DIY Door Stop Designs Your Home Needs Right Now

Door stops are accessories every home needs but doesn’t always have. Sure, you can look at a door stop and only see a practical item that keeps your door open when needed but you can also look at it as see a whole range of possibilities in terms of fun and interesting designs and material combinations. We propose a few great DIY designs which your home could definitely make the most of.

Concrete and rope door stops

Door stops need to be heavy but not very large. You want them to be able to keep a heavy door open without taking a lot of floor space. A perfect material in this case would be concrete. You should check out Homemademakeovers if you want to find out how to use concrete and rope to make chic-looking door stops. You could also use thick twine instead of rope. You’re also going to need balcanized couplers, some tape and moulds which can be made out of empty juice boxes or plastic containers.

Fabric door stops diy

Just because a door stop needs to be heavy doesn’t mean it has to look like a really heavy thing. In fact, you can play with this idea and make some door stoppers that look like lightweight pillows. Fill them with rice to make them heavy enough to keep the door open. You can find a detailed tutorial about the project on Valleyandcolifestyle along with a short list of required materials: muslin fabric, a rice bag, straight pins, a needle, some thread and ribbon.

Mind the gap door stop

A door stop could also be used as a draught excluder/ sealer in some cases. It would have to look like a long and thin pillow similar to the one on Pillarboxblue. To make a door stopper that looks like this one you’re going to need a “mind the gap” cross stitch pattern, some canvas, thread in various colors and a tapestry needle.

DIY Dino Doorstop

Looking for a fun design idea for your door stop? Check out the dinosaur one featured on Lemonthistle. It’s easy to make and it uses a plastic dinosaur or some other toy which the kids might let you use for this project. You’ll be attaching the toy to a basic wooden door stop using some powerful glue. You could make the door stop yourself out of some wood. After you glue the toy on the wood, take some metallic spray paint and apply a few coats to the entire thing.

Scrap wood door stop

Similarly, you can choose to customize a simple wooden door stop with something other than a dinosaur toy. A leather strip would look very chic and will also provide you with a handle to easily grab the door stop when needed. you’ll need a piece of wood, some white paint, sealer, a saw, a drill, a leather strip, a brass washer and a screw, sandpaper and a some paintbrushes. You’ll find a detailed description of the project on Homemadebycarmona.

Reel time doorstop

When you’re crafting your own door stop you can make it look however you want. Let’s say you choose fabric as your main material. You could make a door stop that looks like a cute little sac filled with rice or beans, similar to the one on Aspoonfulofsugardesigns.  Use fabric with different prints, patterns and colors to make each face look different. Don’t forget the handle.

door stop tutorial

If you want to give your fabric door stop a vintage look, consider using linen or burlap. It can be simple or patterned. In any case, the whole project is really simple and you can find a description for it on Seamsandscissors. You’ll need two square pieces of fabric for the top and bottom and four rectangular ones for the sides. For the handle, you can use ribbon or burlap. Fill the door stop with dry beans or lentils.

Nautical inspired door stopper

Wood is also a pretty great material when it comes to door stops. For example, check out this nautical-themed one. It’s made from a very sculptural and beautiful tree stump. it’s heavy and stable enough to do its job and the rope handle gives that beautiful nautical look that makes it stand out.

Oak door stop

Another possibility is to use a cube-shaped piece of oak wood. It will be compact and heavy, perfect for serving as a door stop. To make it more practical, add a handle to it. it can be a crew-in metal handle or you can make a rope one. This depends on the style you prefer for your door stop.

Burlap stencil door stop

If you choose to use fabric, consider burlap as your main option. It’s very simple, basic and charming, ideal if you want the door stops to have a subtle vintage look. You can make them look like pillows and give them a nice handle made of twine or thin rope. If you want, you can also customize them with a stencil.

wooden door stop

Of course, there’s always the possibility to purchase some simple-looking door stops like this one we found on Etsy. This one is really simple and chic and, if you’d choose to make a version of it at home, you’d need a piece of wood, a saw, some sandpaper, a drill and some thin rope.

Nautical manila monkey door stop

If you like nautical-themed door stops, check out this one made of Manila Rope. It has a concrete ball at its core which makes it quite heavy. You could try to replicate the look in  a DIY project. The key is finding the right type of knot for the project and the executing it. {found on Etsy}.