Prototype hanging lamp by Lukas Peet

Pendants and lamps are a common fixture in anyone’s home. This means that they are mainly a functional and practical piece and not necessarily a decorative piece. But this also means that their popularity and utility has encouraged designers to come up with a lot of different designs, for all sorts of styles and personalities, so that everyone can find one that suites them perfectly.

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So here’s yet another interesting and unique design for a hanging lamp. This one actually gives a new meaning to this type of lamp because it is literary hanging from its electrical cord. It has an unusual shape, very simple but striking. The pendant uses energy efficient natural sunshine and Dimmable T8 fluorescent bulbs.

It’s a very innovative lamp design that looks very promising. But if you like this piece and you want to have it in your home, you might have to wait because it’s still a prototype.. Still, the production is limited, but it exists. This product is currently seeking a Producer/ Manufacturer. So if you find it interesting and promising, it could use your help. It’s a very simple but stylish pendant that would look very interesting in a modern or contemporary home. Maybe it could use some changes, for example it would be a little more practical if it was suspended in a different way.