Under-cabinet LED Lighting Puts The Spotlight On The Kitchen Counter

With under-cabinet LED lighting you don’t know what you’re missing until you see how awesome it is. Sure, a kitchen or a bathroom would still be functional and good-looking without LED light bulbs under its cabinets but this small features has such a big impact on the whole decor and ambiance that it would be a real shame not to make the most of it. This is a great type of task lighting that comes in very handy especially when positioned above the prep counter.

Kitchen vertical space storage for books and led under cabinet lighting

A lot of kitchens use under-cabinet LED lights to put the spotlight on a particular section of the counter or to illuminate the backsplash and make it stand out a bit more by accentuating its color, texture or pattern.

Mixed patchwork for backsplash and led under cabinet lighting

There are various different types of LED light strips and bulbs which can be used for this particular task. They can give out both warm and cool light and can be positioned in a lot of different ways and spaces.

Marble kitchen with frosted glass for cabinet doors and led under cabinet lighting

Add some LED lights above the sink to put the spotlight on this area. It will help when you’re washing the dishes and you’ll be able to add some extra lighting if needed or to only use these if you prefer a more intimate ambiance in the room.

Feminine white kitchen design with led under cabinet lighting

It can also be practical to use LED strips to illuminate a storage nook under the kitchen cabinet. Perhaps you have a few small shelves or compartments for spices and utensils that could use some accent lighting.

Metallic kitchen design with led under cabinet lighting

For aesthetic purposes you can install under-cabinet lights to actually brighten up the space in case the color palette is dark. For example, a kitchen with black or dark-colored cabinetry could use such a feature to look less gloomy.

Pocelanosa wood cabinets and stainless steel backsplash

When the backsplash is a focal point for the kitchen, a long strip of LED lights that goes from one end of the upper cabinets to the other can highlight a certain texture, a pattern or an interesting color. This particular design perfectly illustrates this concept.

Biefbi wood and steel with led under cabinet lighting

Another interesting idea is to use under-cabinet LED lights to visually delineate the cabinets from the backsplash in case they feature the same color or are very similar in some other way.

black kitchen design with purple led under cabinet lighting

If you want to add some pizzazz to your kitchen, try colored LED lights. You can add a touch of color to an otherwise neutral and pretty simple-looking kitchen and make it stand out in a glamorous and fresh way.

Exposed brick wall and edison cords hanging lamps with led under cabinet lighting

Installing LED light strips is pretty easy, especially the kind that has an adhesive back and all you have to do is position it where you want it to stand and press a little bit to make it stick.

Black countertop and pink cabinets with led under cabinet lighting

We find this combination to be very classy and elegant. The dark upper cabinets are complemented by a dark wooden countertop sitting on white lower cabinets. The backsplash is also white and the LED lights emphasize this lovely contrast.

Full black kitchen design for a masculine bachelor loft with led under cabinet lighting

Individual LED light bulbs can be positioned in key spots under the cabinetry. They can be evenly spaced out to cover the whole space or only key areas can be illuminated. For example, the sink and cooktop can require task lighting.

Earth tones kitchen design and led under cabinet lighting for a modenr touch

In a kitchen with an L-shaped or U-shaped counter only one side usually has LED lights under the upper cabinetry. So if that’s the case you should decide which area needs task lighting. The side with the sink is usually chosen.

Same material for backsplash and countertop with led under cabinet lighting

Although under-cabinet LED lights look nice in any environment and decor and be added as a last-minute feature, sometimes it’s best to analyze the idea is advantage so you can make the most of it. For example, you could make the backsplash stand out in an interesting way.

Small compact kitchen design with led under cabinet lighting

Work and prep spaces usually need more light and a ceiling feature is simply not enough. That’s when under-cabinet lights prove to be the most efficient and practical. They’re also very useful in the case of wall nooks and other similar features.

Brick walls for kitchen with led under cabinet lighting

One or two LED light bulbs can be sufficient in a small kitchen that doesn’t have a very large counter. Take into consideration that the range hook usually has its own lights and that there’s rarely need for light in the corners.

Traditional gray kitchen with island and led under cabinet lighting

Before you go ahead and put LED lights everywhere, take into consideration details and small things like the accessories you want to put on the backsplash. Maybe you want to hang some herb planters there and the lights wouldn’t exactly suit them.

Gray shade mixed with orange and led under cabinet lighting for cubbies sotrage

Built-in LED lights can also be added to box shelves, wall nooks, open cabinet compartments and other similar features. In this case, they also bring out the color and highlight the contrast.

Gray kitchen design with led under cabinet lighting

LED under-cabinet lights are also a good idea for bars or coffee stations. You can also use them to add a dramatic touch to the decor or to create a more intimate ambiance when the ceiling lights are off.

Modern colorful kitchen design with floating open cabinets with led under cabinet lighting

For aesthetic purposes, LED light strips can be used without the need to illuminate a counter. They can be used to create a focal point on one of the walls and to highlight a certain specific area.

Floating shelves with led under cabinet lighting

Combine LED light strips with open shelves to give them a more futuristic and eye-catching look. It’s a nice way to complement their simplicity and to put the spotlight on some of the decorations or items stored there.

Glass painted kitchen backsplash with led under cabinet lighting

The space under the wall-mounted cabinets is not the only one that could use some task lighting in the form of LED light. Open shelves are also an option and there’s also the option to illuminate the lower cabinets as well.

Marble kitchen backsplash and countertop decorated with gold accessories and eye cathing led under cabinet lighting

Most kitchens feature under-cabinet lighting for the walls and counters that don’t get enough natural light from the windows or artificial light from the ceiling fixture. The wall opposite to the window can be a good example in this case.

Gray traditional kitchen with led under cabinet lighting

Another way to add some ambient lighting to a kitchen is by lighting up the inside of a cabinet with LED lights. This works is the cabinet has transparent or opaque glass front doors that let the light shine through.