16 Best Scandinavian Bedrooms For Kids

When it comes to family values, Swedes have it right. Less stuff, more meaning. Less clutter, more consideration. The epitome of less is more. Scandinavian interior design directly reflects these values throughout Swedish homes. You’ve probably seen hundreds of beautiful, sparsely decorated living rooms and kitchens on their nurseries and children’s bedrooms flow with the style of the rest of the house. They understand how important it is to begin teaching this “less is more” philosophy at an early age. Here are 16 Scandinavian bedrooms for kids that might make you decide to adopt the same philosophy.

Scandinavian natural tones

One prevailing similarity throughout Swedish homes is the neutral color scheme. Black, white and light brown are your go-tos. In the kid’s rooms, add pops of blue and green that will keep the natural feel but be a little more inspiring to young eyes. (via Nordic Design)

Scandinavian birch furniture

When buying furniture for your Scandinavian kid’s room, go birch or go home. The light wood will keep the space feeling fresh and airy instead of heavy. Perfect for any child’s bedroom, no matter their age.

Scandinavian patterned bedding

While your colors might seem limited, you can have as much fun with bedding as you like! Fill your child’s room with stripes and spots and triangles and robot print. As long as it stays black and white, it will match and look amazing. (via Decor Dots)

Scandinavian creative lighting

You can also have great fun with kid’s lighting. String bulbs along the wall. Buy the white bunny nightlight. Now is the time to purchase all the fun lighting you’ve come across in your online shopping but never had the space for. (via @yellowdoordesigns)

House shaped furniture

Scandinavian decor for kids alwaysalways… includes something house shaped. Whether it’s a playhouse, a little shelf or even a bed’s headboard, house shaped furniture will remind your child that home is where the heart is. (via Mommo Design)

Scandinavian knitted textiles

While you may not live in a cold climate like the Swedes, you will want to make sure your child’s room seems cozy. Include something knitted like a rug or a pillow to add that extra bit of comfort and make the space seem homey. (via Coco and Kelley)

Scandinavian monochrome prints

Yes, less is more, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hang art in your child’s room. Make your colors black, white and pale shades that match the rest of the room and you can hang as many prints as you like. (via Petit and Small)

Banner scandinavian room

In all your decorating, don’t forget to look up. The space by the ceiling can be spruced up with a banner or string lights or a mobile. Again, keep to your neutral tones and it will look like a party. (via Decor Dots)

Scandinavian matching toys

You’ve always wanted a reason to throw out your child’s bright plastic light up toys. Here it is. Scandinavian toys tend to match the rest of the room’s decor and many times are made of wood and linens. So just hustle that singing Elmo away without guilt. (via @marciaplus5)

Scandinavian imagination toys

Speaking of toys, most of the toys that Scandinavian kid’s rooms include are things that promote imagination. A dollhouse, a rocking horse, stuffed linen animals, things that require a little creativity. It will definitely help get them off that iPad. (via Urzadzamy)

Scandinavian creative space

If your child is old enough to draw, they deserve a space to create. Most Scandinavian rooms have a chalkboard or a small table and chairs, someplace that encourages little ones to make something. And who can resist a mini table and chairs? (via Mini Style)

Scandinavian reading nook

I think reading is the best way to entertain a child. Make your child’s books readily available by displaying them on the wall or putting them in a book box. If you want to go all out, make a reading nook that will encourage them to spend time in the pages. (via Mini Style)

Scandinavian clever storage

Lots of Swedish homes are quite small in comparison so creativity in storage is a necessity. If you’re in the same boat, think outside the box and put drawers under the bed for clothes or toys. You’ll find the lack of a closet is no problem at all. (via A Merry Mishap)

Scandinavian useful decor

Not all clothes need to be stashed away! If you have a certain dress that’s a favorite hang it on the wall. Most likely, you’re dressing your child the same way you’re decorating your home so it will be sure to match. (via Grey White Heart)

Scandinavian bunk beds

If you really want to promote the idea of family first, have your kids share a bedroom. Bunk beds with cozy linens will help your kids create a bond that will never break, no matter how old they get. (via Caisak)

Scandinavian holiday decor

You have a Christmas tree in your living room and Easter tulips on the dining room table. Don’t leave your kid’s rooms out of the holiday decorating! Let them have their own mini decorations that will make their bedrooms feel festive for the season. (via Bo Bedre)