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The Popular Industrial Style Decor Start With A Floor Lamp

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any space, whether home, office, indoor or outside, and it’s essential to not only provide the right type and amount of lighting for the space in question but to assure that the design aspects match your style as well.

Floor Lamp

As new architectural advances lend themselves to more radical and imaginative spaces, the creative aspect has shifted to using industrial elements to create a new style that carries over into lighting. Using an industrial style floor lamp allows you to get targeted lighting capabilities while also improving the overall aesthetic of a space with an adventurous design aspect. Take a look at some of the best industrial style floor lamps we’ve found to get started.

What to Look for in an Industrial Style Floor Lamp

When looking for the best industrial style floor lamp for your space, you want to assure that you get what you pay for. In other words, make sure that you find a solidly constructed lamp that, regardless of design and details, can be trusted to remain sturdy and last a long time. Also, know what type of bulbs are required so that you can take into account the cost of purchasing those bulbs and running them over time. The elements that define the industrial style are widely varied, but in order to create that appearance, you’ll want to look at the construction and overall architecture for pointed reference to industry and its typical elements.

Types of Floor Lamps

Did you know there are 10 different types of floor lamps? Yeah, us neither. But it’s mind blowing to know how many amazing options you have when you’re looking to buy a floor lamp, so here are all the main types, briefly described to you:

  • Swing-arm lamps allow you to adjust the position of the light without moving the entire lamp.
  • Torchiere lamps emit light upwards and make great accent lamps.
  • Tower lamps look like pieces of sculpture and also make good accent lights.
  • Table lamps are a mixture between a regular lamp and a floor one, as they are floor lamps with tables attached to them.
  • Club lamps are also known as traditional floor lamps and are described as narrow columns with the light source located on top.
  • Tree lamps are also known as multi-way lamps and they are literally floor lamps with multiple lights on them.
  • Task lamps typically come with adjustable lights and are also called downbridge lamps.
  • Candelabra lamps are like multi-way lamps, but with smaller bulbs. They are what you would expect the electric version of the traditional candelabra to look like.
  • Arcing floor lamps have long arms that attach to the lamp’s base and will extend out over a piece of furniture.
  • Novelty floor lamps are anything that’s out of the ordinary.

Choosing a Floor Lamp

  • When you’re on the market looking for a new floor lamps, there are several characteristics that you want to pay attention to, with some being mandatory and the other, well, more related to your personal taste:
  • The height of the floor lamp is one of the most important things to consider. The rule is that the higher a lamp is, the wider it will spread the light. This, however, might be inefficient if you’re interested in task lighting. Which brings us to the next point.
  • It also depends on what you need a floor lamp for. Is it meant to be an accent light? Will you be using it for reading? Do you require light in a very specific spot so you can work on some tasks? How the light will be used is an important factor in determining which type of floor lamp works best for you.
  • Most lights come with a dimmer switch, but some of them are not compatible with one. If you want to be able to turn the lights up or down, read the product specifications carefully to determine what floor lamp is compatible with dimmer switches.
  • The cost of a floor lamp is extremely variable depending on the style and model you want to buy. If you’re looking to buy a floor lamp with many intricate details or made from materials such as wrought-iron, you can also expect it to cost more.


How do I style a floor lamp?

There are plenty of tricks to turn to if you want to style a floor lamp properly. If you place a floor lamp in the living room, you can put it on the sides of a sofa, in the corners of the room, next to an art piece that you might want to draw attention to, or next to your reading chair. 

What floor lamp is best for reading?

When you’re shopping for a floor lamp that’s good for reading, you want to focus on models that allow you to adjust the height or the neck of the lamp. This way, you can position the light source as to benefit from extra lighting on your book pages. Also, it helps you choose a lamp with multiple brightness settings.

How many lumens does a room need?

The general consensus is that you can multiple the room’s square footage to its foot-candle requirement. The math is simple: for a room that measures 100 squares feet, you need about 10-20 foot-candles, which results in a total of 1,000 to 2,000 lumens. 

1. Carlisle 70″ Task/Reading Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Carlisle Task and Reading Floor Lamp strikes a chord with the industrial style, utilizing elements that are very steampunk to give off the right impression. This creative design incorporates a pulley system that is both decorative and functional, allowing you to raise and lower the conical light shade for maximum effectiveness in your space, based on the project you need to illuminate. As a floor lamp, the installation process is minimal, with no need to retrofit to the wall or ceiling.

Metal construction means strength and durability as well as industrial style. The post of the standing lamp even includes gear accents for the full effect. The lamp is 70 inches tall with an adjustable height for the light itself, and it comes with a 72-inch cord, so you have plenty of length to reach an outlet. The lamp takes a single bulb, up to 100 watts maximum output, and the switch is a rotary socket for on and off functionality. Assembly will be required upon receipt.

2. Tavish 65″ Tree Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Tavish Tree Floor Lamp is an industrial style metal structure that can be a real conversation piece while also adding a great deal of light to your space. With the three lights in a tree configuration that already include classic retro bulbs you won’t have to buy. It uses CFL bulbs, which put out 60 watts each while only consuming 13 watts apiece. The open cage lamp heads are both attractive and adjustable, so you can redirect them 180 degrees up and down to accommodate any space, whether a study, studio, or office.

The industrial style floor lamp is also convenient to use, powered with a plug-in cord and a step on switch for operation. The black metallic finish keeps it sleek so that, while it can be a standout item in your design, it can also blend into a minimalist contemporary theme. The height of the lamp is 65 inches, or just under 5.5 feet, and it’s extremely lightweight for a fully metal construction at just over 11 pounds.

3. Samsula 62″ Arched Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Samsula Arched Floor Lamp gives off an industrial appearance because it’s very basic and contains elements that remind you of a workshop. For example, the lamp doesn’t come with a shade. Rather, it includes a cage that looks like a mechanic’s lantern for a very industrial style. The arched curve is also a throwback to nautical design, with a shepherd’s hook silhouette. The metal floor lamp is finished in a reddish bronze that is both charming and mimicking of an antique rust.

The base of the lamp is heavily weighted for greater stability that wouldn’t normally exist for the thin lamp, and the switch is located there for easy on and off with a step. This single light fixture comes with a bulb and is rated for an Edison bulb as well as CFL bulbs of up to 13 watts or incandescent bulbs with 60 to 100-watt output. The lamp is 62 inches tall, just over 5 feet, for a perfect glow over your reading or project space. It’s also lightweight at less than 10 pounds so easy to move around and maneuver.

4. Kingswood 63″ Tripod Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Kingswood Tripod Floor Lamp looks exactly like its namesake, mimicking the appearance of a camera on a tripod in a photography studio for that truly modern industrial feel. Even the parabolic shade mimicking the look of an old-fashioned camera. The lamp fits in small spaces, not taking up much room, and the three legs that create the tripod are made of metal that is sturdy and gives you a long-lasting light source.

The lamp includes a built-in LED light for excellent brightness, as well as low wattage use to help save on cost. It’s 63 inches tall, with a base that spreads approximately 31 inches. While the lamp is sturdy, the overall weight is light at only 10 pounds. When replacing the bulb, and using an incandescent bulb, you should use no greater than a 60-watt bulb. This lamp is rated for residential use only, and some assembly is required upon receipt. It is UL listed in California Title 20 compliant.

5. Kinkead 62″ Tripod Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Kinkead Tripod Floor Lamp is set up similar to spotlights used in filming and photography. This industrial lamp is very modern and can complement the sleekest of design applications. Offering a single bright light, the tripod lamp consists of metal and plastic, and its unique appearance can both blend into its surroundings as well as become a conversation piece. The bright LED bulb included is excellent for illuminating small spaces for project work, offices and desks, or any other special needs, especially in places with limited room.

The lamp is 62 inches tall with a base that spreads over 23 inches wide. It is easily mobile with an overall weight of under 7 pounds, making it extremely light and portable. If you decide to use an incandescent bulb stick to 60 watts or less for best functionality. The lamp includes an on-off switch, and it is intended for residential use only. Also, it is not rated for damp or wet locations, so you can only use it indoors. This lamp is UL listed and California Title 20 compliant, making it a terrific option or anyone anywhere.

6. Alina 72″ Tree Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Alina Tree Floor Lamp provides brilliant illumination with a gas light feel and an industrial design that can complement the swankiest of lofts or the quaintest of farmhouses. The chic design of this metal fixture provides elegant appeal with three cylindrical glass shades containing Edison-style bulbs. The Bronze finish adds a vintage charm and flair while remaining sleek and modern at the same time. The warm glow provided is bright enough for a reading Nook but can also double for a softer, more romantic appeal.

At 72 inches tall, the multi-level tree configuration provides staggering luminosity without being blindingly bright. The lamp comes with a 72-inch cord, and the overall weight, even with the glass shades, is under 17 pounds. Note that, if replacing the bulbs, you will need to use a maximum of 40 watts per bulb to maintain the Integrity of the lamp. There is no assembly required, and the fixtures are rated for residential or commercial use. It is also California Title 20 compliant.

7. Elfrieda 62″ Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Elfrieda Floor Lamp is very organic in appearance, with elegant long legs that give it the look of an animal in the wild. These four legs appear more industrial in nature due to the finish options, which include an oil rubbed bronze or chrome. The drum shade on top is almost like a hat, making this lamp a very unique element and novelty that you can add to your personal or office space. The sleek design and modern lines are perfect for a contemporary renovation, but the lamp also looks at home in a vintage setting.

The lamp requires two bulbs, which do not come in the packaging. Maximum wattage per bulb is 150 watts. The lamp stands 61.5 inches tall with a base spread of just under 19 inches. The overall weight comes in under 15 pounds, making the lamp easy to lift and move around. The lamp is operated with a pull chain, and you should assure that you use it only in dry spaces. The same one-year limited warranty is available for residential or commercial use.

8. Dwight 57″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Dwight Torchiere Floor Lamp is about as simple as a lamp can get, with a flair that comes from the most basic of designs. This industry floor lamp offers you the opportunity to showcase a bulb of any size and shape in an exposed gold socket. This unique design can support a 5.5-watt smart LED bulb, a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb, or a vintage Edison bulb. This allows you flexibility in taste and design elements. This minimalist design strips down a lamp to the essentials, which is about as industrial as it gets.

The round base and slim rod body are finished in black for versatility and application for any space. This works as an excellent accent light and conversation piece, whether in an elegant setting or a rustic renovation. The lamp stands 57 inches tall, and the base has a 10-inch diameter. A 5-foot cord gives you flexibility in location. Assembly is required, though there are not many pieces to put together. The lamp is not rated for commercial use and carries no commercial warranty.

9. Jerrold 57.75″ Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Jerrold Floor Lamp looks like something to be studied in a laboratory, with the spherical design mimicking objects in various orbits around the internal bulb. While providing more than adequate illumination in your office, bedroom, study, or other location, it also creates an artistic element with its crafted metal design. The entire metal lamp is finished in black so that it blends in to any space, and you never have to worry about clashing colors. The single bulb is exposed within the metal sphere, which is inspired by the movement of an atom.

The single bulb required is included with the order, and you’ll find a convenient foot switch on the round base of the lamp, which stands nearly 58 inches tall. A 6-foot cord gives you versatility and spatial options, and at a light weight of under 13 pounds, it’s quick and easy to move to a new location should you change your mind. This industrial lamp is rated for indoor use only and requires an incandescent bulb of no greater than 100 watts. Assembly is required but is not intense and should take very little time. The lamp comes with a one-year warranty for both commercial and residential use, and it is UL listed as approved.

10. Fearn 70″ Tree Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Fearn Tree Lamp and its iron construction add industrial flair to any space. Reminiscent of a three-headed dragon, or of alien spaceships for those familiar with the original War of the Worlds, the unique design is treated in your choice of a black or white finish. However, the interior of the shades is gold, softening the glow of the lights while keeping intense focus on the need for illumination in a space. The lamp. with an incredibly long 82-inch cord, guarantees you never have to worry about being too far from an outlet.

Rather than a round base, the lamp rests on a sturdy tripod so that the sleek industrial design flows throughout the entire piece. Standing almost 70 inches tall, the lowest shade rest at 48 inches above the floor, while the top shade is approximately 61 inches high. It weighs just over 15 pounds, so it is easily portable. The manufacturer recommends using CFL bulbs, which are not included, each with an output of 60 watts.

These bulbs usually require only 13 watts of power, making them bright but inexpensive to run. This lamp is intended for residential use only, and therefore, it does not have a commercial warranty that applies. Assembly is required but simple, and you can rest assured that the lamp is UL listed, as well as California Title 20 and Title 24 compliant.

11. Castletroy 61″ Tripod Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Castletroy Tripod Floor Lamp is another great retro design that brings to mind old school spotlights, large flash bulbs, and antique cameras. Rather than a hardwired wall sconce or ceiling fixture, this unique tripod lamp is easily mobile at just 14 pounds so that you can use it in any space at any time. The large bowl-shaped shade makes it perfectly at home in mid-century modern designs, but the industrial elements make it applicable with any style. With three lights, you get plenty of illumination in your space, and the metal construction is highly durable for long-lasting satisfaction.

Interestingly, this tripod lamp also folds easily for storage or transport, just like a camera tripod. A foot switch makes for easy operation of this 61-inch-tall lamp, and the three legs spread less than two feet around so that it does not take up a great amount of space. With a 6-foot cord, you can plug and play anywhere you like. The matte black and nickel finish are ideal for that industrial appeal. Use bulbs of 100 watts or less for best performance. This lamp is rated for indoor residential use only.

12. Leidesdorff 52″ Task Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Leidsdorff Task Floor Lamp is reminiscent of a microphone stand, capped with an industrial cage light. The lamp is perfect for a reading nook or other area requiring direct overhead lighting. The design makes quite a statement, crafted from steel with an adjustable arm that allows you to position the lighting as needed. Rather than a shade, the lamp includes a teardrop shaped cage that really hits home with an industrial look.

It includes a rotary on off switch for ease of use, with an adjustable height so that the light reaches a maximum of 48 inches high. You have options of black, copper, and nickel finish, and all weigh 12 pounds and come with a 6-foot cord for convenient plug locations. The product comes with a one-year limited warranty for both residential and commercial use.

13. Beene Industrial 63.5″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Beene Industrial Torchiere Floor Lamp is unique in its application of industrial style, with eye-catching elements and a fresh take on home decor. The tall, slim design creates the torch appearance. However, rather than a shade, you get a cylindrical cage surrounding an exposed vintage Edison bulb that includes an antique inspired filament. This welded metal design has a cast iron finish that works with any style, whether contemporary or traditional.

With a 72-inch cord length, you’ll have no trouble locating the lamp as desired while still reaching an outlet. Maximum wattage per bulb is 60 watts. When replacing the bulb, you can use another Edison bulb or a standard incandescent bulb. This floor lamp includes a full one-year warranty, is UL listed, and is rated as California Title 20 and Title 24 compliant.

14. Bradly 2 Piece LED Floor Lamp Set (Set of 2)

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Bradley LED Set of 2 Floor Lamps offer a creative design inspired by the charm of industrial architecture. With meticulous metal accents, this pair of lamps is both charming and artful, as well as bright enough to provide the necessary lighting for a general space as well as for more detailed reading or project work. Each has a built-in LED light and on-off switch, with each bulb using only 10 watts for power.

Interestingly, these lamps are battery-operated, requiring AA batteries for functionality. This makes them more portable and versatile than the average lamp. The larger of the two lamps is 40 inches tall, while the smaller one is 30 inches tall. Together, they only way 7.5 pounds, making them extremely lightweight and adding to portability.

15. Wheeler 64″ Tree Floor Lamp

Wheeler 64 inch Tree Floor Lamp

The Wheeler Tree Floor Lamp offers industrial design with some organic appeal, appearing more like a desert cactus in shape than a tree. With a steampunk inspired design, the steel frame with bent arms works in a variety of situations, offering both style and illumination that can’t be ignored. The two exposed bulbs are 60-watt fluorescent bulbs and are included with the lamp. Rather than a round base, two footed cross bars support the lamp for added stability.

Because the lamp is rated for damp locations, it could potentially be used outdoors under cover. At 64 inches tall, this industry floor lamp weighs only 8 pounds, so it is easy to relocate as desired. A 60-inch cord makes it simple to find a power source within reach. The lamp has a black metal finish, as well as an on-off switch, and is not dimmable. Assembly is required, and it comes with a one-year product for residential use only.