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15 Outdoor Chandelier Ideas That Will Totally Transform Your Patio

Gone are the days when people would just decorate their patio with old furniture and slap in a light bulb or two in a dull-looking wall fixture. Today, there are so many great options in terms of outdoor furniture, that you can literally make an outdoor living room. Light is an important part of how that corner of Heaven is going to look, so why not opt for one of the many amazing outdoor chandeliers that are currently available on the market?

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

What to Look For In an Outdoor Chandelier

There isn’t that big of a difference between choosing an indoor and an outdoor one, but that doesn’t mean that the shopping considerations are identical. When you choose an indoor chandelier, you will have to calculate the space you want to light up and do all sorts of (more or less) complicated math. With outdoor chandeliers, it’s a matter of personal taste, but there are some guidelines that you still have to follow:

  • Since the chandelier is going to be hanging from the ceiling, you want the column or the chains that keep it attached to the base of the fixture to be as resistant as possible. These are supposed to carry the entire weight of the chandelier, and some of these babies can be really heavy, especially if they are made from metal. So, pay close attention to this part of the construction, because having the chandelier collapse in the middle of the patio is the last thing you want happening.
  • If you want to be able to control the intensity of the lights (and switch to powerful light for outdoor dinners to romantic ambient light), you should look for a chandelier with dimmer. This means that the bulbs that are compatible with the piece can be dimmed to the brightness level of your choice, granting you full control of the atmosphere on your patio.
  • Because this chandelier is going to stay outside, you need to make sure the construction is resistant to frost. The fact that the chandelier is going to be hanging from the ceiling makes it stay in a rather protected spot, so water isn’t likely to reach it, but if you can find a product with a weather-resistant construction, that’s going to give you even more peace of mind. However, what you’re truly after (and this is something you can’t compromise) is a construction that can resist low and high temperatures. Metal is often the number one choice when it comes to outdoor chandeliers.
  • You will also need to establish a budget because these products can get really fancy and, therefore, very expensive. It is easy to find a chandelier when you have a limited budget, but you can also end up spending thousands of dollars on one if the flashy design catches too much of your attention.
  • If you value design over pretty much every other aspect, you will be happy to know that outdoor chandeliers are made to match pretty much every style you need them to. You can find anything from traditional designs that fit rustic decors to minimalistic ones that are perfect for modern spaces.

1. Mount Vernon 12-Light Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

The Mount Vernon chandelier is perfect for contemporary patios that require a decent amount of lighting. The lights are dimmable, offering you the advantage of controlling the ambiance to create a more lit or a more intimate atmosphere. The 12 lights are each protected by glass shades, while the elegant finish gives the chandelier a modern, almost steampunk kind of look.

2. Hafley 3-Light Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

If you’re looking for a smaller outdoor chandelier, maybe the Hafley one will be more suitable. It comes with three lights that are conveniently sealed in clear seeded glass. The fixture is made of metal, and they are compatible with incandescent light bulbs (which are sold separately). It is a great corrosion-resistant addition to any modern patio or outdoor surroundings.

3. Calvin 4-Light Old Bronze Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

We love this rugged-style outdoor chandelier with predominantly metal construction. It supports four light bulbs, although it doesn’t actually tell us if they are included upon purchase of the chandelier or not. The shade looks like a mesh metal cage, offering a protective surrounding that will shield the bulbs.

4. Pakwa 6-Light Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

Factory flair” indeed, as this is a chandelier that I would choose for an underground pub or a dark and cozy coffee shop. It is, however, an outdoor chandelier with clear seeded glass shades and made from durable aluminum. The base is compatible with incandescent bulbs (sold separately). With a very mason-jar type of vibe going on, these make the perfect addition to both traditional and modern patios.

5. Brucie 6 – Light Sputnik Modern Linear Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

The abstract layout of the Brucie outdoor chandelier makes it perfect for people who love to be different than anybody else. It is a versatile and modern product with a twist: you can adjust the arms to the direction of your choice, opening up a world of possibilities on how this could look like. The lights are dimmable, come with glass shades for each bulb, and they have metal arms.

6. Statement Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

If the black finish of this wagon wheel chandelier doesn’t convince you that it is the perfect addition to a traditional rustic patio setup, maybe the bronze one will. Made from sturdy metal and with light bulbs included, this ring-style chandelier is a great piece that sends out a western type of vibe to anyone who is interested in bringing some of that to their patio.

7. Mount Vernon Bronze 8 -Bulb 27.63″ H Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

One of the things that you have to love about this Mount Vernon chandelier is the fact that it can perfectly fit into a variety of different decors, whether it’s your traditional cabin in the woods or the modern home in the heart of the city. With clear glass shades and a metal skeleton, this round chandelier excels in sophistication through simplicity. It is compatible with LED bulbs and the lights are dimmable.

8. Truc 9 -Bulb 27.8″ H Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

Another perfect outdoor chandelier for patios decorated with modern element, but also for those with a rustic setup and traditional looking patio furniture is the Truc. This round chandelier may have rustic accents, but it can easily shine in a surrounding with more minimalistic decor. It is a metal chandelier with glass shades and dimmable lights, compatible with 60W bulbs.

9. Outdoor Decorative Lighting

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

We move on to something a little bit different. Before you peek, tell us: can you imagine what a giant wooden snowflake (woodenflake?) with lights at the end would look? This is exactly how we would describe this perfect outdoor chandelier. It is the perfect item for a whimsical outdoor setup. The metal spikes are created to resemble twigs, while the small warm bulbs at the end are perfect creating a magical ambiance on your patio. Each of the metal arms is bendable, and each twitch is attached by a loop.

10. Roe Espresso 6 -Bulb 27.5″ H Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

We welcome and artisan-style chandelier to the list, one that can complement your outdoor setup with metal construction and glass shade material fit for a rustic palace. It is compatible with 60-watt bulbs and can support a total of six lights. The construction is weather-resistant and provides a great combination of ruggedness and elegance.

11. Grazyna 5-Light Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

Some chandeliers are designed to make a statement, and the Grazyna is certainly one of those products. Compatible with 60-watt bulbs, this is a metal piece with glass shades that resemble hanging lanterns, giving the patio a very medieval look. The design is right at the border between modern and vintage, with a beautiful black finish and weather-resistant construction that’s built to last.

12. Ludgershall 6 – Ligh Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

Describing the Ludgershall outdoor chandelier can be difficult because of its uniqueness. It is a stell round cage that protects the six light bulbs and has a gray finish that makes it look both rugged and taken out of a palace ballroom. It is described as a chandelier with a rustic farmhouse design, but we can sense a royal vibe in its construction. It is compatible with LED and incandescent bulbs, both of which can be dimmed.

13.Wilbur Weather Vane 5 -Bulb 21.5″ H Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

Are you ready for something different? Then feast your eyes on the kitchen island-style pendant that hosts 5 perfectly aligned bulbs. Made from a combination of metal and wood, there is no questioning the durability of the product, leaving us to focus on the beauty of its design. With dimmable lights that allow you to control the brightness and intriguing design that’s great for illuminating larger patios and gazebos, the Wilbur chandelier is a purchase worthy of your money.

14. Regina Aged Driftwood 5-Light Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

Have you ever heard of chandelier with shutters? If you haven’t, it’s because manufacturers are getting more and more creative with their designs, and the Regina is proof of that. The shutter can be opened and closed, thus changing the appearance of the chandelier and giving you more control over the light intensity (no worries, the lights are dimmable nevertheless). The finish is designed to mimic aged driftwood, being a perfect addition to modern and traditional patios alike.

15. Truc 9 -Bulb 27.8″ H Outdoor Chandelier

Truc 9 Bulb Outdoor Chandelier

In the spirit of rustic and medieval setup, we wanted to bring you another round chandelier hanging from chains, making it seem like something out of a Game of Thrones episode. It can support nine candelabra-type lights with a 60-watt power, which are distributed evenly on a wooden circle base.

Bottom Line

Outdoor chandeliers are all the hype right now, and it’s only because people have finally understood the importance of investing more in their homes. It’s not just about having a roof over your head; it’s also about creating an atmosphere that relaxes you. Homes are supposed to be our safe space, and the more comfortable we feel about spending time at home, the more peace of mind we get knowing that we return there at the end of the day.

As long as your outdoor chandeliers are designed to resist nature’s elements and have strong columns to support their weight, the rest is just a matter of choosing a design that you would love to see every day and which compliments your outdoor furniture and setup.