Stylish Display Made From A Simple String

Some DIY projects definitely prove that there is art in simplicity. Displaying your favourite paper inspirations, postcards or photographs is a great way to bring current mood into your wall and appreciate those clipped, meaningful items, in a day to day life simply by having them on display. There are many ways to put the visual inspiration on your wall, however most of us tend to go for the most traditional method – frames, forgetting about other equally tasteful possibilities. As great as gallery walls are, they are not the best option for displaying small visuals, so today I will show you a quick and stylish way to get the best out of small items.

Stylish Display Made From A Simple String
Wood beads and string

This DIY Display solution needs only a string, two hooks and painted beads to create a lovely spot for your pictures. The good thing about it is, that it looks great also on it’s own, without any inspiration clipped, so you might want to hang it on your wall when not in use. Have a look at the quick tutorial below to get inspired and create your own Display String.

Spray paint

You will need:

  • Thick string
  • Different size, wooden beads
  • paints to match your string color and interior style (I chose to go with the black, white + wood look)
  • two hooks + hammer

If you gathered all your supplies, we are ready to go. Here’s what you will have to do:

1. First of all, decide where you would like to display your photographs / postcards, and how long your string needs to be.

2. Once you’ve got your measurements, it’s time to prepare the wooden beads – clean them well and paint using your preferred paint color, then wait for them to dry.

Glass jars beads

3. Pass the beads through both end of the string, creating a little composition of big, small, black white, natural beads. Play around with the arrangement until you are happy with the look.

String beads

4. Hook two nails to your wall at the same height to make sure the string is straight, and wrap the string around the nails.

Wall nail

5. Now your DIY String Display is ready to use, so you can clip your favourite visuals to it, using masking tapes, pegs, or metal clips.

Hang pictures on wall

How do you like this solution? I believe it’s good to experiment with different options to find your own personal style at home. Traditional methods are great but if you are looking for something unusual, this might be it! Enjoy creating your DIY Display String guys!

Angle view pictures on string