounted fixture that is painted in epoxy that comes in red, white and black.
circle chandeliers2
Mounted vertically instead of horizontally, these “Curve” fixtures make for a striking bedroom lamp lightscape.
circle table lamps
The round table models would be first-rate bedroom lamps on the nightstand or on a dresser.


This Worcestershire, UK company many only be about 8 years old, but its timber-based lighting and wood furniture products look like they were created by far more experienced craftspeople. Founder Alex McMaster, “designs for maximum output and minimum waste with some products using leftover materials from other ranges,” explains the company’s statement. The bespoke pieces are visually stunning and technically marvelous.

mcmaster booth
The McMaster exhibit at Mason Objet 2016 shows the range of lighting fixtures that could be easily incorporated as bedroom lamps.
pendant and sconce
The warm light emitted by these elegant spiral fixtures will warm the mood of any bedroom.

Martinelli Luce

Italian lighting designer Elio Martinelli’s studio has more than 60 years of experience producing of lamps and lighting systems. Founded in 1950, Martinelli’s company has created a vast production of lamps for interiors. While originally the business was more directed at a commercial market, it is increasingly paying more attention to residential uses..

flower lamps
Created by Italian designer Gae Aulenti in 2013, the Minipipistrello table lamp would cast the right soft light as a bedroom lamp.
legged lamps
Prolific designer Karim Rashid designed this Cyborg table lamp in 2015. Futuristic in style, the Cyborg would be a fitting bedroom lamp for a modern style of decor.
round table lamps
The Hoop table fixture is a cool lamp for a modern style bedroom. The slightly mushroom-like shape is simple and functional. Designed by ADOLINI+SIMONINI ASSOCIATI, the lamp is a product of the two young designers who collaborate with several companies in the outdoor, furniture, lighting and bathroom industries.

Petite Friture

Petite Friture, is a design editor that was created in 2009 with the aim of promoting young talent and developing with them a catalogue of objects, lighting and small  furniture that creates a vibration. “The result is elegant and accessible objects that in a simple and uninhibited manner tell a story; objects that understand our daily life and invite us to savor it,” describes the website. Working with more than 2 dozen designers, the company represents many cool lamps that would work in bedrooms.

balled cone pendants
The Cherry pendant — available in small or large — provides ambient light when centrally placed in a bedroom. Designed by the Australian duo Daniel.Emma, it’s a minimal and fresh bedroom lamp.
golden interior ceiling lamps
There’s no other word for the quality of light coming from this fixture except for cozy. If you want to project a warm atmosphere, the Lanterna pendant is the bedroom lamp for you. Designed by frenchman Sam Baron, it comes in three sizes.
spoked wheel chandeliers
Lend an airy and somewhat tropical feel to your space with these hanging bedroom lamps. The Vertigo pendant is “simultaneously ethereal and graphic, adapting to both large and small spaces where it creates it’s own intimate space.” French designer Constance Guisset created the fiberglass structure, which is stretched with polyurethane ribbons.


Contemporary pieces for public spaces, offices and homes — that’s the specialty of Pedrali, and Italian company based in Bergamo, Italy. The firm does research to created industrial designs with original shapes made from plastic, metal, wood.

Reading lights
Designed in the spirit of a swinging arm worklight, these wall mounted lights are prime candidates to serve as bedroom lamps. Placed on either side of the bed, they take up no surface space and provide the concentrated light you need to read or write in bed.
Reading lights 2
Even the metallic-bottomed light bulbs add panache to the fixture.

So many lighting options are available that it should not be difficult to find bedroom lamps that work for your home’s decor style as well as your budget.  Remember that just because it is not labeled a bedroom lamp, does not mean it can’t be used as one.