Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeovers Ideas and Instructions

Do you need a kitchen makeover? The kitchen is a major part of any home. It’s not only a food-related space, although that’s a critical role. The kitchen is also where the family comes together, where school projects are done, where conversations happen, where games are played, where laughter and tears abound. Truly, as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place where you should want to be, where the surroundings reflect your style and personality, where you feel comfortable and invigorated. Although a kitchen makeover can be expensive, there are some budget-friendly changes you can make to improve your kitchen yourself, getting a huge impact for a small cost.

Update the Kitchen Countertops.

Concrete Kitchen Countertop TuturialView in gallery
DIY Concrete Kitchen Countertops: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Kitchen countertops are one of the most noticeable aspects of a kitchen…for better or worse. If your countertops are damaged, dated, or simply not to your taste, it’s a good idea to change them out in your kitchen makeover. But if installing entirely new countertops isn’t in the budget, this simple faux concrete countertop installation tutorial is not only possible for even beginning DIYers, but it also provides an instant facelift to the entire kitchen. Plus, because concrete is all the rage lately, this project will place your kitchen squarely on the “updated kitchen” game board.

Improve your Kitchen Tile Backsplash.

How to remove a kitchen tile backsplash step by stepView in gallery
How to Remove a Kitchen Tile Backsplash
How to Install a Subway Tile Kitchen BacksplashView in gallery
How to Install a Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

As a vertical surface, the kitchen backsplash has a disproportionately large visual impact, even though it is generally a small space. If you’re unhappy with your tile backsplash for any reason – maybe it’s generic, builder-grade, old, or not to your taste –our tutorial on how to remove your kitchen tile backsplash will provide helpful hints and instructions. But we certainly don’t want to leave you without a backsplash altogether! Follow another tutorial on successfullylaying a subway tile backsplash to get the job done effectively and efficiently…and beautifully!

Upgrade Kitchen Lighting.

Above-the-sink kitchen lightView in gallery
Above-the-sink kitchen light
Under-cabinet LED lightingView in gallery
Under-cabinet LED lighting

Lighting in a space is kind of like shoes for an outfit…when it’s right, it makes the whole thing work (and, sadly, vice versa). Outdated lighting in the kitchen is a relatively easy fix during a kitchen makeover, but for some reason it can feel a little intimidating. This tutorial illustrates the huge impact a kitchen light upgrade can have, and you can also discover tips and tricks to installing under-cabinet LED lighting. The result of improved lighting in a kitchen is an immediate clean, contemporary, and completely updated feel.

Put in Your Own Kitchen Faucet.

How to Upgrade and Install Your Kitchen FaucetView in gallery
How to Upgrade and Install Your Kitchen Faucet

Few things seem as mysterious or perhaps overwhelming to the massesas plumbing-related DIYs, but the truth is, with some photographic instruction such as what’s included in this tutorial, it’s not as hard as it might seem. And the effect of an updated kitchen faucet is instantaneously modern and sleek, not to mention more functional. Learn how to remove an old and install a new kitchen faucet in this step-by-step guide, complete with photographic tips and methods. For relatively little money, a new faucet in your kitchen makeover can bring a contemporary update to even an old sink in a minimally remodel-invasive way.

Install a USB Wall Charger.

How to Install a USB Wall Charger OutletView in gallery
How to Install a USB Wall Charger Outlet

Often overlooked when it comes to makeovers are the simple things that make life so much easier and less complicated. With the increasing number of battery-powered technological gadgets in a household, it makes sense that having plenty of places to plug and charge the gadgets is not only helpful and useful, but it’s also becoming a necessity. Enter: installing a USB wall charger, so that your electrical outlets required for kitchen appliances need not be used up charging the phones and tablets. This is a simple DIY project, and one that has the potential to improve the function and convenience of the entire household.

We hope you enjoy looking into and learning about ways to simply, affordably conduct a kitchen makeover yourself.