DIY Design Inspired: Metal Candle Holders

Let’s talk about candle holders today, shall we? You definitely know, that if you want to make yourself a set, you can find plenty of tutorials online – created from many different materials like concrete or wood, in many different finishes and colors. That’s because we all like to dress up our candles before we display them, right? I belive nothing can beat stylish atmosphere created by the twinkling candle lights, so make sure to have a cool set of holders ready to use whenever the mood strikes.

design candle holders
DIY Metal candle holder

Today I want to share with you my recent favourite DIY Metal Candle Holders, which definitely help to set the atmosphere at home. They are simple, stylish and don’t try to look too fancy which is why they are great both for special occassions like – Easter or Christmas Holidays, and casual Saturday dinners with friends. Copper elements are still present in the latest collections of the interior brands, so this finish is definitely the right choice.

If you like their look too, follow step by step tutorial below to complete this project:

metal candles holder - supplies

Here’s what you will need:

  • metal candle plates (however if you don’t have candle plates, you can use any other item as your candle base)
  • copper rings (you can find them in your local hardware store)
  • strong glue (superglue /superattack)


metal candle holder tutorial

The tutorial is very easy, so whether you are a DIY beginner or superstar, I’m sure you you can do it. All you have to do is – glue the copper ring to the center of your base. Wait couple of hours for it to dry well before using. Then place your candles inside and enjoy the magical mood.

DIY metal candles holder
copper candles holder

I have to say simple projects with a great effect are always my favourite, which is why I am so happy with the result. I love how this set turned out and can’t wait to decorate my table with it.

Do you like this idea? Tell us in the comment section below!