Designer Furniture Meant To Impress Through Originality

Furniture designers set the trends with their continuously changing creations, always setting new standards and offering inspiration. Their role is to innovate, to find new ways to add functionality to a classical piece of furniture, to make a simple accent piece stand out by giving it a new and intriguing form, to mix and match materials and colors in new and eye-catching ways. Designer furniture is not only interesting but also revelating, offering us new perspectives on things we know all too well.

Layered nest tables

Furniture design can be expressive in numerous ways. Designers often choose to emphasize one particular aspect, simplifying everything else. In the case of this set of three nesting side tables, the interesting aspect is the way in which the wire frame table tops interact to form various patterns. Together they form the Layered Table collection designed by Studio EJ.

Berco Se7e Chair

The Berço is a handmade rocking chair with a soft sponge cushion. Just by looking at it, you can tell its design is unusual, placing somewhere between a sofa and a futuristic-looking version of the classical rocking chair. The user can adjust it by choosing between two positions: stable and rocking. This is done with the help of two metallic retractable feet. The curved frame is made of white satin Lacquered wood.

Bespoke furniture made in London
The sunset hanging lamp and shelf

All furniture pieces designed by Lozi are defined by soft curves and edges and delicate shapes. This description applies to everything, from sideboards to armchairs, coffee tables and shelves. Each design is innovative but at the same time maintains the classical characteristics of each piece of furniture as well as its functionality.

Dynsk wall unit and chairs

TABANDA’s trademark plywood designs are the result of the team’s continuous curiosity and drive to explore this material’s limitations and potential. With the Diago chair, they went beyond their usual strategy and also introduced Japanese influences. The chair is inspired by origami, featuring a design that unfolds and reveals its beauty and versatility by being paired with a variety of colors and textures. There’s also a version of this chair which has the seat lined with gray felt, suggestively named Felt Diago.


tabanda dynks

The company’s first modular shelf was named DYNKS and it incorporates all the team stands for. Their goal was to create something that inspires and never lets the user become bored with their furniture. The shelving unit has a modular and flexible design which offers a large number of design possibilities to be explored. The shelves can be reorganized and rearranged, always revealing new options.

Tulip black and red chairs

The Tulip chair is a classic and many variations of its original design were created over the years. This particular version is offered by Chairs & More, a company which expressed its originality through a simple and linear style. This Tulip chair has a seat made of soft polyurethane with a fire retardant finish and natural ash legs with rounded ends. The chair comes in two dimensions, small and large, which can be combined to create custom seating arrangements.

Cowrie rocker wooden chair

Inspired by the concave lines of sea shells, the Cowrie Rocker is bound to become a focal point anywhere it goes. Its design was created by carefully blending two very different techniques: the handmade and digital. The rocker is made of plywood and has a single, continuous form. Its design is defining for the entire collection which also includes an easy chair and a bench seat.

Sumo Pouf from Norman Copenhagen

When designing the Sumo Pouf, Simon Legald wanted it to be a simple and, at the same time, very expressive piece of furniture. The simplicity of its shape and overall design allows the little details to be highlighted. The combination of materials is also harmonious. Featuring a wooden frame with four small visible feet, the stool is covered in fabric upholstery with button details that give it a playful and cheerful look.

Bloom orange chair

Nature is always a reliable source of inspiration. Numerous furniture designers use organic forms in their creations. The Bloom chair is a refreshing example. The chair is designed to resemble a delicate garden flower, featuring a steel base, a fiberglass reinforced top and an upholstered seat with numerous stitches radiating from its center. Combined with organic colors usually featuring by flowers the microfiber seat stands out in a very natural way.

scaffold sofa back with storage

On the other hand, nature is not the only source of inspiration for creative and original furniture. Given its name, it’s easy to see where the inspiration for the Scaffold Sofa came from. This is a piece of furniture which combines comfort with increased functionality and architectural beauty. The sofa has a solid wood structure and a wooden frame which surrounds the seat allowing it to also be used as a bookshelf.

Matériaux round shelf

The Luna cabinet is an intriguing accent piece designed by Patricia Urquiola. Its charm comes from the simplicity of the design and the interesting way in which basic forms and details were used. The cabinet has a circular shape and sits on a sculptural pedestal. It’s made of MDF and walnut veneer and is divided into two halves. A set of two sliding door of different colors can hide or reveal the bottom half portion while the top is always exposed.

Desigual furniture design with rich colors

Patching up things can be fun and rewarding. Sometimes the action can take an artistic form, being applied to furniture collections such as the Patch which includes armchairs and poufs with simple and classical designs. Their unique characteristic lies in the patchwork upholstery which incorporates diverse colors, prints and textures. Furniture pieces such as the Armchair Patch Jacquard or the Pouf Patch Naranja can revolutionize your living space with their multicolored charm.

La dolce vita par didier versavel et labarere

Named simply Chest 2 Doors, this piece may not communicate much this way but its design tells a different story. The chest is part of the Dolce Vita collection by Labarere, a series which revisits the elegance and charm of the 50s and adapts them to suit a modern context. The collection was designed for contemporary interiors to which it can add a warm, cheerful and relaxed feel thanks to the soft lines and vintage colors.

Frame wall shelving system

With the help of the Frame modules, any space can gain a functional and stylish look. The modules are available in a multitude of variants, featuring different dimensions, shapes, colors and being compartmentalized in various ways. At the same time, the user can choose to display and organize them in all sorts of customized combination, using both open and closed modules.

Black Bars Stools

When the initial ML42 stool was designed by Mogens Lassen in 1942, the inspiration for it came from the stools used by the shoemakers. Their simplicity, elegance and lightness were translated into a new design which was sculptural and stylish. The stool is supported by three legs connected by thin brass rods. The stool’s seat and frame are made of black-stained beech wood.

Nerd Grey Bar Stools

Don’t be fooled by this bar stool’s name. The NERD stool designed by David Geckeler wasn’t meant to be a geeky piece of furniture but rather one that reflects the beauty of Nordic design. Its design is classic and simple but not without being special and inspiring. The stool’s backrest and seat are meant to enhance the user’s comfort and to offer the piece an inviting and stylish look while maintaining its lightweight appearance.

Frame freestanding bettelux bathtub

The new generation of freestanding bathtubs and washbasins that form the Bettelux Shape collection was inspired, just like all the other ones, by water and its powerful character and delicate form. These creations invite luxury into our homes with their simplistic and graphical designs. They can be complemented with matching furniture and accessories.

Teodora rond table

The Theodora dining table was designed by Emanuel Ungaro. It has a high gloss, polished lacquered top and a metal cross leg base with a golden finish. The top has an inlay of ostrich egg shells or deer antlers, definitely not a detail found in other tables. The same design also comes in rectangular or square formats.

Fabric strip chair

Some furniture designs stand out by proposing an interesting or unusual concept. This fabric strip chair can be used as an example. It’s little important what lies beneath this collection of colorful and diverse fabric strips. The beauty of the design is in the chaotic way in which these pieces f=of fabric are arranged and the overall image they create for the chair or pouf.

Favela Chair

The Favela chair proposes a somewhat similar concept except this time the material chosen is wood. The interesting thing about this chair is that it has no internal frame and is simply made of numerous small strips of wood (pine for indoor use and teak for the outdoors). The strips are nailed to each other in a random pattern. This is a handmade piece of furniture with a one-of-a-kind design.

Walnut coffee table

The minimalistic design of this walnut coffee table was accessorized with two sleek mini shelves meant to allow the table to also be used as a magazine holder, thus turning it into a multifunctional and versatile piece of furniture. The table’s design suits a variety of decors, being most fitting for modern or contemporary living rooms.