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Swing Arm Wall Lamp Add Both Style And Functionality To Your Decor

If you’re looking for new lighting fixtures, for your home, swing arm wall lamp is a great choice. Of course, like anything else, shopping for the best swing arm wall light can be a bit of a task, with literally thousands of options available. It can be to your benefit to know exactly what to look for when purchasing the fixture to meet your needs and why they are so advantageous to you.

Swing Arm Wall Lamp

What to Look for in a Swing Arm Lamp

Having swing arm lamps to light areas of your home can be really convenient. They don’t take up floor space and are less likely to be in the way or get knocked down. Also, because they move, you can reposition them as needed for whatever task is at hand. This makes them more useful under many circumstances, since a floor lamp can be clunky to move around. There are three important things to consider when buying swing arm lamps.

First, you should know whether you’ll need a plug-in or a hardwired lamp. If you don’t have electrical experience or the pre-wired location, you should consider a plug-in. Second, you’ll want to make sure that the adjustable swing arm moves where you need it to when you need it. And finally, you’ll want to determine how much space it will take up so that you don’t have it in the way of wall hangings or other décor.

Types of Wall Lamps

There are seven different types of wall lamps that you can typically find on the market, and here is a little something that you should know about each:

  • Swing-arm wall lights have movable arms that allow you to swing the light so that you can light up a certain area. They are perfect to serve as bedside lamps for whenever you want to read a book, but they are also commonly-found in nurseries and they are a good solution for those of you that want a desk light but have limited space for one.
  • Flush-mounted wall washers are one of the most common types of wall sconces. They have a half-moon shape and are often used as accent lights because of their compact size. They aren’t that suitable for those who want to light up large areas.
  • Wallchieres are a very stylish option, kind of like a modern approach to the traditional wall torch. They have detailed designs and are often used as an alternative to a floor torchiere because they don’t take up floor space.
  • Lantern wall sconces are designed just like the traditional hand lanterns, being extremely popular amongst those who wish to buy outdoor lighting.
  • Candle sconces have a very romantic vibe to them, being a throwback to a time when people used candles to light up their homes. They have bases made from a variety of materials, ranging from wood to brass.
  • Picture lights have a very slim design and they are typically used to light up a certain piece of wall art. They are generally made with LED technology and they have a bent arm so that the light is reflected on the art piece below it.
  • Sign lights have a design somewhat similar to that of picture lights, but they can light up a broader area. It is commonly used outdoors to light up business signs

How to Choose a Lamp

Choosing a wall lamp can be a bit daunting if it’s not something you had to deal with before. If you’re not sure what type of wall light suits you best, here are some shopping tips that might help you narrow down your options:

  • The first step is to determine why you need a wall light. Is it for reading? Highlighting a portion of the wall/an art piece? To prevent you from tripping on something when you go to the bathroom at night? Determining why you want a wall light will make you focus on a more specific type.
  • The number of lights you want is also going to have a say in what type of light is better for you. Placement is really important when it comes to just about any type of light. Also, if you want to cover up a large area with a wall lamp that emits diffuse light, you might want to consider installing multiple of these.
  • The room where your new wall lights are to be mounted is also important. For instance, those of you that want a light for a craft room/office, are much better off in choosing a swing-arm light because it frees up desk space and you can move the light around to a specific work area.

Cool Swing Arm Wall Lamp Ideas

1. Hindsville 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Hindsville 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp is a touch-free operated fixture with classic style. This plug-in lamp comes with both cord and cord cover for ease of installation and maximum aesthetic appearance. It also has the option to be hardwired, if you prefer. The Hindsville swing arm lamp affords you convenient operation and lighting options, with a sensor that works on the wave of a hand, so you never have to worry about fiddling with a switch.

Wave your hand under the sensor once to turn it on, twice to put it in night mode so that it slowly fades off over five minutes. You also have dimming options by holding your hand under the sensor until the lighting is just right for you. The fixture extends to just over 22 inches at its maximized position, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

2. Austrinus 2 – Light Dimmable Matte Swing Arm Lamp

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Austrinus 2-Light Dimmable Matte Swing Arm Lamp is highly stylized for a great look as well as functionality. The two-arm wall mounted fixture is ideal for reading, projects, and other close-use lighting. The metal fixture provides a modern look, with matte black paint over metal, a rectangular wall plate, and conical lamps. The bronze accents add a little something extra to the design as well.

When used with a dimmer switch, both arms of the lamp are fully dimmable, and the arms are simple to adjust to whatever position and angle works best for you. All mounting hardware is included, so it’s easy to install. The fixture has a 21-inch reach when fully extended and requires only a 60-watt bulb for maximum functionality.

3. Glenhaven 1 – Light Swing Arm Lamp

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Glenhaven 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp is a simpler wall sconce that provides a uniquely classic appearance with a modern update. Mount it on the wall beside your reading nook or over your bedside table to keep the surface clear for other items and enjoy the ambiance of the minimalist design. It has both plug-in and hardwire options with a switch and cord provided for installation, and it’s full dimmable with a proper switch.

Note that, while some swing arm lamps have a full range of motion, the Glenhaven fixture is designed to move only up and down, keeping its glass lamp shade in a fixed position while you move it closer or further away as needed over your shoulder. This fixture has a maximum 19.5-inch reach when fully extended. For best functionality, provide a bulb that is at least 60 watts. The Glenhaven swing arm lamp comes with a 2-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about quality concerns.

4. Bronze Grijalva Right Swing Arm Lamp

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Bronze Grijalva Right Swing Arm Lamp is eye catching, with a sleek, modern design the likes of which is reminiscent of a swanky loft. The die cast aluminum construction contains white tinted glass and makes a low-key impression in any space. The right facing swing arm is adjustable to light your area and can be used for reading or as a spotlight over a piece of modern art. This lamp is hardwired, and it comes with a switch for installation.

It’s fully dimmable to set the mood for any need. It can even be utilized in damp spaces, unlike so many swing arm lamps on the market, making it very versatile. The product is extremely lightweight, coming in at under one and a half pounds, and the integrated LED means you won’t need to provide a new bulb for years to come. The Grijalva fixture also has a five-year limited warranty.

5. Niamh Swing Arm Lamp

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Niamh Swing Arm Lamp provides a classy but simple design that is long lasting and durable. The metal construction is sturdy for longevity of life, and the decorative style make it applicable in almost any space, regardless of theme or other décor. You get a metallic finish in one of several shades available, and this all comes as an eco-friendly product.

This is a plug-in lamp with a switch that mounts on the outlet for ease of installation and use, and the horizontal swing allows you plenty of adjustable positions to meet your needs. Choose brass, bronze, or nickel for your finish, and update your space with convenient lighting. The Niamh lamp extends fully at 27 inches for quite a reach, but be aware it’s fairly heavy, at 16 pounds, which is heavier than most of the average wall sconce lamps.

6. Styers 1 – Light Swing Arm

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Styers 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp offers a unique accordion style swing arm that sets it apart in terms of style, making it distinct and noticeable in any space. The accordion arm can extend up to 23 inches, making it vastly accommodative, regardless of your needs, but when condensed, only takes up a foot of space. While the Styers swing arm lamp isn’t dimmable, it can be hardwired or plugged in, making it viable regardless of your application. It offers strong, direct light set in a neutral metallic finish that won’t clash with your style.

The steel construction makes it durable so you can expect it to be long lasting and durable. The manufacturer recommends the use of a 60-watt bulb, which is not included with the purchase of the lamp. Because of its construction, it is slightly heavier than some other similar fixtures but is still under five pounds, making it completely manageable to mount. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty to help sooth your concerns about functionality.

7. Dupree 1-Light LED Dimmable Plug-in Swing Arm

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Dupree 1-Light LED Dimmable Plug-in Swing Arm not only offers a muted, classic design but is also set up for ease of installation, with seven feet of wire and a molded plug, which can be removed if you would like to hardwire it to your existing switch. The solid brass design has a high-end appearance for the fixture, and its modern manufacturing provides a full 180 degrees of swing so you can position it as needed to accommodate your reading, illumination, or other project desired.

You have the option to face the bulb up or down, depending on the needs of the space, making it an extremely versatile fixture. It also comes with the bulb to get you started so you don’t have to go searching for a dimmable bulb prior to installation, should you have a dimmer switch setup.

Even more exciting is the fact that you could install this swing arm lamp on a covered patio, as it’s rated for damp environments. The Dupree fixture has an incredible reach of nearly three feet when fully extended, making it quite adaptable to any situation. The bulb supplied is an amber 100-watt bulb which is recommended for the soft glow and the added brightness provided by the higher wattage. You can use a different color bulb as desired, with the recommended 100 watts.

8. Light Swing Arm Lamp

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Lyana 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp is a simple, minimalist designed fixture that is perfect for blending into the surroundings while still providing adequate lighting for any purpose. The clean, contemporary lines are offset by antique hardware details so that it isn’t completely devoid of notice and can still be an accent piece that draws attention, if you wish. The curved shade helps provide direct lighting to the space desired with maximum output in that spotlighted area, allowing you the full benefit of wattage.

With the correct bulb and switch, the lamp is fully capable of dimming as desired. The metal design is both sleek and durable, and you’ll find that this hardwired lamp will last longer than the average fixture. The 24-inch reach of the arm means you don’t have to struggle to assure the light reaches its destination. For best performance, the manufacturer recommends a 100-watt bulb in the Lyana lamp. Reversible mounting is available.

9. Brass accents

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Hancock 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp has a warm brass finish that can apply well in a very contemporary home or in a classic, antique driven design. It has an artful appearance but offers the utility you need to illuminate any space that needs direct light, such as an office desk or a reading nook. With dimmable bulbs and switches, you do have the option of controlling the mood lighting, helping to adjust to the needs of the project at hand, and you can change the wattage of the bulb for greater or less illumination overall.

The double swing arm allows you to better control the exact position of the lamp so that you always have exactly what you need where you need it, with the ability to extend as far as 34 inches from the wall. That nearly 3-foot reach is a phenomenal bonus, giving you incredible versatility for use. The Hancock fixture is hardwired, so you may need electrical assistance when mounting and wiring. However, it only takes a standard 60-watt bulb for full functionality.

10. Austrinus 1-Light Matte Swing Arm

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Austrinus 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp has more than just an arm that can be repositioned. You also get a pivoting shade so you can better direct the light once you have the fixture in position. This can make it easier to direct light over the shoulder without blinding the eyes and be applicable in a number of situations. The finishes are matte black and brass on the accents, which gives it the ability to work in all surroundings, whether modern or classic, so that it blends in regardless of your taste in décor.

The arm swings horizontally for best use, with the pivoting shade for added control, and it reached up to 13 inches outward. The minimalist design can be used as an accent light or for reading and other projects, and you have the option of plug-in or hardwire operation for your convenience. This fixture only requires a 60-watt bulb for expected performance.

11. Jarratt 1 – Light Dimmable Swing Arm

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Jarratt 1-Light Dimmable Swing Arm Lamp has a classic fabric shade in a more modern design that includes a steel mounting plate and arms for that upscale appearance you see in so many home renovations shows. With a two-foot maximum reach, this swing arm lamp can cast the right light in any space and is ideal for bedrooms, above bedside tables, or in offices and reading nooks.

The fixture is fully dimmable, so you can have more or less light as required by your situation, and you have the option to operate via a plug or through hardwiring, if you so desire. Keep surfaces clear for use with the wall-mounted fixture so that you have a sleeker look to your space and don’t feel cluttered. The recommended 100-watt bulb will give you maximum performance, and you’ll find that a one-year warranty is provided for this particular swing arm lamp.

12. Serena 1-Light Swing Arm

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Serena 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp can work as a spotlight in any space and provides a warm glow from beneath the clear conical glass shade, which reflects light in a beautiful spread to show off a piece of art or a plant, or to assist you with work, projects, and reading. The double arm extends over two feet out, if needed, and can be positioned in a number of ways to accommodate your application while still remaining classy in appearance.

While you can hardwire the fixture, the Serena lamp also comes with a cord and switch for ease of installation anywhere in your home without direct access for hardwiring. Note that this particular fixture requires a 100-watt bulb for ideal operation and is controlled simply by a switch in the mounting panel so you can control it locally. This makes it an excellent choice as a bedside lamp, so you don’t have to get up to turn it off.

13. Demi 1 – Light Swing Arm

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Demi 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp is a modern take on the classic hotel fixture that became so popular it’s moved into our homes and everyday lives. It has a sleek metal design with a narrow conical shade that directs light fully into the space desired, like a high-powered spotlight. The fixture is hardwired and, while not naturally fitted to be dimmable with a simple switch on the mounting plate, the Demi swing arm lamp can be fitted with a dimmable bulb and switch so you can create a dimming fixture that accommodates both mood and precarious projects where bright light can actually damage materials.

The dual arm has a maximum reach extending more than two feet, so you don’t have to mount directly over the space in question and you’re still able to focus light directly where you need it. The multiple positions and durable design make it functional for just about any need.

14. Vanderpool 1-Light Swing Arm

Vanderpool 1 Light Swing Arm

The Vanderpool 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp offers a chic transitional style that blends contemporary with classic for a design that works in any space in your home, from over your chair for reading in the living room to spotlighting artwork in the dining room or giving you easy access to direct lighting over your bedside table. The metal has an antique brass finish, complete with molded details and decorative screw caps so that everything is fully blended in design. The shade is made of a tapered drum of beige polyester, which gives it a soft appearance with great, long lasting durability.

The double hinged swing arm allows for positioning that reaches up to 24 inches out when fully extended and allows for a number of positions that easily accommodate your needs. The Vanderpool is a plug-in fixture, making it very easy to install with all hardware included for mounting. You also have the cord and switch included. If fitted with a proper bulb and switch, the fixture is capable of dimming but doesn’t come predisposed to it. You’ll want to use the recommended 150-watt bulb for maximum functionality.


How many wall lights do I need?

It really depends on the area of the space that you’re looking to light up. For instance, if you want to light up a hallway that’s really long, you can choose to install a fixture once every 8 or 10 feet. However, this is not exact science, since it depends on the lumens output of the light in question. 

Where should wall lights be placed in a bedroom?

If you want to install wall lamps in the bedroom, it is best if you place them either on the sides of the bed, or right above it, about two feet above the bed. If you want to enjoy even lighting, place the wall lamps about 8 to 10 feet apart from each other. 

Can any wall light be dimmable?

Most wall lights are compatible with dimmer switches, but this is not a rule. Whenever you buy a wall lamp, you should be told if the fixture is compatible with a dimmer switch.