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Scandinavian Tables Bring Simplicity To The Dining Room – 15 Beautiful Ideas

Scandinavian designers are famous for their minimalism and appreciation of simplicity and functionality. They strip the designs to their basics and they manage to capture style in a very pure form. When it comes to furniture, Nordic designs are easy to distinguish. For example, if you see a table without any unnecessary details or purely ornamental elements you can be almost certain it’s a creation of Scandinavian designers.

The white tables and the matching chairs look very elegant on the striped carpet

And if there’s any room where simplicity is most appreciated that would be the dining room. It’s a space meant to feel inviting and where functionality is key. Ornaments are being ignored in favor of pure simplicity. There’s no need to use intricate furniture designs to make this space more inviting or beautiful.

The table matches the cabinets and thus contributes to an overall simple and cohesive décor

It’s a lovely space by definition, where family members get together and where guests are welcomed for dinner. The following examples couldn’t express that in a better way. The style may vary but the designs are all simple, chic and more sophisticated than they let us see.


Five Must-Have Décor Pieces for Your Kitchen

Functional and fantastic – that’s what your kitchen should be. To achieve this, here are some must-have décor items that are beautiful while being useful.

Shelves in the Right Place.

Extra Shelving is Practical and Eye-Catching

You might have shelves and cabinets in their usual spots, but a bit of shelving above the stove can come in really handy. You could place items that you need in easy reach, such as your favorite cookbook. This area is also the perfect place for a bit of décor. Colorful crockery or a vase of flowers on the shelves, for instance, can be a great idea. The best part is that you can add or remove items as you wish, depending on what kind of style you wish to have in your kitchen.


How A Beautiful Kitchen Island Hood Can Change The Decor In Your Kitchen

The kitchen island has become the core of this part of the house. It usually has a central location and it gained popularity thanks to its functionality and versatility. Kitchen islands with built-in stoves or cooktops are often more appreciated, especially in modern homes where simplicity is the key. In such cases, a range hood is a must have.

This particular type of hood is more suitable for kitchens with high ceilings

The hood must create a duo with the kitchen island and the two should match and complement each other. Just like there are numerous types of kitchen islands, there are also all sorts of different types of range hoods. They differ with their shape, size, design and technical options.


Rustic And Inviting Kitchens Featuring Exposed Ceiling Beams

Although ceiling beams best define the rustic interior decors, they are actually popular and versatile and they can complement any type of décor. They add something beautiful to any style. We often see modern or contemporary interiors that feature exposed ceiling beams. In these types of decors, the wooden beams add warmth to a space that is usually minimalist and white.

Opt for a warm color palette to match the wooden beams

The kitchen is a very particular space. On one hand, it already feels inviting because it’s usually part of the main living area. On the other hand, it seems rather cold because of all the appliances and the color palette which is often neutral or white. It’s when ceiling beams come in very handy. They give the kitchen the warmth we want and they also make it look extra charming.


World’s Most Expensive Kitchen – Costs $1.6 Million

We all know that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house and we often make sacrifices just to be able to have the best appliances in there. But have you ever wondered how your kitchen could look like if money was no problem? Would it look like this?

This is the world’s most expensive kitchen and it was launched by celebrity chef Aldo Zilli at an exclusive party in London. But what makes it so special and why is it so expensive? Well, the kitchen has features like a crystal worktop, solid copper walls and a Swarovski crystal chandelier.


Kitchen Window Inspiration

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s no denying the room is the heart of a home. Some of the most delightful kitchens I’ve been in have windows that let in natural light, but those windows have some sort of unique factor that sets them apart from other windows in the house.

The kitchen is the perfect place to take some window risks, in my opinion, because it’s kind of an everything-room. It can be both an industrial and no-nonsense space while major baking is going on, but it can also just as easily be the place where finger-painting and late-night cake eating takes place.


Modern Storage Solutions For Spices – 10 Rack Design Ideas

Maybe it doesn’t seem like an imperative thing to have in your kitchen, but a spice rack can be a very useful addition. It’s a great way of keeping things organized and it’s also very practical. Whenever you need pepper, oregano or something else, you just take the tiny container and put it back when you’re done with it. No more randomly placed items on the counter. Here are a few designs and ideas that you might like.

Auto-Measure Spice Carousel.

Let’s start with this bad boy. It’s actually more than just a spice rack. It’s a rotating carousel with 12 small containers, one for each spice. Whenever you need to use the spices you can use the auto-measure function. This way it will give you ¼ teaspoon with each click.Available for 32$.


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