iMac G4 desk lamp

If you know anything about computers or have used the computer for several years, then you certainly heard of iMacs, the computers that are produced by the guys from Apple. Well, there is a special model of iMac, iMac G4, that was the source of inspiration for some very innovative guys and they turned it into a … desk lamp. The idea started from the “nickname” of this computer that was iMac lamp. This nickname is due to its base that looks like a desk lamp shade, semi- spherical and with an Apple logo on.

Well, if you take this base from an iMac G4 you no longer use or which is broken and turn it into the upper part of a desk lamp, the shade to be more precise, and then attach a light bulb and a support that is connected to the wall plug, you will have the perfect gift for your friend who is an Apple fan or a computer geek or both.

Actually it’s not necessary to do all these things yourself, because now you can buy this unusual funny lamp from for only $25, $15 if you buy it together with another item. Not bad, isn’t it, considering the price of a brand new iMac ?