Milan’s Eurocucina Highlights Latest in Kitchen Design and Technology

Salone Del Mobile 2016 in Milan features the latest in all aspects of kitchen design and technology in EuroCucina. Homedit spent the last two days scouting out the newest and most exciting designs for your kitchen design plans.

arclinea overhead

Just as much was going on above the island as there was on or under the kitchen islands at Salone del Mobile. Structures that serve as lighting ventilation and storage were everywhere, like in this one by Arclinea. Many displays include plenty of spots for growing herbs that not only are good for your cooking but also for your decor.

Arital multilevel

Multilevel islands, and mixed materials were faintly a trend we saw.  This island by Arrival has several levels at play and uses natural woods, a modern counter material and a variety of metal finishes in one kitchen design.

Martini mixed materials

This Martini kitchen again mixes surfaces, colors and stylistic details.  While the island has a modern feel, some of the side cabinets feature a more traditional raised wood detail.

Martini Wood detail

At a distance the cabinetry may look simple and modern, but a closer look reveals subtle pattern in the wood.

Porcelanose backsplash

Porcelanosa also exhibited a stunning mixed surface kitchen, marrying a flashy backsplash, modern concrete countertop and warm wood cabinetry.

Spagnol modern livve edge

Spagbol combined this awesome live edge counter extension with a modern surface island.

Aran Floral doors

“Hidden kitchens” are a 2016 trend that were ubiquitous at Eurocucina. This one by Aran kicked things up a notch by including colorful designs on the cabinet faces.  Behind the doors are storage, cooking and refrigeration units.

doimo cucine hidden

Many of the designs have cabinet orientations that are not quite ordinary.  This unit by Doimo Cucine pulls out for access from both sides, while many overhead cabinets open from the bottom up or slide horizontally.

Stosa lighted drawer

Most all brands showed drawers that light up when you open them, like this one from Stosa.

Barazza workstation

Still other islands include many components that go far beyond a sink and a cutting board. Barazza presented this one, that includes a built-in stand mixer with recessed bowl, recessed storage cubes with lids and moveable work surfaces.

Binova induction wok

Induction cooktops were everywhere and included new twists on the familiar concept. For Chinese food fans, Binova has this induction cooktop that includes a concave burner area that accommodates a wok.

Binova induction

Another innovation is the “invisible” induction cooktop. Binova’s model looks like a regular marble island, but is made of a porcelain material and has a built-in, integrated induction cooktop. This allows you to prep, cook and serve on the same surface. You can prepare for the party and serve cocktails and snacks from the same surface!

Bora teppanyaki

Teppanyaki grills have become a popular option for kitchens. Here, Chef Armin Auer prepares a stir fry on a Bora teppanyaki grill.

Dolce Gabbana Smeg

We just loved this bold fashion statement for the kitchen by Dolce and Gabbana. Designed from Smeg, three designs were on display in the Eurocucina area.

ernetomeda moving cover

Still in the realm of the hidden kitchen, this innovation increases your useable prep and serving space. Ernestomeda presented a cooktop that includes a moving surface that you can slide over your cooktop to cover it and hide a mess or provide more space for work or serving.

Febal Kitchen lighting

While the displays were primarily about the kitchen equipment, we couldn’t get enough of the kitchen lighting, like this from Febal.

indesit sanitizing dishwasher

Among the new features for dishwashers was this model by Indesit that sanitizes dishes, which is especially helpful of you have infants and small children in the household.


We were fascinated by the products presented by Irinox.  Long known for its commercial chilling and freezing equipment, the company has now laughed a line for your home.  The blast chiller can take piping hot food and quickly chill it or freeze it to the desired temperature, preserving taste, texture and appearance.  It also has hot for handling capacity for cooking and holding foods at a particular temperature.  We decided we really want n=one of these!

Irinox control

Irinox’s digital controls are easy to read and operate, giving you the options for freezing, chilling, holding or thawing your food.

kitchen in motion sink

Of course there were sinks galore, most all modern and with a variety of features.This gorgeous golden model is from Kitchen in Motion.

Leicht sink

Others, like this one by Leicht, have a more traditional two compartments with extra section for draining and storage. This faucet is a little retro, with its wall mount and two separate knobs;

La cornue blue

This stunning luxe range is from La Cornue. The traditional line is available in fantastic colors like this aqua blue.

laboratorio mattoni

At the other end of the spectrum is this kitchen island by Laboratory Mattoni, which extends out to form a counter extension, perfect for seating, After cooking, the top can be retracted to cover the sink and cooktop. It looks like a great option for a tighter space.

Airforce hoods

Hoods, hoods and more hoods! We saw more new and innovative hood designs than ever,  From large, traditional and imposing to sleek and unobtrusive, there is something for every style and size kitchen. These three from Airforce are ceiling mount models.

Marchi cucine hood

Marchi Cucine had this large and artistic hood. While it is very different from the sleek electronic models being shown everywhere, we love it for its eye-catching and rustic industrial feel.

Best under cabinet hood

This hood by Best is completely integrated into the cabinetry above. No visible venting or machinery.

BEst hood control

The only part that shows is a thin glass panel — only an inch or two wide — that contains the electronic controls for the light and fan.Truly a minimalist’s dream.

meat ager

Eurocucina also had plenty of specialized appliances. Love meat?  Then maybe you need this dry meat ager by Team7.

officine fanesi

For modernists, there were especially fashionable islands like this one from Officine Fanesi.

Onardi printes oven

Perhaps you would like the face of your oven to be printed with a special image…Onardi can do that for you as they did with this model.

pocelanosa drawer inside

Details are prevalent in all cabinetry, from lighted drawers to impeccable organized storage like this from Porcelanosa.

Rational minimalist

Another one for the minimalists amount you — this kitchen setting from Rational. There is no joint between the countertop and backsplash wall, only a smooth curve for easy cleaning.

Sanwa island

The simple light fixture plays a major role in the attractiveness of this island from Sanwa.

Spagnol Cucine burners

Gas cooktops sure have changed from the traditional style.These burners from Spagnol Cucine are independently placed and are easy to clean.

smeg burner part

It’s all in the details, especially in these cooktops from Smeg. Rather than just using a regular burner ring to hold up the pots, Smeg has a collection of parts that use leaf and fruit shapes.

Smeg burners

Perhaps crows are more your style?

spagnol cucine wall shelves

Spagnolo Cucine showed these individual wall shelving units that can be used in any configuration.

Stosa retro

There were plenty of kitchens from the fans of rustic and retro style. This one from Stosa features Smeg appliances and whimsical touches like a tree branch utensil holder.

Eurocucina doesn’t happen every year at Salone del Mobile and we’ll be bringing you more kitchen innovations from the fair in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on for more stories soon.